”What? ” Yu Qi asked.

”You are the girl in that article.
You are more skilful than me.
Why don ’t you take down the article? It is an easy job for you. ” Han Baise stated his confusion.

”Well, I ’m lazy.
Then, I have noticed something.
The article seemed to be trending.
I think it is interesting.
So, I have investigated it and found out you are behind it and the culprit is that Yi Su Ran. ” Yu Qi explained.

Han Baise nodded.
He managed to make the article trend for one week.

”By the way, you are from that Han Family, right? ” Yu Qi suddenly asked.

Hearing the question, Han Baise ’s face turned cold.
”No. ” He denied it.

Yu Qi could see the resentment from his voice.
He probably hates that family so much.

”Do you want revenge? ” Yu Qi ’s voice currently felt like a devil ’s voice that whispering to Han Baise ’s ears.

”Of course. ” Han Baise gritted his teeth.

Yu Qi already investigated about Han Baise ’s origin.
He was from the Han Family.
The same Han Family as the man that was called as Young Master Han.
The man that disturbed her in the Rose Night Club.

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Han Baise was a legitimate son for the Han Family.
His father married into the Han Family.
After Head of the Han Family died, his father became the head.
Starting from that, he began to drop his act toward Han Baise ’s mother.

He boldly brought his mistress and his illegitimate son to Han House.
The mistress and the illegitimate son bullied the wife and the legitimate son.
Han Baise ’s father just let it happened without doing something.
Forced the wife to her death.

After that, he got married to the mistress.
The mistress became the wife and the illegitimate son became a legitimate son.

Han Baise at that time was already 10 years old.
He already could understand what was going on.
He faced the bullies for about 5 years before he ran away from the house.

Ming Xuehai returned with the new draft in his hand.
Yu Qi handed over to Han Baise to read it once again.
Han Baise read it again and noticed the term that he had wanted to already be added in the contract.

Seeing the contract no longer had any problem, Han Baise signed the contract.

”Let me ask you something. ” Yu Qi looked straight to Han Baise.

”What is it? ” Han Baise became nervous as he saw Yu Qi suddenly became serious.

”Do you want your family business in your hand? ” Yu Qi asked in a serious tone.

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”No, I rather want it to be destroyed.
It will be nice to see their face when it will get destroyed. ” Han Baise said with full of resentment.

Yu Qi thought Han Baise would say he wanted it.
She would make it happen if he wanted to.
She never expected that he rather wanted to destroy it.

”Well, it will be happening then.
You can consider it as your welcome gift. ” Yu Qi chuckled.


Yu Qi sat in the flight going to FangHai Nation.
She almost forgot about that matter.
However, it was good enough to remember it.

Well, it was good for her.
That Mu Yian had planned something to get her sample for a DNA test.

Yu Qi would like to play with her.
’I will play with you. ’

After the flight touched down, Yu Qi straight went to Mu Li Zei ’s house.
She did not want to waste any time.
She was welcomed by Su Yu Qing.

”Miss Tang, welcome. ” Su Yu Qing ’s attitude became good toward Yu Qi as Yu Qi began to treat Mu Rong Xie.

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”Hello. ” Yu Qi just nodded politely.
”Let ’s go to see Miss Mu first. ”

”Oh, okay.
Let me lead the way. ” Su Yu Qing also wanted Yu Qi to treat her daughter.

Su Yu Qing brought Yu Qi to Mu Rong Xie ’s room.
Mu Rong Xie just sat while looking at her laptop on her bed.
She looked up and saw her mother and Yu Qi.

”What are you doing here? ” Mu Rong Xie glared at Yu Qi.

”To treat you, of course. ” Yu Qi brought out her equipment from her bag.
”Lay down, please. ”

Su Yu Qing quickly took the laptop from Mu Rong Xie and asked Mu Rong Xie to lay down.
Since her mother was here, Mu Rong Xie did not throw tantrum like always.

Yu Qi did not care about Mu Rong Xie ’s attitude.
As long her work here was finished, she would leave.

When Yu Qi was treating Mu Rong Xie, Mu Yian and Mu Li Zei arrived.
They wore a smile on their faces as they saw Yu Qi was here.
Yu Qi threw a glance at both of them before returning her sight on Mu Rong Xie and treated Mu Rong Xie.

Mu Yian and Mu Li Zei took at each other.
They were slightly nodding to confirm their plan.
Mu Kuang He just came back from his university and asked the house helper where his mother was.
The house helper told him that his mother was in his second sister ’s room.

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Mu Kuang He went to take a look at Mu Rong Xie ’s room.
He was surprised to see his first sister, Mu Yian and his father, Mu Li Zei in Mu Rong Xie ’s room as well.
Then he saw someone else in the room.
Someone whom he did not recognize.

He was stunned as he saw that person.
It was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen before.
The girl put her hair behind her ear before looking at him.
When her eyes laid on him, he felt his heart wanted to explode.

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