Josh was having dinner with his family at the dining table. He felt so apart from his parents and hurriedly ate his dinner, so he could get out of their company.

”I got a call from your school saying you beat up a kid. ” Joshs father, John said, staring into his sons eyes with contempt.

”Almost forgot about that. ” Josh whispered under his breath.

”What did you say? ” John glared at Josh.

”Nothing. ” Josh said with gritted teeth

”Better be nothing, ” John scoffed, and continued, ”now look here. Look me in the eye boy! ” John barked at Josh who was staring down at his food.

Josh reluctantly looked up and stared into his fathers eyes. John on seeing this pointed a finger at Josh saying, ”now look, little moron. You don go around beating up kids like a maniac. How am I, even so, sure that some screws haven gone loose in that empty head of yours? ” John laughed heartily while patting his bloated stomach. His wife Camilla joined him in his fit of laughter.

Josh stared into his fathers eyes with rage, the rage in his eyes burning like a furnace, he said with his voice shaking with rage, ”thats easy for you to say when you
e not the one with a drunkard for a father, and a whore for a mother. ”

”What did you just say little brat! ” John slammed his large fists on the dining table.

”What did you just call me! ” Camilla screamed glaring into Joshs eyes.

Josh took a deep breath, and rest his back on the chair he was sitting on, ”Might as well just go with the flow. ” He whispered to himself.

He stared back at his parents with a charming smile on his face, ”I called you a drunkard, ” he said looking into Johns eyes, ”and you a whore with no shame. ” He said turning to Camilla.

”How dare you c- ”

”How dare you deny that you are a whore? ” Josh interrupted Camilla, ”do you know how it feels to know that the entire soccer team slept with my mother? ” Josh continued, with visible pain in his tone.

”Say what now? ” John looked at Camilla surprised, ”What is he talking about? ”

Camillas face turned pale, ”H-hes just hallucinating! M-making up stuff. ” Camilla said stuttering and shaking with fear. She looked into Joshs eyes as if pleading for mercy, but Josh merely avoided her eyes.

”Hallucinating? Making up stuff? ” Josh chuckled, ”I have video evidence if you want it. ”

”I don believe you! ” John slammed his fists on his plate, injuring his left hand in the process, and stood up from his chair glaring at Josh with his blood boiling.

”You don know how it feels. For your classmates to shove a video of your mother sucking him, ” Josh tightened his fist in rage, ”you think I just beat up a kid for no apparent reason? Im not surprised, you
e an idiot with no brains. ”

”One more word a- ”

”And what? ” Josh scoffed, ”you
e going to beat me up? Fat chance. ” Josh chuckled.

”Get out of my house! ” John screamed at Josh.

”Why am I the only one you
e screaming at? Oh, I forgot, you
e too miserable to get another woman if you lose her. Tough luck champ. ” Josh said, staring back at John with a sinister smile on his face.

”Hes lying! ” Camilla screamed in panic.

”Im lying huh? Lets see. ” Josh chuckled and brought out his phone from his pocket.

He fiddled with his phone and clicked on a file. He stretched his hand to John so he could collect the phone from him.

John stretched his hand to collect the phone, Camilla tried to swipe the phone off his hand, but Josh held her hand firmly before she could do any damage.

”Don be so paranoid. He might be into this type of stuff. ” Josh smiled, and let go of Camillas hand.

Josh looked at John whose mouth and eyes were agape, ”there you have it. Your beloved wife taking some D from a soccer team, ” Josh said in a sarcastic tone, ”You know the good thing is, shes taking it like a champ. How much did they pay you? Or perhaps you did it for free? ” Josh turned to Camilla, who was on the verge of tears.

”Its your fault. ” John said in a whisper, ”Its all your fault! ” He said more audibly.

Joshs face contorted in rage and confusion, ”How is that my fault? ”

”You got on the wrong side of some rich kids at your school who wanted some revenge, ” he said in a rage-filled tone, then turned to Camilla, ”and your stupid mother agreed to become their toy! ” He glared at Camilla with a fire burning in his eyes.

”So its my fault your wife got ran a train by a bunch of high schoolers? ” Josh shook his head, ”You know what? Im leaving. ” Josh got up from his chair and made his way to the door on quick anger-induced strides.

”Get back here you instant brat! ” John barked at Josh.

”Oh right. I almost forgot. ” Josh turned back and faced John with a docile expression on his face.

Josh walked towards John, who felt a chill down his spine as he felt an overwhelming aura emanating from Josh.

”Can I have my phone back? ” Josh stretched out his hand to John, who involuntarily moved two steps backwards.

”Don tell me you enjoy being a cuckold? ” Josh chuckled, and continued, ”if you really like it that much, I could just send it to you on thatsapp. ” Josh shrugged and put his hand forward.

John stared at Josh, his anger reaching its apex, he could no longer hold back and ignored his instincts warning, ”Brat! ” He barked and lunged at Josh.

Josh merely dodged to the other side, making John fall headfirst to the floor, ”You want to fight, just because you want your wifes sex tape? ” Josh facepalmed.

John got up from the floor, and once again lunged at Josh, but this time with the intention to kill.

Josh did not dodge this time. When Johns fist was about to collide with his neck, he held it in the air, twisted the arm and threw him on the dining table, splitting it in two.

”Stop! ” Camilla screamed at Josh enraged, and rushed to Johns aid, using the edge of her blouse to wipe the blood off his elbow.

Picking his phone from the floor, Josh said without turning to look at his parents, ”I wonder the atrocities I committed in my previous life to be birthed by the both of you. ” Josh sighed and made for the door.

Just as Josh put his hand on the doorknob, John barked, ”Get back here you brat! Im not done with you just yet! ”

Josh turned to face John and glared into his eyes with an intensity that John felt as though there was a gun pointed at his head, ”oh right I almost forgot, ” Josh said, with mock surprise, he brought out his phone from his pocket and began fiddling with it.

He raised his head to look at John, and said, ”there you go. Enjoy. ” Josh winked at John.

”Get back here! ” John barked, but Josh merely ignored him. Josh twist the doorknob, got out of the house and slammed the door behind him.

Josh ran as fast as his legs could carry him. Although he was not being pursued by anyone, he sought to let out some of the pent-up anger inside of him.

As he ran, so many thoughts were running through his head. He wondered how he would live from now, he wondered whether he should return to his parents and revive any form of punishment that awaits him. If they would take him back, that is.

He reached a bench and sat on it. He held his head in his arms and began crying his eyes out.

”Why did I have to be born into this type of family? Couldn I just have been born into a decent family? ” Josh sobbed uncontrollably into his palms.

”At this point, I have nothing to live for, ” Josh wiped his tears with the back of his palms and sat upright.

”I was born without any magic talents, and my mana capacity is too small to even strive to become a warrior. The only I have is my photographic memory, but of what use is that really? I will just end up working for some powerful family as an easily discardable pawn. ” Josh sighed.

”I am not willing to continue living this miserable life, its about time I just end it all. I could even get reincarnated. ” Josh laughed until his stomach started to hurt.

Josh stood up from the bench and looked into the sky with a happy smile on his face. He looked into the sky, staring at the moon shining ever so brightly, and at the radiantly shining stars scattered in the sky.

He reminisced his life from the longest he could remember, to this very moment. He looked through his memories to find a single happy memory apart from those of his academic achievements.

He noticed a car moving in his direction at a fast pace. When the car was a few feet away from where he stood, He steeled his resolve and jumped into the road.

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