Yu Qi ’s eyes lifted up as she saw the person who was walking towards her.

”Brother Xia. ” It was different from Yu Qi seeing Bai Shu Jin.

Qin Xia smiled gently at Yu Qi.
”Congratulation on graduating today. ”

”Thank you, Brother Xia. ” Yu Qi was also smiling at Qin Xia.

Bai Shu Jin saw the scene and frowned as he clenched his fists tightly.
He received different treatment from her.
He thought it was her attitude to everyone.
The only difference was her boyfriend.

But now, it was another man, not her boyfriend.
Jad she already broken up with the previous one? However, he was familiar with this man.
It was Qin Xia.
The owner of Yue Cooperation successfully snatched the project from Bai Group at Guanying City.

”Min Liang. ” Qin Xia called his secretary while asking for something.

Min Liang appeared.
Without another word, Min Liang placed a file in Qin Xia ’s hand.
He already knew what his boss wanted.

Qin Xia took the file and gave it to Yu Qi.
”Here is my present. ”

Yu Qi was confused.
What kind of present that Brother Xia would give to her? She opened the file and read the words inside the file.
The more she read the words inside the file, the widened her eyes became.

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Yu Qi looked up at Qin Xia.
”Is this genuine? ”

”Of course.
Why will I lie to you? ” Qin Xia gently nodded.

”Oh my god.
This is very good.
Thank you very much, Brother Xia. ” Yu Qi was very happy.

Min Liang was pleased that his boss was happy.
It was worth coming here giving the present to the person herself.
Even though, he was very busy actually.

Everyone who was watching the situation were curious about the present that made Yu Qi to react like that.
Bai Shu Jin was also curious about that.
But he could not ask it.
He was sure that Yu Qi would never tell him about that.

”Miss Tang, once again, congratulation on your graduation.
As for my present, you can do anything that you want about it. ” Bai Shu Jin did not wait for Yu Qi to reply.
He immediately left the place.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes down staring at Bai Shu Jin.
Qin Xia observed her and saw that.
He wondered what happened between them.
It seemed Yu Qi really hate the man.

When he ask his secretary to investigate about Yu Qi, there was not much information about Bai Shu Jin.
He just studied at the same university as Yu Qi and did confess to Yu Qi once in the public.
He did admire his courage.
However, Yu Qi rejected him directly.

Qin Xia thought Yu Qi rejected him because of Long Hui since that man was Yu Qi ’s boyfriend.
It seemed there was something else.
He needed to investigate more about this Bai Shu Jin.

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”May I have the honour of taking a picture with you? ” Qin Xia said.

It removed Yu Qi ’s attention from Bai Shu Jin.

It is my pleasure. ” Yu Qi said while smiling.
She already forgot about Bai Shu Jin.

Her friends helped her taking pictures with Qin Xia.
Min Liang also brought out his camera.
His boss forced him to be the cameraman for him.
’It is tough to be a capable secretary. ’ Min Liang sighed.

While inside the space, Bo Ya and Aoi were sitting together.
Bo Ya was reporting to Aoi about what happened to their master outside the space.
At the same time, Bo Ya was observing the surrounding to assure that their master was safe from unknown dangers.

When Bo Ya reported that Bai Shu Jin had come to see their master, Aoi was very worried about their master.
The incident where Yu Qi fell into a coma made him worried when coming to Bai Shu Jin.
He became more worried since he was not by Yu Qi ’s side.

Then Aoi became relieved as Bo Ya told him that Qin Xia also came too.
He did not know why he felt like that.
But he felt that this Qin Xia would never do anything bad to his master.

Bo Ya also relieved when Qin Xia was beside his master.
This man gave a familiar feeling to him.
He felt like he had met him somewhere else.
However, he could not remember that.

Both of them were talking to each other without realized that someone was also listening to their conversation.
That ’s right.

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It was our Long Hui.
He had already woken up from his sleep.
He had fully rested.
So, he decided to come out from his room and talk a walk.

Until he saw the little boy and a dog who was talking.
When he listened to them, it seemed that the little boy was telling the dog about the situation outside the space.
So, the little boy could see directly what happened outside the space.

However, he frowned as he heard that there were two bastards that wanted to covet his beloved Qi Qi.
One was Bai Shu Jin.
One was Qin Xia.

Long Hui did not care much about Bai Shu Jin since his beloved Qi Qi seemed to hate that man so much.
But he could not say the same for Qin Xia.

Yu Qi seemed to like this Qin Xia.
Of course, he knew that his beloved Qi Qi just liked Qin Xia as a brother.
However, he did not know about Qin Xia.
What was Qin Xia ’s true feeling towards Yu Qi?

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