Yu Qi asked Su Yu Hi to book a room for their dinner at the nearby hotel.
The hotel was the same one in which Yu Qi had spent her night together with Long Hui. 

After completing their task for today, Yu Qi and her employees went to the hotel.
When they were on the way to their room which they had booked, someone stopped them.
They did not know who was this person expect for Yu Qi.

Yu Qi narrowed her eyes when her eyes laid on that person.
She did not expect to see him tonight. 

”Yu Qi, are you going to have dinner here too? ” It was Bai Yu.
He was with some men.
Probably his friends.

”Everyone, go first.
You can order what you want but just make sure that it is something that you can finish up completely . ” Yu Qi told her employees.

”Okay, Miss Yu Qi. ” Her employees went ahead. 

”Bai Yu, who is this beauty? Your girlfriend? ” His friend teased Bai Yu.

”Bai Yu, you need to be careful since she has a lot of men around him. ” Another friend talked again. 

Yu Qi noticed that the friend was looking behind her.
She turned around.
It was Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi who were standing behind her. 

”Why are you two still here? ” Yu Qi was surprised. 

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”It is dangerous to leave you alone with these men. ” Ming Xuehai looked at Bai Yu and his friends. 

However, Bai Yu ’s friends heard that.
They just displayed their smiles.
They were indeed Bai Yu ’s friends.
And they were also playboys too.
They also exchanged their girlfriends among each other if they wanted to taste their friend ’s girlfriend. 

Since the beauty in front of them was Bai Yu ’s friend, they would like to taste her when the chance arose.

”What? She is our Bai Yu ’s girlfriend.
We will take care of her carefully. ” One of Bai Yu spoke while smiling ambiguously.

”Who is the person that you calling his girlfriend? ” Yu Qi asked that friend of Bai Yu. 

”Eh… ” 

The friends were looking at each other. 

”You are not his girlfriend? ” Another friend asked with unbelievable eyes. 

It seemed they were not convinced with Yu Qi ’s statement. 

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”I ’m not even his friend. ” Yu Qi smirked.

”Yu Qi… ” Bai Yu wanted to say something.

But Yu Qi interrupted him.
Bai, please don ’t address me so intimately.
We are not friends.
Call me Miss Tang. ” 

Bai Yu ’s face changed.
Even his friends frowned.
The atmosphere turned to bad.
Su Yu Hi and Ming Xuehai stepped forward shielding Yu Qi behind them.

”Miss Tang, you should understand the situation better.
Otherwise, your family will end up in the sewer. ” One of Bai Yu ’s friend threatened Yu Qi.

Yu Qi patted Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi ’s shoulder.
Yu Qi smiled assuredly to the two of them.
She stepped forward and facing the one who had threatened her just now.

”I also suggest you to careful from now on because… ” 

Yu Qi suddenly disappeared and appeared back behind Bai Yu ’s friend who had threatened her.
She pointed her finger at his neck.

”You may lose your head just like that. ” Yu Qi said with a normal tone that she used to others.
She talked something like that like she was talking about the nice weather. 

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That friend was having a cold sweat on his back.
He was definitely scared with Yu Qi ’s talk.
She was not a normal girl.
What if instead of her finger, there was a knife was placed.
He might lose his head just like that.
Yu Qi retreated to Ming Xuehai and Su Yu Hi ’s side.

Yu Qi gave the warning.
Whoever dared to endanger her family, she would dare to kill anyone.
She did not joke about this.
Her Tang Family was the most precious thing in her life right now.

Others were very shocked when seeing this situation.
How could she suddenly disappear and reappear like that? And she had threatened them back.
Who was this girl? Was she not afraid of Bai Family ’s power?

”And for your information, I already have a boyfriend who is more handsome than Mr Bai here. ” Yu Qi said while praising her boyfriend ’s looks.

Su Yu Hi chuckled when hearing Yu Qi ’s praise about her boyfriend ’s looks. 

”You mean you are Brother Shu Jin ’s girlfriend? ” One of the friends asked the stupid question.

He is not. ” Yu Qi rolled her eyes. 

Yu Qi was already uninterested to talk to this group.
She walked passed Bai Yu and gave him a look. 

”Bai Yu, is that girl really not your girlfriend? ” The friend asked Bai Yu.

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”Yeah, she is not my girlfriend…
Yet… ” Bai Yu grinned.

”Oh, you are still pursuing her. ” 

”But, she is sure fast.
I don ’t see her walk behind you. ”

”It is scary.
If she is holding a knife at that time, I may be injured. ” 

”What is her family ’s ocupation? She does not seem to be afraid of your family, Bai Yu. ”

”Her family owns a hospital, I guess. ” Bai Yu answered.

”Then she just comes from the normal family then. ”

While at Yu Qi ’s side…

”Yu Qi, who are they? ” Ming Xuehai asked.

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”Well, one of them is a student at my university. ” Yu Qi said.

”That Bai Yu one? ” Su Yu Hi asked.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.

”Is that brat from Bai Family? ” Su Yu Hi assumed.

”Correct. ” Yu Qi nodded again.

”Bai Family from Capital? ” Ming Xuehai also asked.

”Brother Xuehai also knows about them? ” Yu Qi looked at Ming Xuehai.

She did not expect to know them now. 

”Well, I have done some research.
Since they may become our rival. ” Ming Xuehai explained.

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”Oh, our rival? ” Yu Qi smiled.

”They have already announced that they will be launching their beauty products around the winter this year. ” Ming Xuehai told Yu Qi.

”Let ’s forget about this for now.
Let ’s enjoy our dinner. ” Yu Qi smiled.

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