”Li Zei, what were you trying to do to them? ” Grandpa Mu wanted to hear from his son even though Yu Qi had already told him.

”I just wanted Doctor Tang to heal Rong Xie. ”, Mu Li Zei said.

”By keeping his granddaughter as a hostage? ”, Grandpa Mu snorted.

Mu Li Zei was silent.
He could not rebuke his father since it was true and that girl had the evidence.
He just needed to accept whatever his father was going to give him a punishment. 

”You go and kneel in the ancestral hall for 1 week.
I hope that will clear your mind and stop playing dirty tricks.
As for Rong Xie, I will ask Doctor Tang myself.
If he refuses, I will ask Want Yi to research more about Rong Xie ’s condition.
Don ’t ever think to touch the Tang Family again. ”, Grandpa Mu made a decision.

Mu Li Zei nodded.
”I understand.
I will obey your order, father.

Right after that, the medic people knocked on the door.
They had come for the bodyguards who had received a good beating from Yu Qi.
The bodyguards finally had peace in their mind when they heard the medic had come for them.

Grandpa Mu left the room.
The medic brought the injured bodyguards to the hospital leaving Mu Li Zei alone in the room.
Mu Li Zei clenched both of his fists.
His plan was destroyed. 

Well, it was not the first time that his plan had failed but this was the first time that his plan was ruined by a young girl on whom he had looked down.
He really did not expect that the girl was so agile and very smart to record their conversation.
He really needed to investigate her background.
He wanted to know who she was.


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”Grandfather, are you okay? ” Yu Qi asked Grandpa Tang after they arrived at their hotel.

I ’m worried about you.
Are you okay? ” Grandpa Tang asked Yu Qi.
He was really worried when seeing his granddaughter who was fighting with those bulky men alone.

”Don ’t worry, grandfather.
I have trained a lot.
And also, I have trained with soldiers. ” Yu Qi smiled.

There were several knocks on their door.
Yu Qi was cautious.
She did not open the door immediately.
She needed to be careful since it was Mu Li Zei ’s territory.
Her uncle might send someone to teach her a lesson due to today ’s matter.

Yu Qi sneaked a peek from the small hole on the door.
She saw Grandpa Mu and Grandpa Sang waiting for her to open the door.
She opened the door.

”Can we talk with you and Doctor Tang? ”, Grandpa Sang said.

”We can go to the restaurant downstairs.
”, Yu Qi said.

Since the room was not a suitable place to talk, Yu Qi suggested them to have a talk at the hotel ’s restaurant.

Four of them sat together. 

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”Doctor Tang, Miss Tang, I ’m sorry for my son ’s behaviour. ”, Grandpa Mu bowed to them. 

”It is not your fault, Mr Mu. ”, Yu Qi addressed her real granddaughter as Mr Mu since she heard Grandpa Mu had addressed her as Miss Tang.

Grandpa Mu probably knew that Yu Qi had still not told Grandpa Tang about her real family. 

”I have already punished him. ”, Grandpa Mu told them.

Yu Qi just smiled.
She knew that Grandpa Mu would not punish Mu Li Zei very badly.
Since Mu Li Zei was his son.
He probably would make him kneel at the ancestral hall.
Grandpa Mu always used that punishment in her past life.

”Doctor Tang, I hope that you can help me by treating my granddaughter. ” Grandpa Mu bowed once again.

Yu Qi kept silent.
She wanted to hear Grandpa Tang ’s answer. 

”Mr Mu, I ’m sorry.
But I can ’t.
I can ’t accept the treatment given by your son.
And also, I can ’t stay long in this country. ”, Grandpa Tang firmly rejected Grandpa Mu.
He was not a saint.
He really could not accept Mu Li Zei ’s act.
He had given him a threat by using his own granddaughter. 

Grandpa Mu sighed.
I will not force you. ”

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Grandpa Tang booked the flight tickets on the same day.
He did not want to stay in this country anymore.
He was afraid that Mu Li Zei would do something to him and his granddaughter.
It was Mu Li Zei ’s territory.
He might send people to beat them or kidnap them.
Grandpa Tang could not afford that danger.

Yu Qi also agreed with Grandpa Tang ’s decision.
It was a wise decision.
She still did not have power here.
So, she did not want to risk her grandfather ’s safety.
If she was alone, she might have attacked Mu Li Zei ’s businesses one by one. 

Yu Qi had already informed Grandpa Mu about their leave.
Grandpa Mu understood.
If he was at Grandpa Tang ’s place, he would also have done the same thing.

As for Grandpa Tang ’s decision not to treat Mu Rong Xie, Yu Qi could not do anything with it.
It was her grandfather ’s decision.
Well, she was quite happy when Grandpa Tang had rejected it since she wanted Mu Rong Xie to suffer more than this. 

The person who made the decision to poison Grandpa Mu in her past life might be two people, Mu Li Zei and Mu Yian.
They had been targeting the highest position in the Mu Group.
When Yu Qi was found and being trained by Grandpa Mu as the heir, those two people were strongly against it.
They had constantly voiced their opinions against Yu Qi which made her work harder than anyone to prove that she could do it. 

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