The orphanage ’s problem was settled for now.
The children seemed to be excited to have a new place.
As for Ming Xuehai ’s side, Su Yu Hi had already received the report about the matter.

In the report, Yu Qi ’s instinct was right.
Someone had pulled the strings.
They wanted the land for some reason.
As for the reason, Ming Xuehai was still investigating about that.

When Yu Qi read the report, she frowned.
Was the government this bad? Yu Qi told Ming Xuehai to be careful while investigating this matter.
The opponent was the government.
’Don ’t let them know about this. ’

Since the problem could not be settled, for now, Yu Qi returned to the university.
Thankfully, she was in the final year.
She did not have classes anymore.
Only, her research that she was needed to conduct.

”Yu Qi, let ’s hang out together tonight. ” Song Ha Ting said to Yu Qi while eating lunch together.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She did not have anything to do too.

”Really? ” Song Ha Ting asked again.
It seemed that she did not believe it.

”Eh, why do you ask so? ” Yu Qi blinked confusing about it.

So Pang Lim and Mei Lilli laughed.

”You are usually busy all the time.
So, it is unbelievable when you agree at this time. ” Ding Na An explained.

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”Oh, sorry. ” Yu Qi apologized.
She realized that she had been busy handling her study and work.
She remembered it had been a long time since they handed out together.

Let ’s go and enjoy the night together. ” So Pang Lim said happily.

”She is happy because her supervisor praised the submitted report of today. ” Mei Lilli said.

”You know how Madam Lim is.
She rarely praises my report.
If she has praised it, meaning my report this time is very good.
Even I don ’t believe it. ” So Pang Lim laughed.

”It wants to celebrate. ” Song Ha Ting nodded.

”So, let ’s go out at 9 p.m.
Don ’t be late. ” So Pang Lim set the time.

So, that night, the girls went out together.
Since Yu Qi had a car, she became their driver for the night.
Yu Q asked where they wanted to hang out.
So Pang Lim shouted, ’Rose Night Club ’.

Yu Qi nodded.
Rose Night Club was one of the night clubs in the Wenya City.
Even some of the students from their university hang out at the club.

Even though Yu Qi never went to the Rose Night Club, she knew the way.
Her office was about 20 minutes from the Rose Night Club.
She would pass the club first if she wanted to go to her office.

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It was the weekday so most of the shops around just about to close their business for today.
Only the shops that sold food were opened right now.

The girls arrived at Rose Night Club.
Yu Qi parked the car and went out together with the girls.
There were two burly men who were guarding the entrance of the Rose Night Club.

When the girls went to enter, the burly men asked them to bring out the ID Cards.
The burly men looked at the card and gave back the card.
They stepped aside and opened the door allowing the girls to enter.

”Why are they asking for the ID Card? ” Song Ha Ting naively asked that question.

”They look at our age.
Minor age people can not enter the premise. ” So Pang Lim answered.

”Oh, looks like someone knows her stuff. ” Mei Lilli raised her eyebrows.

”I just know from others. ” So Pang Lim said while grinning.

When they entered the entrance, there was loud music being played in the night club.
Some of the people were dancing on the dance floor, some of them were talking among themselves.

The girls went to an empty table.

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”What do you want to drink? ” So Pang Lim asked loudly to make sure her friends heard her question.

She reached the menu book at the end of the table.
She chose a red c.o.c.ktail.
Then she gave the menu book to her friends to choose what they wanted to drink.
The girls made their choice.

”So, how do we need to make an order? ” Song Ha Ting asked.

”We need to push this button.
The waiter will show up. ” So Pang Lim pointed to one button.

Interesting. ” Yu Qi said.

So Pang Lim pushed the button.
After one minute, a man showed up and took the order of the girls.
Yu Qi and Ding Na An made a safe choice by choosing only the cola.

While the three girls, Song Ha Ting, Mei Lilli and So Pang Lim went crazy with their choice.
They chose the drink based on their appearances.

Yu Qi knew that the more the beautiful the drink, the more the alcohol content was present in the drink.
But since it was for a while and Yu Qi just drunk the cola, it was okay for them to go crazy.

The waiter came and delivered the drinks.
They admired the drinks.
So Pang Lim chose the red c.o.c.ktail that had mint leaves in it.
Its name was Red Pom C.o.c.ktail.
Mei Lilli chose the Aviation C.o.c.ktail that had a light purple colour.
While Song Ha Ting chose Southern Belle C.o.c.ktail which had a light orange colour and lemon on it.

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The girls were admiring the beautiful c.o.c.ktails in front of them.

”It is beautiful.
I wonder how they have made this drink to be so beautiful like this. ” Song Ha Ting was mesmerizing with the drink.

”They have mixed different types of alcohol to create this kind of colour.
But I do agree that they are beautiful. ” Mei Lilli nodded.

”Drink slowly.
Don ’t rush. ” Yu Qi told them.

Like she had said before, the beautiful the drink was, the more alcohol was present inside it.
Drinking them in a fast way would lead them to become drunk earlier than expected.

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