Yu Qi ran and flew into Long Hui ’s chest.
Long Hui did not stumble at all.
He solidly stood while receiving the flying hug from his beloved Qi Qi.
After the night in Japan, Yu Qi became very bold with Long Hui.

”I miss you so much.
Holiday? ” Yu Qi asked Long Hui.

”I have a day off after the mission, so I have come to see you. ” Long Hui answered. 

”You shall get some rest. ” Yu Qi said.

”But I miss you. ” Long Hui said with a sad face.
However, he leaned to her ear and whispered, ”If we spend time in your space, we will have more time to spend. ” 

Yu Qi smiled shyly to Long Hui.
”Okay. ” 

The two of them walked out of the building.

”Let ’s go and watch some movie. ” Yu Qi suggested. 

”Okay. ” Long Hui agreed.

It was still daylight.
He still needed to be patient.

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They went to the mall that usually became the place for Starlight University ’s students to hang out with each other.
It was the weekend.
The mall was definitely packed with people.
Students, couples, even families came to this mall.

When they walked into the mall, they already encountered some of the students of Starlight Univesity.
Yu Qi just nodded her head when she saw the people that she knew. 

They went to the cinema on the top floor.
When they arrived there, Yu Qi met someone.
Yu Qi just glanced for a moment and moved her gaze to another direction. 

It was Bai Yu.
He was currently with a girl that dressed like a hooker.
He was feeling very awkward when his eyes had met Yu Qi ’s eyes.
He did not know how to describe his feeling right now. 

He knew that he wanted Yu Qi but Yu Qi was very hard to see even though she was studying in the same Starlight University like him. 

Yu Qi ’s faculty building was a forbidden area for non- medical students.
So, he could not find Yu Qi there.
Bai Yu also waited for Yu Qi in the way of her return to her room but still did not succeed in meeting Yu Qi.

Bai Yu did not know that Yu Qi avoided him by using Aoi.
Aoi could smell Bai Yu ’s scent.
Since he knew that his master did not like the man, he always told his master if he was around.
So, with that, Yu Qi could avoid him by taking another way back to her room.

Now he met her in the worst situation.
With another girl that looked like a hooker.
Well, he was a normal man, he needed to treat his needs. 

”Young Master Bai, where are you looking at? ” The woman asked Bai Yu with a sweet voice.
She could sense that Bai Yu was looking in one direction.

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Bai Yu frowned.
Just now, the voice was very sweet to be heard but now, Bai Yu felt disgusted when hearing the voice.

”Shut up! ” Bai Yu ’s anger flared up. 

The woman closed her mouth.
Just now, he was fine.
Out of nowhere, his mood changed.
She wondered what made the man ’s mood turned from good to worst. 

Opposite to Bai Yu, Yu Qi already forgot about Bai Yu.
She was currently in front of the cinema choosing the movie that she wanted to watch with Long Hui. 

Long Hui suggested that they would watch some romance movie.
But Yu Qi rejected it.
Not like, she did not like that but she was considerate about Long Hui.
Long Hui would not like the genre.

Actually, Long Hui did not mind at all.
He could watch any movie as long as his beloved Qi Qi was with him. 

In the end, they chose the ghost movie.
Long Hui went to buy the tickets and some refreshments for two of them while Yu Qi was waiting nearby. 

”Hi, beautiful girl.
Want to come and join us? ” A group of men appeared out of nowhere.
They seemed just young men. 

They just arrived and saw a beautiful young girl standing alone.
It made them wanted to know the beautiful girl. 

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Yu Qi did not change her expression when watching the men had talked to her.
She felt that this group of men were idiots. 

”Hey, talk to us.
Don ’t be shy. ” Another man said when he saw the beautiful girl was silent.

The people around just watched the group as they harassed the girl without offering any help to the girl.
The people did not seem like they wanted to get involve with them.

One of the men decided to grab her white hand.
However, before he managed to grab her hand, the beautiful girl gave a kick.

”Don ’t you dare touch me. ” Aloof and arrogant look could be seen on the girl.

”You. ” The man said before he was given a kick again.

The group looked at the one that gave another kick to their friend.
Standing there was a handsome man but he was giving off a murderous aura to the group. 

”Dare to touch my girl? ” His voice sounded like a devil to the group of men.

The group of men were already trembling.
Their legs were already weak from this handsome man ’s stare.
’Why is this man so scary? ’

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”Forget about them. ” Yu Qi pulled Long Hui ’s hand.

Yu Qi did not want this thing to get too long.
Long Hui was a soldier.
It would not good for Long Hui ’s career.
She did not want something like this to leave a black dot on Long Hui ’s career.


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