Chapter 3 A Sword that Runs Rampant in the End Times (3)

System 168: ???

Is it really good for the host to do this? This tone of voice, really looking for a beating; this attitude, really looking for a fight!

Shi Minzhi: ?
This girl looks quite young, but it looks like there's something wrong with the brain.

As Bai Tang showed a sweet smile, she raised her hand towards Canglan, and gave a palm strike at the sword hilt.
Canglan then rushes towards Shi Minzhi with great momentum.

With biting cold light, Canglan rushed towards Shi Minzhi, carrying a murderous energy.

Shi Minzhi's brain made a quick judgment.
No, there is no more hiding.
Isn't it just another death? There is no escaping–
Then, zombies, it's your turn to play!

The sword Canglan penetrated Shi Minzhi's body with great impact and took him out of his wheelchair, dragging him all the way back for tens of meters, before finally nailing him to the wall of the stadium.

Bai Tang raised her hand and said coldly, “Unexpectedly still alive? The heart must not be on the left then, but on the right instead?”

Canglan returned to Bai Tang's hand.
However, before Shi Minzhi's body even fall to the ground, the sword came over again.

Shi Minzhi's whole body convulsed all over.
The pain was so great as the sword pierced through his heart, creating a big hole.

System 168 is going crazy.
How did this happen in a blink of an eye? The host actually attacked the blackened big boss!

[Host, what are you doing!]
[Stop it!]
[Stabbing once is not enough, why do you have to stab twice!]
[I asked you to influence the blackened big boss, not to kill him.
The system 168 roared, but it couldn't change the next wave of the sword as Canglan pierced through the right chest of Shi Minzhi.

Bai Tang's fingers made a grasping motion, and Canglan returned to her hands once again.

“Little system, you are being unreasonable.
I have completed the task perfectly.
Now that the blackened big boss is dead, no more innocent people will fall into his hands and be killed.
I am solving the problem from the root.
Little system, do you understand?”

System 168 is going to suffer from a headache.
Having a host who doesn't play cards according to common sense and solving problem from the root cause whenever there's something wrong.
Such bad luck, it doesn't know whether it stepped on dog shit when it went out today.

“Yo, you are really able to manipulate the zombies.
Unfortunately, these zombies are not enough for me alone to kill.”

With no expression, Bai Tang held Canglan and began killing zombies that were summoned by Shi Mingzhi.
For such a small world, she couldn't exert her full force lest she accidentally destroy this world.
If not, she could've killed all the zombies with one blow.

One cut, one sweep, one chop, one cut, one stab, one pick, one jump, one leap, one turn of the sword, a large number of zombies fall down one by one.

Within two minutes, even without any protective gear, Bai Tang's display of high combat power was a jaw-dropping sight to behold.

System 168 was shocked, but it still didn't forget how Bai Tang stabbed Shi Minzhi twice.
Both of which were killing moves that went straight to his heart.

The heart must not be on the left, but on the right?
Look, are these words spoken by human? Listen, is this how human speak?
How can any normal host kill their mission target as soon as they come?

System 168 eased its anger and said, [Host, I know you are very powerful and able to sweep a thousand armies all by yourself.
But our task is to influence the blackened big boss in order for him to repent, not to kill him!]

Bai Tang was very puzzled, “If he can be influenced, will he still become a blackened big boss? He has already done bad things and harmed innocent people.
I'm sorry, but I think the ultimate goal of the task is not to influence him, but to prevent him from harming more innocent people.
I don't think there is any problem with what I did.”

Seeing that Bai Tang's words were justified, System 168 really couldn't say anything to refute.
It angrily said, [Host, what do you know? Shi Minzhi is the biggest blackened boss.
If he could simply be killed, the task would have been completed long ago!]

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