Grandpa Tang could take a long breath of relief after they had arrived at Binhai Nation.
It was not the first time he had been threatened by someone to treat them but it was the first time that they had used his family members to threaten him.

Yu Qi only smiled when seeing her grandfather like that.
She knew that her grandfather had a difficult time there.
She swore that she would never let anything happen to her Tang Family. 

The day came back to normal.
Yu Qi spent her remaining semester break working on her paperwork for her new brand of skincare.
Su Yu HI had already acquired the medical factory.
The previous owner had declared bankruptcy.
So, it was easy to get the medical factory.
The equipment was still functioning and in good conditions. 

As for the workers, Yu Qi only selected people for one position.
It was the most important position in the medical factory.
It was not head of the factory.
It was not head of finance.
But the one that would be supervised the whole of the process of making the product.
One who understood most of the herbs and knew what the herbs were used for.
As for other workers, she would leave it to Su Yu Hi.

As for the position, Yu Qi already knew who was the best for it and had made the decision.
She chose Song Tai for that position.
He was the one who understood the herbs the most, other than Song Tao.
Song Tao already had another responsibility for managing her greenhouse. 

Song Tai was excited when Yu Qi mentioned this to him.
The medical factory was located at Wenya City.
Yu Qi had also planned to open a store to sell her skincare brand.
The reason why she had chosen that location to open the store was that it was a very strategic place.

Wenya City was busted with the people, especially, the younger generation It was because Starlight University was there.
Young people, especially, the girls would like to take care of their appearance.

Yu Qi had already sent the sample of her skincare products to the Ministery of Health to get the certificate for selling the skincare products.
To sell the skin care products, the products had to pass the assessment of the Ministery of Health to check whether the products had a possible substance which was dangerous to the human body. 

Yu Qi was confident that her skincare products would pass the test.
Her skincare products were 100% made of the herbs.
And the mix of the herbs would not be dangerous to any human skin or body.

Yu Qi already gave her two aunties to try the products.
The two of them were very delighted when they had first seen the result.
Their skins seemed to lighten and the number of wrinkles has decreased.
More than that, their faces seemed to be glowing. 

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Their friends saw them and were asking what products that they had been using.
Her two aunties quickly promoted the products by saying that the products would be launching soon in the market.
They would get the same products as them. 

Even her two uncles noticed that their wives had become more and more beautiful lately.
Her aunties told her uncles that they were using the products made by Yu Qi who had made them using the herbs.
Listening to it, the two uncles praised her. 

It was the first week of the new semester.
The new students registered at Starlight University.
Yu Qi began her semester by her surgery class.
She was not involved in the new student registration.
While Song Ha Ting and Mei Lilli did. 

They wanted to collect some pointers because they had not joined any of the clubs.
So Pang Lim had joined a foreign language club.
Even Ding Na An had joined the reading club. 

”I never thought that new students registrations would have a lots of works to do. ” Mei Lilli complained to her friends during the lunch hour. 

”Yeah. ” Song Ha Ting was saying the same thing. 

”Thank goddess, it is finally over. ” Mei Lilli said.

They were talking until someone came and stopped at their table.
They quickly became quiet and waited for that person to talk.

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”This is for you. ” The person put the paper in front of Yu Qi and ran off. 

Yu Qi blinked several times before realizing what just had happened.
She looked down at the paper which the person had put just now.
The person was clearly a first-year student. 

”Wow, Yu Qi, you have gotten a love letter. ” So Pang Lim giggled.
As well as the others.
They also giggled.

”Let ’s see what he has written here. ” Mei Lilli reached the letter and opened it.

”Lilli, this is wrong.
You should not be the one read the letter. ” Ding Na An opened her mouth. 

Ding Na An usually only like to observe but now had spoken to Mei Lilli.
Mei Lilli handed down the letter to Yu Qi. 

I will not read it. ” Mei Lilli said.

Yu Qi took the letter and opened it.
In the letter, only stated, ’You can not run from me.
Want to know me? Come to the tennis court at 5 pm this evening. ’

Yu Qi raised her brow.
’What an arrogant person.
Does he think I have time for him? ’ 

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”What? Whoever has written this letter must be a first-year student. ” Mei Lilli said after she had glanced at the content of the letter.

”Why are you say so confident? ” So Pang Lim asked.
She could not understand how Mei Lilli could conclude that this letter was from a first-year student.

”Think about it.
Our Yu Qi is famous at this university.
Most of them knew Yu Qi ’s personality.
Yu Qi would not be interested in any other men since her boyfriend is so handsome.
So, only those who do not know Yu Qi are the first-year students. ” Mei Lilli explained.

”Oh, I see. ” So Pang Lim nodded several times.

”So, Yu Qi, would you go and meet this person? ” Song Ha Ting scooped the ice cream and ate it.

”I don ’t have time for it.
I have to promote my club. ” Yu Qi said.

”Oh, just like last year? ” Mei Lilli asked.

”Well, my new vice captain is a crazy person this year.
Well, you can come and see later. ” Yu Qi gave a smile.

’Crazy person? ’ 

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Her friends wondered about that.
Crazy person meaning crazy ideas.
The new vice captain of Yu Qi probably asked Yu Qi to do something that had a lot of impacts.
They needed to see it. 

As for the letter, as Yu Qi had said, she would not go.
She had no interest in knowing who had written the letter.
And also, the letter sounded so arrogant.
Why should she go since it was not Long Hui? If Long Hui wanted to meet her, he just needed to call her instead of writing this kind of letter.

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