”Of course.
How can we allow a person like you to stay as a doctor? It will be dangerous to other people too. ” The friend said.

”What if I can prove my innocence? ” Yu Qi said.

The conference room was silent at the moment.
The next moment, the mother of the patient screamed loudly.

”What innocence? You have harmed my son.
My only son. ” After that, she cried more.

Someone knocked on the door.
And the door was opened.
The men with military attire followed by two people behind them.

”Who are you? ” Director Zheng asked politely.

One in the military attire stepped forward.
”I ’m Captain Zu from Guanying Military Compound as well my subordinates. ” Captain Zu pointed to two men.
One with military attire and one with normal clothing.

As for the last person, he stepped forward.
”I ’m Ming Xuehai, a lawyer. ”

”For what reason, you guys come here? ” Director Zheng asked again.

”To prove the innocence of Doctor Tang. ” Captain Zu asked.

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”She has been proved guilty of harming the patient. ” Ji Tein Lei ’s friend said.

”Let ’s hear what Captain Zu have to say. ” Professor Xian said.
He also wanted to hear it.
Yu Qi was good at doing her work.

”Let ’s see what ’s on the screen here. ” Captain Zu said.
He signalled his subordinate to show them.

”This is the CCTV that we have discussed before. ” People started to talk.

”That ’s right.
It is the video from the CCTV. ” Captain Zu admitted it.
”But, what about this? ”

One the screen, it was the same video but later, someone approached the patient.
The person gave something to the patient to drink.
The patient seemed to know the person since he was obeying the person.

Everyone was shocked when they watched this video.
Then, everyone turned to the only person that cried just now.
This time, it was clear that the mother of the patient was shocked too as she watched the video.

Sensed that all of the eyes were on her, she was crying again.
”No!!!! That is not me.
This is fake.
This is fake. ”

Ignoring the woman, Captain Zu started to explain.
”The first video that you see is the one that has been tampered by someone.
It is showing the loop of a certain time.
The woman in the video has been edited out.
The second video is a full version of this. ”

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”How can we know that the second video has not been editing too? ” Ji Tein Lei ’s friend asked the question again.

”Are you questioning the military? ” Captain Zu asked.
Of course in the sharp tone that all military personal would have.

No… ” Ji Tein Lei ’s friend shook his head.

Ming Xuehai stepped forward.
”As for the next evidence, I will be the one to show it to you. ”

”Madam Lee, do you recognize this account? ” Ming Xuehai asked Madam Lee, the mother of the patient.

Madam Lee was trembling as she looked at the account.
She knew very well who was the holder of the account.

”It is Madam Lee ’s account bank.
On the day, the patient fell into a coma, a huge amount of money has been deposited into her account.
This makes people wonder about this money. ” Ming Xuehai was a lawyer.
He knew how to play with his word.

”As for now, let ’s leave this behind first.
Let ’s take a look at their life first.
Patient, Lee Wang is a 23 years old man.
He is not working at all and a drug addict.
Because of that, he has a lot of debt to pay off.
Since he is not working, her mother usually has to pay off his debt. ” Ming Xuehai continued again.

Madam Lee was already pale as she heard the lawyer ’s words.
Of course, it was the truth.

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”Because of this, his mother finally has the opportunity to get rid of her son since someone has planned to use her son to make trouble for Doctor Tang.
What a vicious mother, you are. ” Ming Xuehai pressed on the last sentence as he was looking at Madam Lee.

It is not like that.
He has just told me that my son will sleep for a while and he will wake up after that.
I have not expected that he will go into the coma state. ” Madam Lee ’s explanation made people in the conference room silent.

The statement from Madam Lee played a big role in this matter.
She just admitted that this whole matter was a plan.
A plan that wanted to discredit Yu Qi as a doctor.

”Do you know the who that plan this? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

”No, he has just talked to me by a call. ” Madam Lee began to ask the question while still crying.

”Then how do you get the drug? ” Ming Xuehai asked again.

”In the hospital toilet.
He has said someone to leave the drug in the toilet.
I don ’t know who that person is. ” Madam Lee answered.

”As for that matter, we have found something. ” Captain Zu suddenly interrupted.
He signalled his subordinate.

Another video merged on the screen.
It showed a nurse entering the drug room.
Even though at first the face was blurred.
After a while, the nurse came out.
She eventually came closer toward the CCTV camera and showed her whole face.

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”I believe this is the nurse who has taken out the drug and left it in the toilet.
It has matched the time.
Five hours before the incident has happened. ” Captain Zu said.

The investigation team blushed as they watched the video.
They forgot to take a look at another CCTV camera.
They just focused on the CCTV camera right outside the drug room only.

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