“Zhang Fangyuan, Zhang Fangyuan! Are you on the roof?” 


    “Zhang Fangyuan!” 


    In a daze, Zhang Fangyuan seemed to hear someone calling his name, followed by others.
There was a loud knock on the door.
He was a little annoyed that any junior in the village could still call him by his name, no matter what, he was of the grandpa's generation.
But the sound of knocking on the door and shouting was really loud, and he jumped up from the bed. 


    Only at this time did he realize that something was wrong, when did his body become so strong and light.
He walked out of the house in disbelief, the cold wind was blowing outside, the grass withered, the yard was empty, and the sweet-scented osmanthus tree that had been with him for decades was gone.     


“You're in the house.
The water in Xu's house is boiling and I can't see you coming.
People are so anxious! Hurry up, take your things and go, the meat seller are still here, so why  tell people to wait.”     


Zhang Fangyuan looked at him.
Familiar yet somewhat unfamiliar young face, he remembered that this kid was the fourth child of the Chen family, a neighbor of their family, who often followed him when he was young, but this kid fell to the bottom of the cliff and died.
It was decades ago, why are you still standing here?    


“Why are you so shocked!”    


Zhang Fangyuan said, “Why are you calling me?”


    “I see that you drank too much wine in the town yesterday and you are still not sober.
Today Xu's family slaughtered the pig, and you promised them to slaughter the pig early in the morning.
Now you are still dawdling in the house.
What do you think I called you for?” 


    Chen Si saw that the person in front of him was still wandering, and he went into the house and cleaned up all the pig butcher tools for him. 


    Zhang Fangyuan stared blankly at the familiar and unfamiliar environment around him, as if he had returned to more than 30 years ago, when he was nineteen years old, even the yard was still empty, and the sweet-scented osmanthus tree hadn't been planted yet. 


    He ran around the house, and finally stopped by the well to look at his young face and his bulging chest muscles that were stretched by his clothes. 


    He rubbed his face, and later even pulled his face until he gasped in pain. 


    A surge of joy slowly rose from the soles of his feet, so rushing that he almost lost his footing. 


    “What are you doing there? It's impossible to be enchanted.” 


Zhang Fangyuan ignored Chen Si's question, happily snatched the thing from his hand, and carefully touched the old set tools he had spent a lot of money on.
Man, the handle was still clear wood, the knife was not dull, everything was still like new. 


    Chen Si was thinking about why this person looked weird today, when he was suddenly dragged up: “You are the one who need to return to your soul, hurry up, don't make everyone wait.” 


    Chen Si was carried by Zhang Fangyuan, and he looked at the person in the front whose mouth was about to crack to the ear, felt weird and creepy. 


    He couldn't get up and down in his heart, and softened his tone: “Fangyuan, you should drink less in the future, I know you are not short of the money, but you go every day, the villagers who see you come and go will talk nonsense again.
I think you are acting weird today, and besides, at our age, it's time to discuss marriage.
Who would dare to come to the door if the reputation outside is bad.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan really didn't remember anyone saying such pertinent words to him before, he never listened to him in the past, but after all his life, hearing such admonition now, he couldn't help being moved, he hooked Chen Si's neck, he agreed: “Okay.
I won't go to the town to eat and drink.”


    Chen Si knew that human nature was not so easy to change, and Zhang Fangyuan was also pitiful.
He used to be a good young man, but his temper had deteriorated due to a great change in his family.
Now he had the virtue of drinking and playing, and he couldn't be persuaded to come back with a few words.


    If he could really listen to the words, the uncle of the Zhang family wouldn't close the door and be cold-faced when he met Zhang Fangyuan, and the aunt on the other side of Zhang's mother's natal house wouldn't sigh and avoid him. 


    But when Chen Si saw Zhang Fangyuan's sincere attitude, even knowing that he didn't take his words into his heart, he still had a smile on his face: “That's right, half of the pigs killed by Xu's family today are sold.
There are a lot of people who buy meat.
The winter solstice was coming soon, and my mother also asked me to buy meat from the Xu’s family.
Then I can bargain the price and buy two catties of meat and go back to make a festival.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan said happily: “The winter solstice has to eat mutton, warm.” 


    Chen Si sighed: “That stuff is so expensive, nearly twice the price of pork, how can I afford it.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan smiled: “I'll get some back tomorrow, you come to my house to eat.” 


    Chen Si's eyes shined brightly: “Really? Are you calling me?” 


    “What are you trying to do, food tastes bad when you eat it alone, and it tastes better when you eat it will many people.” 


    “I'm afraid that in our village, you are the only one who can say it.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan smiled, he was indeed the only one in the village whose parents passed away and left some money, and he only needed to feed himself, which was naturally more free and easy than ordinary people. 


    Chen Si was very excited, and he talked more and more, mysteriously said: “I heard that the Xu family has invited a lot of people this time, not only to buy meat, but also matchmakers.
I heard that they want to look the girl and talk about marriage.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan raised his eyebrows, he used to devote himself to the city and didn't know much about the gossip in the village: “talk about marriage?” 


    “Are you confused? Xu Shaochun, the daughter of the Xu family, passed the age last year, but she hasn't selected yet.
I'm going to join in the fun.” Chen Si showed a man's usual flirtatious smile : “What if I'm lucky? I was spotted by the girl.” 


    Zhang Fangyuan frowned, this Xu Shaochun was recognized as the village flower in their Jijiu Village, the girl was born with a juicy look, even the daughters raised by some wealthy families in the city could be compared, The matchmaker looked at it and said that she was a good child, and the men in the village were so confused that they couldn't find her. 


    Now that the little girl had reached the age where she could marry, she would naturally become a favorite. 


    When it came to this matter , Zhang Fangyuan's heart was also hot.

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