Josh woke up in a room coloured with blinding white. He uses his eyes to scan the room to see if there was anyone apart from him

”This is heaven right? ” Josh asked no one in

e awake. ” A charming voice said.

Josh turned to look at the person who had just spoken to him. A tall man of slim bulk and a face that made Josh look twice to confirm that he was not a woman, adorned in plain white robes appeared before him.

”Who are you? ” Josh asked surprised.

”Let us ignore my identity for the moment, ” the man replied, ”How can one escape death? ” The man asked.

Josh thought intricately about his reply and said, ”The only way to escape death is to become stronger than itself. ”

The man nodded, and said in an elated tone, ”It seems I have finally found my first follower. ”

”Say what now? ” Josh asked, surprised.

As if reading his mind, the man replied, ”you know about gods and their followers right? ”

”You want me to become your follower? ” Josh said, in a tone that indicated more of a statement than a question.

”Yes. ” The man nodded, and continued, ”do you wish to become my first-ever follower? ”

Not thinking twice about his reply, Josh said, ”I have everything to gain and nothing to lose in this transaction. I would be the biggest fool on Earth to refuse such an offer. ”

”When you wake up on Earth, you
e going to receive my divinity. ” The man replied, deducing that he had received a positive reply.

”Wait. Earth? ” Josh raised his eyebrows.

”Yes. You
e returning to Earth. ” The man replied.

”I died right? I ought to reincarnate. ” Josh voiced out his confusion.

”Technically, you didn die. ” The man cleared his confusion.

”Turns out I flunked my death, ” Josh chuckled, and continued, ”whats your name again? ”

”Maccah. ” The man replied.

”And you
e the god of? ” Josh asked.

”Youll find out soon enough. ” Maccah replied.

”Wh- ”

Josh opened his eyes. He sat upright and looked around him. He found himself in a pool of blood, but he did not feel any hurt, making him raise his eyebrows.


[Host: Joshua Zane]

[Race: lesser Vampire]

[HP: 40]

[Stat points: 0]

[Strength: 29]

[Agility: 32]

[Stamina: 30]

[Mana: 285]

[Magic affinities: Air(S), water(S), fire(S), earth(S), light(S), darkness(S), spirit(S) and blood(S)]

A virtual screen appeared before Joshs retina.

”A system! ” Josh screamed delighted.

Josh heard the sound of a car horning at something, and turned to see what it was, ”Get off the road you lunatic! ” The plump man driving the car yelled at Josh.

”Im the something. ” Josh said between gritted teeth.

The man horned once again, and Josh quickly got up from the floor. He went to sit on the bench he was sitting on previously.

”You shouldve kept your butt glued to the floor, idiot! ” The plum man yelled as he sped past Josh.

Josh shoved off his comment. He thought about the system status page and how he would make it appear before him again, almost immediately the virtual screen appeared before his retina once again.

Josh read through his status page, raising eyebrows at some point and nodding his head at others.

”Thats what he meant huh? Hes the god of vampires. ” Josh said, in realisation, ”guess Im a vampire now. Not like a gained anything from being a human after all. ”

”My stats should be pretty decent right? ” Josh asked aloud, not knowing what to make of his stats.

”Now, this is crazy. I now have an octa-affinity. I can use virtually any type of magic I want. ” Josh said excited by the numerous possibilities.

”The problem now is, how do I proceed from here? ” Josh pondered.

”I will need to join an academy, surely, Im going to be put in a high-ranking class. When I get so strong that I can force my way out Ill leave. ” Josh concluded.

”Lucky for me, Heavenly Warlock Academy is holding its entrance examination tomorrow. To get there Ill need to go lounge at a motel, and from there take an Uber. ” Josh strategized.

”Good thing I hacked my dads bank account long ago. ” Josh chuckled, he brought out his badly damaged but surprisingly still usable phone from his pockets

After a few minutes of waiting, a car stopped parallel to the bench he was sitting on. After confirming his identity, Josh entered the car and the driver zoomed off.

Arriving in front of a motel, Josh signalled for the driver to stop. He paid him, and he zoomed off.

Josh entered the motel and headed to the counter.

”Good evening sir, how can I help you? ” The lady at the counter greeted, him as Josh got in talking distance.

”I need a room. ” Josh replied.

”Are you staying just for the night or longer? ” The lady queried.

”Just for the night. ” Josh replied.

”Alright then, ” the lady nodded and continued, ”a room for a night is ten dollars. ”

”That seems fair enough. ” Josh shrugged, not bothered by the price.

”Can I make a transfer? ” Josh asked.

”Yes, you can. ” The lady replied.

”I want your companys account details. ” Josh demanded.

The lady reached for her motel card that was lying on her desk and handed it to Josh.

”Thank you. ” Josh said and proceeded to make his payment.

Josh handed the card back to the lady. Who after receiving the card, confirmed that he had made the transfer.

The lady nodded and said, ”give me a second please. ” Josh merely nodded in reply.

The lady bent over, seemingly rummaging for something.

A few seconds later, the lady finally stood upright and Josh noticed a key in her right hand.

”Your room is room sixty-nine on floor three, Here is your key. ” The lady said, handing a key to Josh, ”I hope you have a pleasant stay here. ” She continued.

”Thanks. ” Josh replied, flashing a smile.

Josh headed to the elevator and headed to floor three. Getting to floor three, he made his way to room 69.

Entering the room, he took off his clothes and headed into the bathroom.


Josh woke up and proceeded to do his daily workout routine. Finishing it in a record time.

Finishing his usual morning routine, he headed back to the counter and returned the key to the receptionist.

Getting out of the motel, he boarded the uber that he had ordered earlier.


Arriving a good distance away from the gargantuan gates of the Heavenly Warlock academy, Josh alighted the uber.

”So this is it. ” Josh whispered to himself, gazing at the large mass of people numbering in their thousands lined up at the gates.

”The sad reality is that ninety per cent of these people won even get in, yet they still try. ” Josh sighed.

”Is this how it feels to know that you are above other people? This feeling sucks a bit. ” Josh shook his head and began making his way to the line.

”I like your confidence and your philosophy. The names Nate. ” Nate who had overheard Joshs words introduced himself and stretched forth his right hand to Josh.

Shaking his hand Josh said, ”Im Josh. ”

”Cool name. ” Nate smiled, ”you must be plenty strong to be so confident youll get in, are you a mage or a warrior? ” He continued.

”Im a mage. ” Josh replied.

”If I may ask, whats your magic affinity? ” Nate asked.

Josh thought hard about which magic affinities to reveal and how many would be okay to reveal, that he forgot Nate was awaiting his reply.

”Its okay if you don want to tell man. I understand. ” Nate said.

Realising he had kept a potential friend waiting for so long, but still deciding to play it safe, he said, ”You go first. ”

”Alright then. ” Nate nodded, ”Im a dual affinity mage. My main is fire while the other is earth. ” Nate raised both his hands, he conjured a small ball of fire on the left and a ball of earth on the right. To the awe of those standing close to them, as they had gotten to the back of the line already.

”Hmph, such an idiot. Hes only wasting his mana. ” A burly-looking boy snorted, jealous of Oliver, as he only had a water magic affinity.

Surprised by Nates revelation, and feeling it would be okay to reveal his talent he said, ”you
e a fire mage too? Thats great, my mains fire magic too. ”

”Turns out well be in the sa-, wait a minute. You
e a dual affinity wielder too? ” Nate asked, surprise written on his face.

Josh leaned towards Nate and whispered into his ear ”Quadra-affinity. Fire, earth, water and air. ”

”Woah, thats some firepower man. ” Oliver gasped, not knowing whether to believe Joshs words or not, but deciding that he would have nothing to hide as they would be doing a test that reveals their talents anyway.

[Magic affinities to be revealed selected. The remaining magic affinities will remain hidden until the host chooses to reveal them.]

”Convenient. ” Josh whispered in a tone that only he could hear, he had previously been bothered by how the academy would view a child having all the magic affinities known to be in existence, a gift only a handful of people in history had been born with. But now he did not have to worry about that.

”So, what are you into? ” Josh asked.

”Nothing much really, just video games and anime. ” Oliver shrugged.

”I see you
e a man of culture. ” Josh smiled.

And so, they continued conversing, talking about different topics no matter how silly, and having a good laugh.

All this fun stopped when it was almost their turn to go through the gates.

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