And Ye Bai Qian also remembered that he was telling her that the owner of the greenhouse was a young woman.

”You are the owner? ” Ye Bai Qian asked.

Yu Qi smiled and nodded.
I am the owner. ”

Ye Bai Qian felt astonished after watching the young woman in front of her.

Seeing Yu Qi caught Ye Bai Qian ’s full attention, she began to explain in full details.

”I am offering the business deal for you.
If you become our chef for our tomorrow ’s party, you can enjoy a discount of 10% for each purchase that you make from our greenhouse. ” Yu Qi smiled as she offered the deal to Ye Bai Qian.

Ye Bai Qian was seriously thinking about that.
Without any doubt, that greenhouse would replace Su Jin ’s herbs shop.
10% discount for each purchased herbs.
It was a delicious deal, she thought.

I am in. ” Ye Bai Qian nodded.


”I am full. ” Su Yu Hi said.

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They ended having a meal at Ye Bai Qian ’s restaurant.
The matter ended beautifully.
They managed to get the food ready for tomorrow ’s party.

And the most important thing, Yu Qi managed to secure a business deal for the greenhouse.
They got the first customer for the greenhouse.

Ye Bai Qian cooked using the herbs.
Their greenhouse became the main supplier for herbs used in the restaurant.

”Yu Qi, how do you know there is a restaurant here? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

Yu Qi ’s body flinched.
”I have heard from a friend. ”

Long Hui could see that Yu Qi ’s body flinched before she answered the question.
He knew that Yu Qi probably knew about this restaurant, not in this lifetime but in her past life.

”Do you have any work to get done after this? ” Long Hui asked giving the opportunity for Yu Qi to change the topic.

I think we are done for today, right, Brother Yu Hi? ” Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi.

I guess so. ” Su Yu Hi answered.

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Your time is mine now. ” Long Hui said.

”Let ’s return to the hotel first. ” Yu Qi said.

”Okay. ” Both of the men obeyed the queen ’s order.

After returned to the hotel, Yu Qi invited Long Hui to take a walk around the hotel ’s restaurant.
They had an appointment tonight.
Seeing Grandpa Mu in the restaurant ’s hotel.
Yu Qi booked a private room for their privacy.

”That Chef Ye, you must have known her from your past life, right? ” Long Hui wanted to confirm that thing.

”As you have thought. ” Yu Qi gave a faint smile.
”I have known her from my past life.
I have spent my life around five to six year here, in Fanghai Nation before my death.
I am very familiar with this place.

My grandfather has handed me the task.
To prove to others that I am worthy of becoming my grandfather ’s heir.
I have worked so much.
Going many places.
Handling matters. ”


”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi greeted and went to hug her grandfather, Grandpa Mu.
”It has been a while since I have last seen you.
You are in good condition, right, Grandfather? You do eat the supplement that I gave you, right? ”

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Grandpa Mu laughed as he heard the granddaughter nagged at her.
”The first you see me, you nag at me. ”

”I just want to make sure. ” Yu Qi pouted.

You can check on me later. ” Grandpa Mu said.

”Grandfather. ” Long Hui greeted Grandpa Mu.

You are here too. ” Grandpa Mu acknowledged Long Hui.

Well, to be honest, he was very satisfied with this man to be his granddaughter ’s name.
But he was slightly concerned about his job.
His job was a soldier.
It was not a safe job.

”I am here as Qi Qi ’s bodyguard. ” Long Hui said.

”Really? Only as my bodyguard? ” Yu Qi glanced at Long Hui.

”Of course, as Qi Qi ’s boyfriend as well. ” Long Hui quickly added the sentence.

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Yu Qi smiled.
She was satisfied with the answer.
Otherwise, someone might have to book another room for him.

They ordered the food.

”By the way, Grandfather, are you sure for tomorrow night? ” Yu Qi asked.

”I think nothing is on my schedule. ” Grandpa Mu answered.

Yu Qi clapped her hands once.
”Then, it ’s great.
You can come to our party tomorrow? ”

”A party? ” Grandpa Mu inquired.

Our greenhouse has already completed its construction.
It will be going to open for the business.
So, I am holding a small party to celebrate.
Just to appreciate those who have been involved in its construction. ” Yu Qi answered.

”I see.
I will be there. ” Grandpa Mu nodded.

”How is your business, Grandfather? ” Yu Qi asked.

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”It ’s good.
Do you want it? ” Grandpa Mu casually asked.

Yu Qi quickly shook her head.
”Grandfather, I have things full in my hand.
I can ’t handle your big company.
Afraid that I will destroy it if I don ’t manage it properly. ”

Grandpa Mu smiled as he heard that answer.
This granddaughter firmly rejected the wealth that could support her life without even working.

Different from his other family members.
His sons.
They competed with each other.
Even though the older was more obvious, the younger was no different.
Well, it must be the influence of their mother.
He just hoped that his grandchildren did not follow their parents much.

”I know. ” Grandpa Mu smiled.
He moved the topic to Long Hui.
”Hui, how is your work? ”

”I am doing okay, Grandfather. ” Long Hui answered politely.

”What is your rank right now? ” Grandpa Mu asked.

”My boyfriend is the youngest Colonel in the Binhai ’s history. ” Yu Qi said proudly.

”Why are you the one looking so proud? ” Grandpa Mu asked feeling funny about that.

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”Of course, I am proud since he is my boyfriend. ” Yu Qi said.

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