It was raining, it was already late autumn. 


    The wind wrapped around the few leaves on the dry sweet-scented osmanthus tree in front of the courtyard, and the pattern of rain wet the soil and fell into the dilapidated house. 


    he heard people said: If Someone is going to die, a tree will die in their yard. 


    Zhang Fangyuan didn't believe in these evils at first, until he saw with his own eyes the green and tall sweet-scented osmanthus tree outside the window, the leaves withered and yellowed in the autumn wind overnight, and the trunk became light and unstable.


    The sweet-scented osmanthus tree was planted when he was 20 years old, and it he was more than 50 years old now.
Over the years, no matter how dry it was in summer and how thick the snow was in winter, the yard was still full of sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance in autumn. 


    Such a tenacious sweet-scented osmanthus tree died without warning. 


    Over the years, there was only one old bachelor in Zhang's house, who lived alone for decades, and now that the tree in front of the house was dead, the only person who was going to die was Zhang Fangyuan himself. 


    He was lying in the cold room under the rain in the late autumn night, his body was as limp as a puddle of soft mud, hunched in the black and iron-like bedding, and even taking a breath could take half of his strength.     


There was no light in the room, and the only thing guarded the bed was the cold wind blowing in before the window paper was pasted.
The rain fell and the sky darkened, making the room more and more lonely.     


Ever since he was bedridden, his life had been muddled.
When he was more energetic, he leaned on the wall to get up and cook a few bites of food.
No one would come for ten days and a half months.     


The consciousness had been blurred for so many days, but today was very strange.
After night fell, he felt cold, and when he heard it was raining outside, his consciousness suddenly became clear, and he was able to distinguish between cold and heat.
His heart was wide open, knowing that tonight was the last hour.


    After waking up, he quietly listened to the sound of rain that filled the house.
The dilapidated roof couldn't cover the rain, and it leaked straight into the house, and the nearest ones dripped on the side of his bed.
Insufficient strength, he could onl

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