”Yue, wake up…
You need to wake up. ” Yu Qi shook Feng Yue ’s body when she saw that Feng Yue did not give any response to her calling.

Feng Yue decided to spend her night with Yu Qi.
She wanted to sleep with Yu Qi.
She was excited to sleep with Yu Qi.

After seeing Yu Qi already fell asleep, she opened the camera on her phone.
Snapped a picture of sleeping Yu Qi.
Then she also snapped the picture of them.

Smiling evilly, she wanted to brag to Long Hui.
She sent a message to Long Hui with the picture of her that laying down beside Yu Qi who already in the deep sleep.

She just wanted to brag to Long Hui by telling him that she was sleeping with Yu Qi.
’Brother Hui will be jealous of me after seeing the picture… ’ Thinking about that, she fell asleep late.

What is the time now? ” Feng Yue woke up while scratching her head with half opened, half closed eyes.

”7.30 am.
Haven ’t you told me that your graduation ceremony will be held at 9 am? ” Yu Qi asked.

I need to wake up.
But I am still sleepy. ” Feng Yue tried to stand up.

”I have told you last night to sleep early and not to stay online.
Did you listen to me? ” Yu Qi nagged Feng Yue as a mother.

You also sleep late. ” Feng Yue responded.

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I don ’t.
Just go to bath. ” Yu Qi pulled Feng Yue ’s hand and pushed her to the bathroom.

”Okay. ” Feng Yue gave up fighting.

15 minutes after that, Feng Yue came out of the bathroom.
She dressed up with a new dress that Grandpa Feng brought for her last week.
She just wore light makeup on her face.

Feng Yue was indeed a beautiful girl.
Different beauty, unlike Yu Qi.
If Yu Qi ’s type of beauty was the ice princess, Feng Yue was more like a sunflower princess.

”I am done. ” Feng Yue said.

Let ’s go.
Do you set the place to see Grandpa Long? ” Yu Qi asked.

I told him to wait for me at the entrance.
My grandpa too. ”

”Grandpa? ”

”Oh, I meant Grandpa Feng. ”

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”I see.
Let ’s go then. ”

Both of them got out of the room and leaving.
They arrived at Hanwen University.
Since it was graduation day, the university was packed with people.
Feng Yue looked around searching for Grandpa Long.

”I still could not see my grandfather. ” Feng Yue sighed.

”Call him. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, I forgot. ” Feng Yue sighed while bringing out her phone.

She quickly called Grandpa Long.
She spent some time talking to Grandpa Long.
After nodding a few times, she ended the call.

”He is already inside.
Someone escort him inside. ” Feng Yue said.

Grandpa Long is a famous person, after all.
Like my graduation, they invited Grandpa to come and sit at the VVIP section.
Grandpa said he wanted to sit with the family.
So, they ended gave up the idea of letting him sit at the VVIP section. ” Yu Qi explained.

Grandpa Tang is famous too. ” Feng Yue nodded.

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”So, how about Grandpa Feng? ” Yu Qi asked.

Right after Yu Qi asked the question, the message from Grandpa Feng arrived.
He told Feng Yue that he was already inside, most accurately at the cafe.

”Let ’s go to the cafe.
Grandpa is there. ” Feng Yue informed Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.

They walked to the cafe.
She saw Grandpa Feng.

”Grandpa. ” Feng Yue hugged Grandpa Feng.

Grandpa Feng was overseas.
He returned as soon as possible for his granddaughter ’s graduation.

”Yue. ” Grandpa Feng patted Feng Yue.

”Grandpa Feng. ” Yu Qi greeted Grandpa Feng.

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”You are here too. ” Grandpa smiled seeing Yu Qi.

”Sister, how could you not greet Father and mother? ” Feng Ma Ri appeared from Grandpa Feng ’s back.

Feng Yue narrowed her eyes seeing Feng Ma Ri here.
’Father and Mother? That woman must be here too.
Want me to greet her? Hell no! ’ Feng Yue smirked.

”You are here too, Father. ” Feng Yue only greeted Feng Cho Kang.
Directly ignored Fuang Cian Xie.

Feng Cho Kang looked at Feng Yue.
’Father ’.
It was a formal greeting.
A distant one.
She was no longer calling him Dad like usually.

”Dad, sister has only greeted you.
Not mum. ” Feng Ma Ri said wanted Feng Cho Kang to feel that Feng Yue was a rude girl who disrespected an elder.

”She is not worth it. ” Feng Yue sneered.

Hearing this, Feng Cho Kang became angry.
”Feng Yue, she is my wife.
And your mother too. ”

”Father, my mum has already stepped into another world.
If she is my mum, why don ’t she die already? ” Feng Yue looked at Fuang Cian Xie.

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”Yue, how can you curse me to die. ” Fuang Cian Xie sobbed.

”Feng Yue!!! ” Feng Cho Kang glared at Feng Yue.
He wanted to slap Feng Yue but he would not since Grandpa Feng was here glaring at him.
”We come here to celebrate your graduation day.
How could you say something like that to your mother? ”

”Like I said yesterday, no need for you all to attend my graduation.
Grandpa is enough.
You should pay attention to your beloved daughter instead so far she can graduate in the next year. ” Feng Yue pulled Grandpa Feng ’s arm.

Grandpa Feng could feel that Feng Yue gripped his arm strongly.
Meaning she was holding back her tears.

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