Chapter 640: New Products

Her application to Guanying General Hospital had been accepted by Guanying General Hospital.
The notification had just been received in her email.
She was happy because her application had been accepted.

Yu Qi walked into the faculty building.
The students who had been accepted by their chosen hospitals needed to report to the faculty for the university ’s records.

After reporting the result, Yu Qi remembered that Professor Mo wanted to review the abstract of her research one more time before the final submission.

Since she was already here, she thought that it was okay to show to Professor Mo the latest edited abstract of her research.
The data was already in her email.
She just needed to log in and click on the research.

The secretary of Professor Mo already knew her since she already came here several times.

”Sister Fang, is Professor Mo inside? ” Yu Qi asked the secretary politely.

”Oh, Yu Qi.
Wait a minute.
I will ask Professor Mo whether he is free. ” The secretary picked the phone and called Professor Mo.

Professor Mo was indeed in the room.
When he received the call from his secretary, he immediately picked the call.

”Yes, Miss Fang, what is it? ” Professor Mo asked.

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”Professor Mo, Miss Tang is here.
She wants to meet you.
Do you free time right now? ” The secretary asked back.

”Miss Tang, okay…
Please let her in. ” Professor Mo quickly asked his secretary to allow Yu Qi in.

”Okay, Sir. ” The secretary nodded and hanged out the call.
She then looked at Yu Qi.
”Yu Qi, Professor Mo has given his permission.
You can enter his room now. ”

”Thank you, Sister Fang. ” Yu Qi nodded and walked to Professor Mo ’s room.

Yu Qi knocked on the door.
Then she heard the voice telling her to come in.
She opened the door and stepped inside.

”Miss Tang, come in. ” Professor Mo said.

”Professor, I want you to see the abstract of my research. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, you have already made the correction from the last time? ” Professor Mo was expecting it.

Here. ” Yu Qi handed out her phone.
The abstract was on her phone.

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Professor Mo read the abstract in a serious expression.
’It is brilliant. ’ He just pointed out something last time.
He did not expect that she would manage to include it in the abstract nicely.

It is perfect.
I think you can already submit the whole thesis. ” Professor Mo returned back the phone to Yu Qi.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She just needed to print out the thesis and submitted it to the faculty.

”Oh, don ’t forget.
A surgery is in Daisy Theatre tomorrow.
It is good for you. ” Professor Mo reminded Yu Qi.

”Yes, Professor. ” Yu Qi nodded.

Recently, Yu Qi joined some of the surgeries as an observer.
Most of the surgeries were lead by Professor Mo.
She did not mind since it was good learning environment for her.


”Eh, you have already printed out your thesis? ” So Pang Lim met Yu Qi at the library in the printing section.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi grinned.

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”Meaning you have already finished the whole thesis, haven ’t you? ” So Pang opened her eyes widely.
Even though she already knew the answer but still she wanted to ask that question.

”Yeah. ”

Yu Qi ’s answer made So Pang Lim to feel envious.
”Yu Qi, do you even rest? ” So Pang Lim asked.

Yu Qi only smiled.
She did rest.
But having her space really helped her.
She wrote the thesis in her space.
Of course, the thesis completed earlier than others.

”Meaning you already don ’t have anything to do, right? I ’m so jealous of you. ” So Pang Lim said.

”My dear, are you forgetting that I still have my factory and a company to worry about? ” Yu Qi poked So Pang Lim ’s forehead.

”Ouch. ” So Pang Lim rubbed her forehead.
”Eh, your factory has some problems? ” So Pang Lim inquired.

But I have some new formulas to be tested, so it is kind of having a lot of work lately. ” Yu Q told her.

”Eh, new products? What kind of products are they? ” So Pang Lim had dermatology as her major.
So, she was kind of interested in the skincare products.
And Qi Qi skincare product was the best product that she had ever tried.

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”Hydro mask, it is a mask that moisturizes the face.
Whitening Lotion, lotion that whitens the blackest part of your body like armpit and inner thigh.
These two are the new products that I want to launch. ” Yu Qi explained the new products to So Pang Lim.

”Sounds great.
Can I be your first tester? ” So Pang Lim grinned.

”Well, of course.
But I need your reviews as the dermatology doctor. ” Yu Qi did not mind.

”Yeah. ” So Pang Lim strikes a pose.

”By the way, where is everyone? ” Yu Qi asked.
She did not see any of her other friends.

”Well, they are busy doing their thesis.
I ’m here because I want to find some books.
Don ’t expect to see you here. ” So Pang Lim said.

”I see. ” Yu Qi said.
Then the printer made a sound indicating the task had completed.
The machine had finished printing her thesis.

”It is already lunch time.
Let ’s go and eat. ” So Pang Lim invited Yu Qi.

”Do you get the books? ” Yu Qi remembered So Pang Lim ’s intention for coming to the library.

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”I actually want to borrow three books.
But only two of them are available right now.
Another one has already been borrowed by someone.
I just need to wait for my turn since I have already booked it.
As for the other two, I have already borrowed them. ” So Pang Lim said.

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