Chapter 6: Mate

h a purple outer robe with big collars, small sleeves and a stitched shadow of the Moon.

To find Liam. I bowed my head as I stepped into the hall, using my eyes to find him. As soon as I could identify where he sat, I started walking towards him as quickly as I could. Suddenly, I heard a growl, followed by a pair of footsteps. I raised my head up and saw the most beautiful human walking towards me, with fair skin and black hair. The outlines of his waist and back were smooth and graceful, yet strong. The white suit that he wore, as well as his very light eyes and long eyelashes, made him look very attractive. It must be the groom, I thought to myself.

I was drooling over someones husband when I heard, ”MATE! ”

”Im sorry; what are you talking about? ” I squinted. I said in a deep, inner voice. He was staring into my soul right in front of me.

”MATE, ” he repeated the word.

My mouth dropped open, and I giggled. Almost all eyes were on us at the moment!

This alpha would be the death of me….. The bride and Riley Carson would have killed me right now if eyes could kill. I do not know how I survived their death glare.

”Mine, ” he growled, breaking me out of my trance. When he wanted to touch me, I moved back a few inches, causing his brows to furrow.

”I am sorry. I am not your mate. No bond exists between us, ” I replied. ”This is not the first time someone has said I am their mate. I should feel a connection between us, right? ”

A menacing aura emanated from his eyes as they changed colours instantly. He roared so loudly, I could feel the ground shake. As a response, everyone bowed their heads. I don know if it was because of fear or respect, but I realized it was just both of us standing. In an instant, Noah reached out to Alexander and held his hands while Liam and Lilly grasped mine.

Lets go for a walk, Blake. Lilly spoke in a soft voice filled with tears.

I felt a sudden sadness for alpha Alexander when a tear dropped from his eyes. His eyes were on me till we walked out of the hall.


I didn even know how he looked. Noah told me to use my imagination to think about it. I shouldn be experiencing this type of situation, shouldn I? Maya, let a miracle happen. Im counting on your words, I pleaded as I stood beside Henry.

We were about to exchange wedding vows. I started feeling hot, like boiling. I was excited, and I didn know why. That was when I picked up the most delicious strawberry scent and it made me nervous.

Mate? That is my mate.

I glued my eyes to the entrance. My heart stopped when I saw the most beautiful human enter the room. He was here, my mate was really here, looking unreal.

I heard my wolfs growl, ”Mate! ”

All the guests were silent, their eyes fixed on me as I walked towards him. Everyone was watching the entire scene in awe.

I growled, MATE! My wolf wanted out.

A smile spread across his face, and he giggled. It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen in my life. It felt surreal. He was deep in thought when I said ”mine ”. It sounded possessive, and I loved it.

I was standing face to face with him and I felt the urge to touch him. My hands stretched on their own and he moved away from me. My brows furrowed ….

His voice was the softest and sweetest I had ever heard, but the words that came out of his mouth shattered my soul.

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