Long Hui gave a look to Feng Yue.
He wanted Feng Yue to leave him alone with his beloved Qi Qi.
Feng Yue understood the look given by Long Hui, but she just ignored the man.
Once again, Long Hui gave her a look, now with a little warning.

’If you don ’t want to leave, let ’s looking forward to your training. ’ Long Hui thought as he smiled coldly at Feng Yue.

Feng Yue felt her a chill down her back.
She did not want to die first, so she had to make a run for it.

”Yu Qi, my stomach feels unwell.
I want to go to the toilet, ” Feng Yue said with real expression.

Unknown to Long Hui and Feng Yue virtual bickering, Yu Qi let Feng Yue ’s hand go.

”Then go, ” Yu Qi rushed her friend to go.

Long Hui had successfully made Feng Yue leave them alone.


Qin Xia also came to Yu Qi ’s Saisei Ryokan opening ceremony as he successfully managed to get one of the invitation cards.

Like Long Hui, he was also surrounded by the girls that were attracted to him, but he also did not like this kind of attraction.
If Yu Qi was attracted to him, that would be nice.

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His face was known in the business industries, so, everyone in the business industry knew him and came to greet him.

”You came, ” Grandpa Feng greeted Qin Xia.

Grandpa Feng knew Qin Xia as he was also Qin Xia ’s competitor.
He felt that Qin Xia was very amazing because Qin Xia managed to be at the top after only five years in the business world.
Qin Xia was very talented in managing his business.

”President Feng, ” Qin Xia greeted Grandpa Feng back.

”I ’m surprised to see you here, ” Grandpa Feng said.

”I ’m kind of interested in seeing this type of hotel, ” Qin Xia answered it simply.

His answer just made it seem as if he was only interested in the hotel, however, he was really only there to see Yu Qi.

”Oh, I forget to introduce you guys.
Jiang Man, this is President Qin Xia, he is a businessman like me.
He is an extremely talented man.
President Qin, this is Doctor Tang Jiang Man.
Well, he is a doctor, ” Grandpa Feng introduced the two of them.

”Oh, so young yet very talented.
Nice to meet you, President Qin, ” Grandpa Tang nodded.

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”I have also heard about the legendary doctor, Doctor Tang, nice to meet you too, ” Qin Xia looked at Grandpa Tang.
This old man helped Yu Qi by adopting her as his granddaughter.
He had a good impression of Grandpa Tang.

”Grandfather. ” Yu Qi approached Grandpa Tang.

”Yu Qi! Oh, you are here too. ” Grandpa Tang looked at the one behind Yu Qi.

Long Hui just greeted them.

”We meet again, miss, ” Qin Xia said to Yu Qi with a faint smile on his lips.

”Do you know each other? ” Grandpa Feng asked when he heard what Qin Xia had said that to Yu Qi.

”We meet once before, I bumped to him while out for a run, ” Yu Qi explained to them simply.

”Yeah, ” Qin Xia confirmed it.

Long Hui stared at Qin Xia, there was something about him that made him not like this man.
However, he could not explain why.
He quickly held Yu Qi ’s hand.

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Yu Qi felt weird with Long Hui ’s behavior, but she did not pull back her hand, she just let Long Hui continue to hold it.

Qin Xia saw them holding hands and narrowed his eyes.
He did not like it but he did not say anymore.
It was not his Yu Qi yet.
’Just wait until Yu Qi becomes mine. ’ Qin Xia gave a look to Long Hui.

Long Hui was able to understand what Qin Xia was thinking and returned a look of his own.
’She only will be mine forever, ’ Long Hui gave a provoking smile to Qin Xia.

The old men watching the two young men understood the situation and the looks that passed between the two.
This President Qin was interested in Yu Qi.
Grandpa Tang did not want to interfere in this matter.
He would handle it to Yu Qi.
After all, it was Yu Qi ’s choice.

Yu Qi on another hand did not notice anything going on at all, she was kind of stupid when she came to this matter.

”You can come to enjoy the onsen.
It is very good for your body, ” Yu Qi said to Qin Xia.

”Of course, if I have time for it, I will surely come here, ” Qin Xia did not reject the invitation from Yu Qi.
It might even give him the chance to get closer to Yu Qi.


”I never thought that President Qin would be interested in your granddaughter, ” Grandpa Feng said to Grandpa Tang when they left Qin Xia.

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”My granddaughter is a very beautiful girl, it is no wonder that that man is interested in her, ” Grandpa Tang said proudly.

Grandpa Feng rolled his eyes, this man really loved his adopted granddaughter.
Such a doting grandfather.

”Hui will have his rival, ” Grandpa Feng said.

”Humph, that brat needs to work hard to make sure my granddaughter will be his, ” Grandpa Tang said.

Even though Grandpa Tang did not like Long Hui much, he was kind of satisfied with Long Hui.
He knew that Long Hui would be able to protect Yu Qi as Long Hui was a soldier.
So, Grandpa Tang knew what kind of man that Long Hui was.

On another hand, Qin Xia was a businessman and Grandpa Tang knew what kind of personalities that a businessman had.
He also a businessman, not to mention, Qin Xia was very successful in his business at such a young age.
Grandpa Tang really wondered how he managed to do it.
However, as he said before, he would trust Yu Qi ’s choice.

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