have been cut off.

 Finish off the goblins.

 Dispose of the corpse.


So far, I don't see any critical problems.

Just to be safe, I repeat the simulation in case of failure or unexpected situations.

 Other than that, I was killing time by checking my equipment so that I could get into battle right away.


 After a while, I see a cart slowly approaching.

 The contents of the cargo are unknown, but it looks like quite a lot.
It was probably one of the largest loads I have ever seen.

 The number of people was also large because of the large amount of cargo.

 There were 5 goblins.
No trolls or orcs.


 Hmm? That's strange.


 If there were so many people, why didn't they bring in some trolls and orcs who boast of their strength?

 Or did they not hire them to cut down on labor costs because they were all going to share the load?

Although there are a lot of people, goblins are relatively easy to deal with.
In a way, it's convenient.


I put strength into my hand that was clutching a club.

 A group of goblins is approaching.

 I prepare myself to get out immediately.





 Suddenly, the group stops.

 The goblin in the lead seems to have stopped the cart.

 The goblin pushing the cart looks around to see what is going on.


 Did he notice?


 While the goblin was wondering whether or not to attack first, the goblin behind the cart suddenly hit the goblin who was pulling the cart.

 The goblin that was hit almost fell forward, but was caught by the railing of the cart and stopped.

 A goblin further in front of him grabbed him by the chest and pulled him off the cart.

 The goblin was thrown to the ground, and the remaining goblins surrounded him and began to beat him into a sack.


 Ah, these guys….


 I had a general idea.

 They seemed to be accompanying the goblins under the guise of escorting them, killing them at random places and taking their baggage.

 While two of them were hurting him, the rest of them were looking around, so they must have been doing it on a regular basis.

Clearly, they were used to doing this.


 I wonder what it is.


 Two goblins are assaulting each other with very nice smiles. 

Even the wary goblins are glancing at them.
I guess they are eager to join in.


 These guys.


 The goblin who is being assaulted is shedding tears because of the unreasonableness that came out of nowhere.


I've been thinking of something similar, but….


 I wonder why they look so happy when they hurt the weak or those who can't resist….

 My memories of before I was born scream and vindictive.

 For some reason, this is the only one that doesn't fade away, but rises up.

 No, it's fading.
It's fading and this is it.


 Oh, these people are everywhere….
Before I was born, I hated this kind of people with all my heart, didn't I?


 Why does my body tremble with hatred when the emotion itself feels like someone else's?

 Gradually, the goblin begins to look like a classmate who used to torment me in school.

 The hand holding the club is getting stronger and stronger.


 But I don't know.
I'm starting to like them.



 I ask myself.

Because they don't hurt my heart, and I feel like I can beat them to death with ease.


 I look at the cart.

The four of them are happily playing soccer, as if their vigilance has grown irrelevant.

 One of them raises his big foot and steps down.

 There is a dry sound.
The goblin twitches and stops moving.


 The four start giggling.

 Then they start to strip the corpse.


The moment they all turn to look at the corpse, I close the distance by sliding down the slope.

 I hold up my club as I run.

The four of them look at me as if they had been shot.


Too late.
I'm already in range of them.

With a full swing, I hit one of them who was close to me.
It perfectly hit the center of his face.

 His big, useless nose broke and blood spurted out.
He swung through the air.
He blows off and hits the mountainside.

 It's a terrible, exhilarating feeling.
Oh, it's really bad.

 Apart from the mood, my head went cold thinking, ah…
maybe these guys were in this mood too.


I swung at the top of my head in the manner of a watermelon splitter at the guy who crouched down to play with the corpse.

 Direct hit.
I could feel the response of the skull being crushed.

The victim fell on top of the corpse with a strange sound coming out of his mouth.


 The other two seemed to have recovered from the shock of the surprise attack, drew their daggers, and attacked.

 They could not escape because there was a cart behind them.
They had no choice but to move forward.

The two rushed at me with daggers poised at their waists.
It was like a fictional Yakuza attack.


I take the attack boldly; two blades stab into my stomach.

Just as the goblin stops moving after stabbing, I pull out the kukri from my waist and stab one of them into the nape of the neck.

 Blood spurts out.
The remaining one tries to rush back, but I grab it by the chest and pull it in the opposite direction.

Just as the goblin's big face came at me, I opened my mouth and bit his throat off.


 Blood spurts out from this side as well.

 I let go of his hand.
He crumples to the ground, blood spurting from his throat.

 Without letting my guard down, I pull out the dagger from my stomach and ready it.

 I approach the first guy I hit.
He is leaning against the slope of the mountain, motionless.


 I throw the dagger at him.
It pierces his gut. 

 No reaction.
I get close enough to him to grab his head and raise it up so I can see his face.

 One of his eyeballs popped out, and it was a big mess.
I check for a pulse, etc.
He is definitely dead.


I wondered if I would struggle.
However, as far as the result is seen, I ended up unscathed.


 Even if it was a surprise attack, it was too quick…


 Too weak by any amount.

I thought I could kill them easier than the trolls, but I didn't think it would go so smoothly.

I remember the look of shock on the goblin's face.

 He looked as if he had never dreamed he would be attacked.

 Why don't these idiots ever think that what they are doing could be reversed? 


“I guess they are, actually…”


 I muttered to myself and looked up at the sky.


 It was a beautiful day.

 The blackness that had been welling up in my chest was also gone.


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