When the police got out of the room, there was a group of the doctors stood around the corridor.
Probably five doctors were waiting.

”Miss Tang, can we talk to you, right now? ” The leader of the doctors asked.

Sure. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Thank you, Miss Tang. ” The doctors said.

”But I can not talk here since my brothers need some rest. ” Yu Qi eyed Tang Jin Wei and Tang Han Lee.

Okay. ” The doctors nodded.

”Well, Miss Tang, are you a doctor too? ” The doctor asked.

”Not yet.
I ’m still a student. ” Yu Qi answered.

”I see. ” The doctors actually were speechless to hear the girl was still a student.
This student was very talented.

”Then, Miss Tang, can you explain how did you remove the bullet from that difficult place in such a place? ” The doctor asked the question that the doctors were eager to hear.

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The place was outdoor.
It was not suitable for doing surgery.
The bacteria could infect the wound and it would cause the situation to become more dangerous.
And the skill of the girl was what they found was the most shocking thing.

Yu Qi smiled.
She explained one by one to the doctors.


The frowning man and the smiling man were speechless with what they had seen.
If something like this had not been seen by them and only people told them about this, they might not believe it.

”I feel like I have been watching a movie just now. ” The smiling man was not smiling right now.

”That girl is a monster. ” The frowning man said.

”Her skill is very high.
No wonder the upper wants us to keep an eye on her. ” The smiling man made a conclusion.

”I wonder what has been the thing which she has used to make those two men unable to use their feet anymore. ” The frowning man thought about it.

”I have read the medical report regarding these two men.
Nothing unusual has been found. ” The smiling man told his friend.
He had some skill to steal and read the medical report.

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The smiling man thought that he could get some information about the thing that could instantly made these two men loose their ability to use their feet.
However, he found nothing.

”The girl is very quick in her observation.
If that gang has not attacked them, she may have found out about us. ” The smiling man added.

”I think we need to report to the uppers about this.
They will decided what to do next. ” The frowning man left the post.

Yu Qi called her professor, Su Man He, telling him about this.
The professor was shocked when he heard about this incident.
The professor gave his permission.

Yu Qi also called their family telling that they would be returning after 10 days because of the work.
Yu Qi did not want to tell them the truth, afraid that they would travel here.
Better to conceal this news from them first.

Yu Qi requested to stay here and told the professor to return first.
She would return with her brothers.
Better healed them first, returned to the Binhai Nation, then telling them the truth.

The doctors in that hospital casually came and met Yu Qi about the surgery that she had performed on Tang Han Lee.
The doctors had also been taking notes what Yu Qi had explained about.

It had been about 4 days since the Tang Brothers admitted to this hospital.
Since the two brothers were so handsome, they ended up getting a lot of visitors among the nurses apart from the one being assigned to take care of them.

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Yu Qi also was not less impressive than her brothers.
The doctors especially the males came to talk about the medical at first.
Then they began to ask Yu Qi about her personal relationship.
Yu Qi did not lie.
She told them straightly that she already got a boyfriend.

After seeing this happened and her brothers did not get proper rest, Yu Qi went to complain to the director of the hospital.
The director took some action to sort out his staff.

The patients were the grandchildren of the legendary doctor, Tang Jiang Man.
He did not want some complaints to come from the legendary doctor.
Only the doctor and nurse in charge would be allowed to enter the ward.

Then finally, there was some peace for them.
Since the room had four beds and the other two had been occupied by her two brothers, Yu Qi took one bed for herself.
So, she would not have to travel from her hotel to the hospital every day.

As for the gang that had attacked them, they had been under the police ’s observation.
The police also questioned them one by one.
They were known as the street gang at the place where the Tang siblings had been attacked.
They aimed to kidnap the girl, r.a.p.e her and then sell her.
Then they also made the decision to also sell the two men as well since the two men were so good looking.

When the police asked where and how they were going to sell them, most of them told the police that they did not know except for the two men who had possessed the guns.
However, they did not answer straight away.
After being pressed by the police, the two men had finally agreed to tell them, however, on one condition, they demanded to see Yu Qi.

Yu Qi had been called by the police.
When Yu Qi arrived, the men shouted angrily at Yu Qi.
The men only could only shout since their hands were handcuffed to the bed and they could not move their legs.

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