While in the room, Mr Qian had invited Yu Qi and Chui Mei Fung to sit while Ming Xuehai remained standing at the side. 

”Well, can I know why are you coming here? Do you have any case which requires a lawyer? ” Mr Qian asked while looking at Yu Qi since he felt that she was the one who would do the talk.

I come here to terminate his contract. ” Yu Qi pointed to Ming Xuehai.

”Terminate his contract? ” Mr Qian looked at Yu Qi and then looked at Ming Xuehai.

”Yeah. ” Yu Qi nodded.
She did not want to waste her time here.

Mr Qian grinned.
”Miss, to terminate his contract, he has to pay 10,000 RMB since he has breached the contract. ” 

”Okay, I will pay for him. ” Yu Qi dropped the sentence which made Mr Qian ’s face froze.

Why are you doing this? ” Mr Qian frowned.

”I want to invite Mr Ming to work with me. ” Yu Qi told him the truth.

Mr Qian ’s eyes glinted a scheme.
He wanted to take advantage of this matter.
This girl in front of him was probably the second generation of a rich family.
She probably did not have enough experience in dealing with this matter. 

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”Mr Qian, I advise you.
Don ’t you dare play a trick on me.
Otherwise, you will lose everything which you have right now. ” Yu Qi ’s aura had totally changed right now.

She sat like a queen crossing her legs and looked straight at Mr Qian like she was looking at her prey.
She had already noticed the glint in Mr Qian ’s eyes just now.
’He wants to play tricks on me? Just try then. ’

Mr Qian swallowed his saliva.
’This girl is not simple.
Just let go of this brat.
He is an insignificant person in this firm.
Losing him is nothing. ’

”Of course not, Miss… ” Mr Qian looked to Yu Qi asking her name.

”My surname is Tang. ” Yu Qi did not want to tell more.

Miss Tang.
I will terminate the contract.
However, the fees are still 10,000 RMB. ” Mr Qian explained while smiling.

”Draft the terminate contract immediately.
I will issue the cheque now. ” Yu Qi told Mr Qian.

Yes… ” Mr Qian nodded.

Mr Qian quickly started typing something on his computer.
While Yu Qi brought out the cheque book and write the amount which was needed. 

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Mr Qian printed out the contract.
He handed it to Yu Qi.
Without looking at the contract, she gave it to Ming Xuehai.

”It ’s yours.
Read it.
Tell me if you are not satisfied with it. ” Yu Qi said to Ming Xuehai.

Ming Xuehai took it and read the doc.u.ment.
10 minutes later, he had finished reading it. 

”Everything is okay. ” Ming Xuehai placed the doc.u.ment on the table.

Let ’s sign it and everything is done. ” Yu Qi said.

Mr Qian and Ming Xuehai signed the two copies of that doc.u.ment.
Before Ming Xuehai signed them, he once again read them to make sure everything was the same in the two copies of that doc.u.ment

After signing the doc.u.ment, Yu Qi handed the cheque to Mr Qian.
Mr Qian was quite happy since he got free money just because of Ming Xuehai.

”Well, I want to leave this place.
Let ’s go. ” Yu Qi stood up and got out from the room followed by Ming Xuehai and Chui Mei Fung.

”Go and pick up your thing.
We will be waiting outside. ” Yu Qi said to Ming Xuehai.

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”Yes, Miss Yu Qi. ” Ming Xuehai nodded.

Yu Qi and Chui Mei Fung went out while Ming Xuehai went to his table and started to clean his table.

Then, his ex-colleagues came and asked about what was happening. 

”Xuehai, are you quitting this job? ” 

”Xuehai, who is that hot girl earlier? ”

”Xuehai, can I get the contact number of that girl? ”

Let me talk, okay? ” Ming Xuehai waved his hand.

His ex-colleagues calmed down waiting for Ming Xuehai to speak.

”I ’m quitting this job.
She is my new boss.
I can not give her contact number. ” After saying that, Ming Xuehai quickly ran away from his ex-colleagues.

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”What are you doing? Get on work now. ” Mr Qian got out of his room.
Seeing this situation, so, he shouted at his employees.

The employees were stunned for a second when hearing Mr Qian ’s shout.
Then, they moved fastly to go back to their own tables to do their work.

Ming Xuehai arrived at Yu Qi ’s side.
Yu Qi told him that she would be going back tomorrow.
So Ming Xuehai and Ming Xuebai should be ready for that.
Ming Xuehai nodded.
His sister might be finished settling her resign.

After Ming Xuehai left, Yu Qi stretched her body.
She was quite happy with this development.
She did not expect to get someone like Ming Xuehai in this city.
Her business would be going to expand bigger and bigger.

”I have never expected that my market survey here, was going to be this good. ” Yu Qi said while humming.

Chui Mei Fung really did not understand by Yu Qi ’s reaction towards Ming Xuehai.
Why fid her boss want to recruit Ming Xuehai so much? He was a new lawyer who did not have much experience. 

Chui Mei Fung shook her head.
She must not look down on Ming Xuehai.
Her boss ’ thought was not something which anyone could understand.
Like her own case.
Why would her boss save her back there and give an awesome job to her? Maybe her boss wanted to help Ming Xuehai.

Yu Qi did not know about Chui Mei Fung ’s inner thoughts.
She was currently having a problem with choosing her own lunch. 

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