”Delicious. ” So Pang Lim shouted.

It is a little bit sweet for me. ” Mei Lilli commented.

”It is okay for me. ” Song Ha Ting also tasted her c.o.c.ktail.

”Do you want to have a taste, Yu Qi? ” Mei Lilli asked Yu Qi.

Yu Qi shook her head.
”No, thank you.
I ’m a weak drinker. ” She blushed when thinking about the night with Long Hui.

Her friends could not see her blushing face since it was dark in the night club.
It was just sometimes the light flashed.
Then the DJ played a song.

”It is my favourite song.
I want to dance.
Do you want to follow me? ” So Pang Lim asked her friends.

”Since we are here, I guess why not. ” Mei Lilli said.

”I also want to try. ” Song Ha Ting also wanted to join them.

”I think I will stay here. ” Yu Qi declined.

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”Me too. ” Ding Na An also felt the same as Yu Qi.

You two, let ’s go dancing. ” So Pang Lim said to Mei Lilli and Song Ha Ting.

”Are you sure they will be fine? ” Ding Na An asked Yu Qi while looking at their friends that just joined the dance floor.

”I think we will be okay.
Pang Lim and Lilli will protect Ha Ting. ” Yu Qi smiled.

In their group, Song Ha Ting was considered as the youngest among them due to her naivety.
Sometimes Yu Qi was really wondering how did she survive having such a pure heart like that.

The girls had been dancing for about 20 minutes before leaving the dance stage.
They looked satisfied after dancing so much.

”That is really a good exercise. ” Mei Lilli smiled.

”Yeah. ” So Pang Lim nodded.

”It is not comparable to morning jogging though. ” Song Ha Ting grumbled.

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”You still do morning jogging? ” So Pang Lim asked.
She knew that Song Ha Ting did the morning jogging with Yu Qi but she did not expect that Song Ha Ting had still kept with it.

”Now, Ha Ting can jog straight without stopping for 2 hours. ” Yu Qi commented while patting Song Ha Ting ’s head like a mother was praising her daughter.

Song Ha Ting showed a proud face.

Mei Lilli and So Pang Lim looked each other and laughed.

Ha Ting is very good. ” So Pang Lim approved that.

”Pang Lim, you have come here before? ” Ding Na An asked.

”Well, yeah.
I have come once with others.
But it was the weekend.
This place was a full house, you know. ” Ding Na An said.

”I want to go to the ladies ” Mei Lilli suddenly said.
She stood up but her body swayed a little.

Yu Qi knew the effect of the drink was finally kicking inside Mei Lilli.
She also stood up.

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”I will bring her to the ladies.
Na An, take care of them. ” Yu Qi said to Ding Na An grabbing Mei Lilli ’s body.

Ding Na An nodded.
She understood what Yu Qi meant by that.
Ding Na An had learned some martial arts from her soldier sister.
She could protect her friends if they faced some danger here.

Yu Qi brought Mei Lilli to the ladies.
Mei Lilli did her business while Yu Qi stood outside guarding the entrance.
The toilet for the men was just about 10 meter away from the ladies.

There were a lot of the men going to the toilet and ended up looking at the cold beauty outside the ladies.
Some of them even tried to flirt with her but they had been replied by a cold glare.

The glare was terrifying for a normal man.
But there was always someone who could be considered a foolish enough not to read the sign.

There were two men who walked out of the toilet.
They looked at Yu Qi and felt attracted to her.
They ignored the cold glare that they had received from Yu Qi.

”Hi, beauty.
It is your first time here, right.
I have never seen you here before.
You must be new here. ” The man with a little good looking face smiled handsomely at Yu Qi.

Yu Qi did not change her expression.
’Handsome? It is rude to Brother Hui.
Only Brother Hui deserved that, ’ Yu Qi thought.

”Come and have fun with me.
You will like it. ” The man was still trying to use his charm on Yu Qi.

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”Read the mood. ” Yu Qi said one sentence.

”Oh, your voice is very good.
Let ’s go to my PRIVATE booth.
We can sing any songs that you want without limit. ” The man said.

”Yeah, just don ’t worry about money. ” Another man also joined to convince Yu Qi to follow them.

Yu Qi did not respond.
Seeing Yu Qi still do not move at all, the two men tried to grab her hand to pull her to follow him.

”I guess you want to get hurt. ” Yu Qi made her stance.

Grabbing one of the men ’s hand and gave him a back throw.
Then she quickly kicked the other one who was confused.
Both of the men grumbled in pain.

”That is why I have told you don ’t disturb me. ” Yu Qi looked down at the men.

Mei Lilli got out of the ladies.
She was feeling refreshed as she had washed her face just now.
She was shocked to see the men laying down in front of the ladies.

”What has just happened here? ” Mei Lilli asked.

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”Well, just teaching them some moral values.
Are you done? Let ’s go then. ” Yu Qi casually explained as she explained about the weather.

”Oh, okay. ” Mei Lilli looked at the men.
I wonder how Yu Qi ’s boyfriend will react to this. ’

But Mei Lilli did not know that Long Hui was not a normal man.
He had fallen in love with Yu Qi when she had killed someone.
So, it was considered a child ’s play to Long Hui.

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