Everything would end as well as their holiday.
Long Hui had been called by the military as they requested him to report to them as soon as possible. 

At that time, the couple was about to go to Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan for their night date.
It was a shame that they could not arrive there. 

”Sorry, Qi Qi. ” Long Hui was feeling guilty towards his beloved Qi Qi.

Don ’t feel like that.
I ’m okay.
It is your duty. ” Yu Qi did not want Long Hui felt that way.
She did not blame him.
In fact, she was proud of Long Hui. 

 Yu Qi did not blame him but Long Hui still felt guilty.
They packed their things and checked out from the ryokan on that night.
They head to the airport. 

Luckily for them, there was a flight that flew to Binhai Nation on the schedule. 

The military was already waiting for Long Hui to land. So, he could not send his beloved Qi Qi back to her place.
Yu Qi assured that she would be okay alone.
So, Long Hui did not need to worry about it.

Long Hui left with the military.
Yu Qi was about to get a taxi and bumped into someone whom she really did not want to see. 

”Miss Tang? ” 

Only by hearing the voice of the person, Yu Qi could tell who he was.
The person whom she had hated so much.
She did not respond to him.
She wanted to leave immediately.

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However, the person did not want the chance to meet her slipped out.
So, he blocked Yu Qi ’s path. 

”Miss Tang.
It is nice to meet you here.
Are you going somewhere? ” 

It was Bai Shu Jin that had Yu Qi did not see for such a long time.
He had something to do here.
He was pleased to see Yu Qi.
From what he had seen, Yu Qi must be going somewhere and just came back from it.

”Don ’t…
Way… ” Yu Qi glared to Bai Shu Jin.

”Miss Tang, how about we have a talk? ” Bai Shu Jin tried his chance.

”Don ’t make me do something to you? ” Yu Qi gave her warning.

However, Bai Shu Jin treated it as nothing.
He wanted to engage in some talk with Yu Qi since it was a long time he had met her. 

Feeling angry, Yu Qi kicked him straight on his abdomen.
It was a light kick but still, powerful making Bai Shu Jin fell on the ground. 

”Ouch! ” Bai Shu Jin placed his hand on the place where Yu Qi kicked.
It hurt so much.

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”Young Master. ” The group of men came and helped Bai Shu Jin to stand up.

Yu Qi glanced.
’So, there are his shadows. ’ Bai Shu Jin was indeed a second generation richie rich.
He also was groomed as the family ’s heir.
He had a group of bodyguards that protected him everywhere he went. 

Yu Qi knew that there were people around him.
She knew since she had met them in her previous life.
They were also the people that cut her hands as well as her legs and threw her limbless body left to die. 

Those bodyguards just followed whatever their boss said without hesitation and pity for the person.
They cruelly cut her hands and legs.

Yu Qi scanned the bodyguards ’ faces.
She recognised some of them.
She remembered very well the faces of the people that night. 

”Miss, you better apologise to our young master right now. ” One of the bodyguards gave his warning while glaring to Yu Qi.

”Apologize for what? He is shamelessly blocking my way. ” Yu Qi answered and looked at the bodyguard who had given her warning.
It was one of the people on that night.

The bodyguards wanted to scare her by glaring at Yu Qi.
However, Yu Qi did not care about those glares. 

”Miss, our young master just wants to talk to you. ” A bodyguard said after Bai Shu Jin whispered something to him.

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”No need.
I have nothing to say to your young master.
Step aside. ” Yu Qi replied.

”Miss, please. ” The bodyguards blocked Yu Qi ’s way.

”Do you need to do this? ” Yu Qi glared to Bai Shu Jin.

”Well, I just want to have a talk with you. ” Bai Shu Jin smiled.

”Well, then… ” As soon those words left Yu Qi ’s mouth, she already started to attack the bodyguards.

One of the bodyguards flew back and bumped into the wall.
Yu Qi had kicked on his chest. 

”Anyone want some more? ” Yu Qi sneered.

The bodyguards seemed angry when one of them had been treated in this way.
When they became the bodyguards of the young master of Bai Family, no one dared to disrespect them just like this.
It was humiliating for them.

”Comrades, we should teach this girl a lesson . ” One of the bodyguards said. 

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They circled around the young girl.
The onlookers stopped to see what was happening.
They could see that the group of burly men had trapped a young girl. 

”What is happening over there? ”

”They have trapped a young girl. ”

”Why? ”

”I don ’t know. ”

”Have someone called the security? ”

”I don ’t know. ”

On the other side, Yu Qi felt calm.
She did not even show any trace of scared expression on her face. 

”This is the way you want to play, hmm…
Alright, I will tag along. ” Yu Qi smiled coldly.
Her aura around her had changed.

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The bodyguards were on guard.
They did not want to end up like another one earlier. 

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