”Im here. ” A tall lanky man suddenly appeared out of thin air, holding an orb in his hand.

”He probably has the academys teleportation treasure. ” Josh whispered to himself, not surprised by his sudden appearance.

Taking the orb from the man, and putting it next to the other orb, she commanded, a dangerous and domineering aura surrounding her. ”Put your hand on it. ”

Josh fidgeted a bit, but soon got back his balance, ”I hate being weak, its a disease. ” He whispered under his breath, mad at himself for fidgeting by just experiencing what seemed like the tip of the iceberg of Felicitys aura.

He put his hand on the orb, and a bright light emanated from it. When the bright light disappeared, Felicity stared at the results with a bewildered expression on her face.

”Hold my hand. ” Felicity said in a commanding tone, to the surprise of everyone present.

”No thank you. ” Josh shook his head, rejecting an opportunity most men would rather lose their third leg for.

Joshs rejection caused an uproar, with some of the students throwing curses at him.

Felicity facepalmed and immediately grabbed Joshs hand, ”Harvey take over. ” She said to the man who brought the spare orb of destiny.

”But- ” Harvey was unable to complete his sentence as Felicity and Josh disappeared.

Harvey sighed and said, ”and there goes my lunch break. ”


Felicity and Josh arrived in front of a wooden door with a drawing of a dragon carved on it.

”Get your hands off me woman. ” Josh yanked his hand away from Felicitys, confident that after discovering his talent she would not be able to hurt a single hair on his head.

”Brat. ” Felicity said between gritted teeth.

”Why are we here by the way? ” Josh asked, although having an idea why.

”To meet with the principal. ” Felicity replied, knocking lightly on the wooden door.

The door burst open and a woman with arguably the most beautiful face Josh had seen in his lifetime stared at the both of them.

”Whats it this time Felicity? And who is he? ” The woman asked, staring at Josh who struggled to maintain eye contact with her, due to some biological reasons.

”Our ticket to winning the International Inter School Tournament. ” Felicity said with excitement written on her face.

”How so? ” The woman asked, puzzled.

”This brat has a Quadra-affinity. ” Felicity replied.

”A Quadra-affinity! Thats the same number of affinities as mine! ” The woman exclaimed surprised.

”Thats not even the best part. ” Felicity smirked.

”Spill it out! ” The woman demanded, her noble aura morphing into a more chaotic one.

”All his magic affinities are S-rank! ” Felicity revealed.

”What! ” The woman gawked at Josh as if she had just seen a ghost.

”Give me that. ” The woman yanked the orb of talent from Felicity.

”Follow me. ” She instructed Josh and Felicity, walking into her office.

”Take a seat. ” She instructed Josh, who had just locked the door behind him.

Josh took a seat beside Felicity and opposite The woman, who he recognised as the schools principal Eleanor Pope.

”Put your hand on the orb. ” Eleanor instructed, staring Josh in the eye as if trying to decipher his thoughts.

Josh nodded and did as instructed. When the bright light faded from the orb, Eleanor bent over to read the results, with Josh suddenly getting interested in the interior of Eleanors office.

”Brilliant! ” Eleanor said in an elated tone, she sat back down on her chair and said, ”you
e going to be my student. ”

”That sounded more like a command. ” Josh chuckled.

”Because it is. ” Eleanor narrowed her eyes at Josh

”Alright then, Ill do it. ” Josh raised his hands in the air in defence.

”Who are your parents? ” Eleanor asked.

”They are dead to me now. ” Josh replied colly.

”Oh? ” Eleanor raised her eyebrow, ”who were they? ” She continued.

Felicity too stared at Josh, awaiting his reply, ”Father was a truck driver, and mother was the friendly neighbourhood milf. ” Josh replied.

Eleanor stared at Josh for almost a minute before saying, ”so, your magic affinities are; earth, fire, water and air. ”

”They are. ” Josh nodded.

”As you should know by now, I am a quadra-affinity wielder, my main is the same as yours, Fire, which is S-rank. I also have an A-rank light magic affinity, a B-rank Air magic affinity and a C-rank Earth magic affinity. ”

”I am fully aware of that. ” Josh nodded.

”Good, you have no magic experience am I correct? ” Eleanor asked.

”You can feel my aura, I know. ” Josh replied.

”I can. ” Eleanor nodded, ”probably you hid your talents, or some other reasons I do not know, but you are going to be my second disciple.

”Why do you think I want to? ” Josh asked.

”You don have a choice, the moment you took that test, Im sure that you were aware of the implications? ”

”Could this be a threat? ”

”Make of it whatever you want? ” Eleanor shrugged.

”You help me get stronger, and I help you win all the tournaments. We have a deal. ” Josh nodded.

”What makes you think you have the capabilities? ”

”What are the odds of any other school having a student with an S-rank Quadra-affinity? ”

”You have a point there. ” Eleanor nodded, ”you
e going to be put in S-rank class, as you know S-rank students are not required to attend class unless they feel like it, so Im going to have more than enough time to tort- I mean mould you. ” Eleanor flashed a smile that brought shivers to Joshs spine.

”Im having a bad feeling about this. ” Josh voiced his concern.

”You should. ” Felicity said, a bittersweet smile appearing on her face.

”So, will I be staying in the school hostel? ” Josh asked Eleanor.

”You can come live with me. ” Eleanor replied.

”I will have to decline that offer, ” Josh shook his head, and continued, ”I want to live close to a friend of mine. ”

”Fine by me, ” Eleanor shrugged, and continued, ”what is the name of this friend? ”

”I didn get his last name, but I got his first name which is Nate and hes definitely going to live in the S-rank quarters. ”

”How are you so sure of that? ” Eleanor asked.

”He has the talents. ” Josh.

”Perhaps I should take more disciples, ” Eleanor whispered to herself, ”if they can take the heat that is, If thus boy cannot I will force him to. although the fire in his eyes is undeniable. ”

Eleanor nodded, and said, ”Felicity will take care of that. ”

Felicity merely nodded. Seeing her nod, Eleanor said, ”Now that all the formalities are done. You
e going to my quarters by noon tomorrow. ”

”Where is it? ” Josh asked.

”You can take that as a quest. Note, if you
e late or you don show up, Ill punish you. ” Eleanor said, and turned to Felicity, ”don assist him. ”

”Wouldn dream of it. ” Felicity replied with a playful smile on her face.

”Why can I just get directions or something? ” Josh asked.

”Because Its a test and part of your training. ” Eleanor replied.

”I see. ” Josh nodded, although not understanding how finding a house was supposed to be training.

”Guess well get going then. ” Felicity said, getting up from her seat.

”Come on. ” Felicity stretched out her hand for Josh to take it.

”You know, with the way you
e so eager to feel my touch, Itd be safe to assume you
e developing a crush on me. ” Josh said with a sly smile on his face.

Eleanor burst into a fit of laughter, and Felicity stared at Josh, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

”Not in your wildest dreams kid. ”

”Well see. ” Josh merely shrugged and took her hand.


The pair appeared hand in hand in a beautiful office, with books littered around, Josh admired with great curiosity, an hourglass with beautiful runic engravings that stood on a lone stool.

”Its beautiful. ” Josh suddenly said.

”What is? ” Felicity turned to see what he was talking about.

”That, ” Josh pointed at the treasure, Felicity followed his hand to look at what he was pointing at, ”Its a treasure right? ”

”Yes, it is. ” Felicity nodded.

”Its beautiful, you have an eye for beauty. ” Josh complimented with a smile.

Felicity chuckled and said, ”thanks. ”

”A pleasure. ” Josh smiled slyly.

”Take a seat. ” Felicity offered, as she sat on her chair.

”Thanks. ” Josh said, taking a seat.

”Give me a minute. ” Felicity said, putting her phone close to her ear and Josh merely nodded in reply.

”Is the entrance examination of that group over? ” Felicity asked the receiver.

”Alright then, did a certain Nate pass? ”

”He got into S-rank class? With his twin sister, I see. Do you have any knowledge of their background? ” At this moment, Josh leaned forward subtly.

”Interesting, I need you to leave the house beside his unoccupied. The kid I took will come to live there. ”

”Yes, Im teleporting there now. ” Felicity dropped her phone on her desk and stood up from her seat.

”Lets go. ” She stretched her hand to Josh, who gave it a light squeeze which she involuntarily returned.

Seeing the smug smile on Joshs face, Felicity said in an almost inaudible whisper, ”just who is this kid? ”

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