Chapter 6: Mate


Ideally, marry someone you
e madly in love with. He should be nothing less than amazing. I know that love and marriage are special things, but I am getting married tomorrow and I felt nothing at all.

My mind is blank. There are no butterflies or cold feet in my body.

It is a pleasure to have your chef here, Liam. Since you arrived here, we have been eating delicious and colourful food every day… According to what I heard, you travel everywhere with your chef. She must be of the utmost importance to you.

Liam smiled as he said, ”We have grown accustomed to his food, and he is our family member. ”

Taking a deep breath, I smiled warmly and said, ”Oh really, thats amazing. ”

The smell in the air is causing me to move my head left and right. What is this scent? I murmured.

Liam, you
e always surprising me. Did you bring a truck of carabao mangoes with you?

I have not had them for a long time; they were the freshest and sweetest I have ever tasted.

Where are the mangoes, Liam? I hope they bring us some.

He immediately stood up from his seat and shouted, ”Oh shit! ”.

”Alexander, thats Blake, not mango ”. When he is in heat, he smells like that, but why didn he mask his scent? This is terrible. It would be helpful if I took him away from here before other alphas and high-ranking officials perceive his smell. I need your cabin in the woods, as no one dares go there.

My eyes switched colours between red, green, and black as I stood up from my seat, causing others to pay attention to me. One looked in my direction and started sniffing the air. I became extremely excited about that.

With low growls, I started walking towards the location of the intoxicating aroma at a steady pace.

Suddenly, Liam walked right in front of me!! Go close to him, and I will cut your hands!

Halting Me in place.

”The cabins too far. Noah can take him to my old room. Nobody dares go into it, ” I grunted as I walked back to my seat.

Liam scoffed as he asked, ”Why your room? ”

Since I am getting married tomorrow, I have moved to a much larger room with my bride-to-be and will not be sleeping there this evening. There was a feeling of irritation in me.

Noah and Liam walked out of the palace hall looking for Blake.

Theres an Alpha who wants to follow them. Ill have your head on a spike for my bride tomorrow if you go anywhere near him. I shrilled.

As I walked back to my seat, I took deep breaths to calm my pheromones before I committed a **** to someone.


Alpha Alexander is getting married tomorrow. I was so engrossed in cooking and baking when I started having cramps. OUCH! Having just finished dishing out the food, I ran out of the kitchen and straight into the forest. I forgot to drink my suppressant medication.

My mind is not at ease right now, so I kept running until I saw a lady sitting and plucking what appeared to be herbs… It wasn until the end of the forest that I realized I had ventured far into it.

I stopped running and stood there panting. I did not startle or scare her; it looked like she had gotten used to this by now!

She gazed at me and smiled. You look startled, she said.

My name is Maya.

Im Blake, I said, still struggling to catch my breath.

Are you fleeing from someone or something? There was still a low tone in her voice.

”Both, I guess, ” I whispered.

We heard footsteps, and Maya stood in front of me with what seemed to be a wand.

Liam and Noah Panting caught my attention… ”Did you fly? ” Liam asked

It made me chuckle! No, I just ran.

What happened? You negligibly forgot to mask your scent? As Liam shrieked, he shook his head.

I got carried away in the kitchen, but how did you perceive it, since I was quite far in the woods before my pheromones began emitting my scent?

Is that right? Noah inquired.

I was cramping when I left the palace.

”Alexander picked up your scent as if it were at the back of his head, ” Noah and Liam said, as they looked at each other before looking at me.

There was a bit of embarrassment in their words. Hmmmm.

Maya, can he stay with you until tomorrow morning? Im sure your mother can help him. Noah asked.

Theres no need to worry Blake, Ill pick you up tomorrow!

They both turned and left.

Maya, are you a fairy? As I purred, I smiled.

I don want to bore you, but I am curious about what you are. She smiled and walked past me with her basket. ”Lets go home, ” she said, and I walked behind her feeling the chilly breeze of the evening….

My first impression of the cabin was that it looked haunted to me honestly, but Ive always wanted to see one of those haunted houses.

As soon as her mother saw me, she smiled as if she was looking forward to seeing me. I found her to be warm and nice to talk to.

It felt like I had known them for years! We talked all night.

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