”Thank you, Grandpa Long. ” Yu Qi bowed respectly to Grandpa Long.

”No need to thank me. I just want to do it. ” Grandpa Long waved his hand. 

To be honest, Grandpa Long was satisfied with this granddaughter in law.
She was the one who could get into his grandson. 

Yu Qi looked at Grandpa Long.
It would a old version of Long Hui.
She bet that Long Hui would be the same as his grandfather right now in the future.

”How about we have a drink right now? ” Grandpa Long suggested.

”Okay. ” Yu Qi agreed.

Grandpa Long asked his driver to drive to his favourite restaurant.
When Yu Qi saw this restaurant, she knew that the restaurant was famous for its varieties of teas. 

Grandpa Long was a VVIP at this restaurant.
He even had his own room.
The waitress knew Grandpa Long.
As soon she saw him, she immediately led them to the room.

The room was quite nice.
With an open sliding door, Yu Qi could see the garden of the restaurant.
It had a variety of flowers that could go well with the tea. 

”Tang Girl, what do you want to eat? ” Grandpa Long asked.

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Yu Qi opened the menu book.
It showed a list of menus.
But Yu Qi did not feel hungry yet.
So, she chose a gingerbread with peppermint tea.

”Why have you chosen that tea? ” Grandpa Long asked.

”Well, the peppermint tea has many benefits such as ease digestive upsets.
It also helps to relieve tension headache and migraines.
Peppermint also has antibacterial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.
Because of this, peppermint tea may fight clogged sinuses due to infections, the common cold and allergies. ” Yu Qi began to explain in long detail.
Then she stopped.
She forgot that in front of her was Grandpa Long, not Grandpa Tang. 

”Sorry, I have talked too much. ” Yu Qi gave an embarrassed smile. 

Grandpa Long smiled when he heard about it.
It seemed she really knew her profession.
This girl was indeed the Tang Jiang Man ’s granddaughter. 

”It ’s okay.
You know your stuff.
Then, can you choose one tea for me? ” Grandpa Long said.

Yu Qi looked at the list of tea.
She scanned the teas and listed the benefits of the teas in her brain.
After giving a thought of it, Yu Qi had made her choice.

”Rosemary Tea. ” Yu Qi said.

”Why rosemary tea? ” Grandpa Long expected that Yu Qi would choose green tea for him.

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”Well, rosemary tea is high in antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory compounds that can prevent chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease.
It also can help lower your blood sugar and can support brain health. ” Yu Qi explained. 

”I see.
Let ’s order that tea then. ” Grandpa Long called the waitress to take their order.

”You have told me that you have just come back from a vacation, right? ” Grandpa Long asked.

”Yes. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”From where? ” Grandpa Long asked again.

”From Japan. ” 

”You have gone to Japan with my boy? ”

Yu Qi nodded with a slight blush on her face. 

Grandpa Long observed Yu Qi ’s face.
His lips curved up.
He thought that he could probably be able to hold his great-grandchildren soon. 

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”Is he treating you well? ” Grandpa Long threw a question again.

”Yes, he treats me very well. ” Long Hui indeed treated her very very well. 

Tell me if he treats you badly.
I will beat some sense into him. ” Grandpa Long said. 

Yu Qi chuckled. 

”Then, let ’s talk about earlier.
What has happened earlier? ” Grandpa Long seriously wanted to know about it.
”Who is the boy? ”

”Well, he is indeed a student from my university.
To be exact, ex-student. ” Yu Qi explained.
”He wants to talk with me but I don ’t want.
So, he wants to force me.
I retaliate. ”

”He dares to force people in the broad daylight? ” Grandpa Long felt angry.
”You retaliate…
Good… ”

Grandpa Long nodded.
A girl should know to defend herself.
He had also taught his granddaughter, Feng Yue like that. 

The food and tea arrived.
They enjoyed the food and tea together.

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After one hour of chatting, Yu Qi excused herself.
Grandpa Long asked where did she want to go.
She told him that she wanted to go back to university. 

Grandpa Long told that he could send her to the bus station.
Yu Qi appreciated that. 

Grandpa Long sent her until she went into the bus.
Yu Qi was tired actually from the flight.
She slept through the road until she arrived at Wenya City. 

She called Su Yu Hi to pick her up.
However, the one who had shown up was not him but Ming Xuehai. 

”Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai called.

”Eh, I have thought Brother Yu Hi will come. ” Yu Qi was surprised that Ming Xuehai was coming.

”Well, he has another work.
So, he has asked me to pick you up. ” Ming Xuehai explained.

”Oh, okay. ” Yu Qi accepted that reason.

”Let ’s go.
Let me send you back to the university. ”

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”Okay. ”

They entered the car.
Ming Xuehai started to drive.

”How was the trip? ” 

”It is nice.
Oh, we shall suggest having a vacation there. ” Yu Qi planned to give her employees a vacation.

”Fanghai Nation? ” 

But in Japan. ” 

”I thought that you have gone to Fanghai Nation. ”

”Well, I did.
After that, I went to Japan. ”

”I see. ”

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Ming Xuehai knew that her boyfriend accompanied her on this trip.
He could see the happiness on her face.
Even though he liked this girl, he would not disturb her happiness.
She was his benefector. 

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