Chapter 5: the scent


Im just a week away from my wedding, and anxiety is setting in. I can get over what Maya said, but when will he come look for me?

Honestly, I am agitated, and I won lie. My emotions are all over the place and Noah treats me like a lost puppy when I am talking to him.

Father, Since Alexander learned he would get married, he has been gloomy, always lost in his thoughts. Are you sure you are doing the right thing? Noah sighed.

The sooner he realises that, the better for everyone. I don think hell ever find his mate, Noah.

Isn that too harsh, dad?

Noah, life can be tough sometimes.


Liam, I would like to know why you are so concerned about the wedding. Is there something you aren telling me?

Liam rubbed his head and took a deep breath… Honestly, Blake Aiden, I am sorry that I was so enthused to have overpriced you in front of the Dark-Moon pack, and I told Noah Luke that you would bake the cake for his brothers wedding and birthday.

I know that look Blake, sorry I didn check with you before I went ahead. Could you please do this for me and not make your brother look like a liar please…

Liam, this is not the first time you have done this to Blake, isn it? A soft voice comes from behind both of them, and they turn around to look at her.

In a moment of joy, I jumped up from my seat and embraced her. I have missed you a great deal, sister.

I missed you too, little brother, Lilly said, smiled and hugged him tightly.

”Don you miss me too, sister? ” Liam pouted and rolled his eyes.

Of course, Liam, I miss you as well. As Lilly hugged Blake and him tightly,. As soon as she broke the hug, she grabbed both of their hands in her hands. How have you guys been? How have you been? We are fine, sister. We have different days, but we share the same stories, Liam said as he laughed.

Blake, if you don want to attend, its okay. We will understand and apologise to Noah.

No sister, thats fine, Ill go there. I have never been there before, and I hear they make one of the best cocktails in the city; it wouldn be a bad idea to visit.

Thats so nice of you, Lilly moved closer and rubbed my hair… Liam, I would like to speak with you for a minute, Lilly asked, and they both moved to the corner of the room.

As Lilly walked out of the room, Liam returned to where I was with an unreadable expression, more of sorrow than care.

Liam, what happened? Being concerned, I ask.

”Oh, its nothing. He lied to me. ”

Its nothing and you look like this? I fired back.

Blake, nothing to worry about. We will talk about it when its time. We are travelling to Grand Rapids tomorrow, so be sure to pack your bags.

Grand Rapids is one of the largest cities in Michigan, found along the Grand River, east of Lake Michigan. The Frederik Meijer Gardens & they discovered Sculpture Park on the outskirts of downtown and have multiple gardens and tropical conservatories. There are many breweries in Grand Rapids that are scattered throughout the city. It has a quiet and stunning atmosphere. I am looking forward to exploring it as soon as possible.

As they took us to our respective apartments, I agreed to stay in the workers quarters, as there should be a brief interaction between us.

Riley Carson gave me that. Don cause any trouble. Look, if you know whats good for you.

I won disappoint the Moonstone Pack, I muttered before heading to the staff quarters.

Riley Carson is Liam and Lilys mother, the former Luna of the Moonstone Pack. Shes a great person despite her foul mouth.

The staff quarters location is a few metres away from the palace, which is good for me, as I can enjoy myself wandering around a bit.

During lunch time, I agreed to check what was going on in the kitchen, and lo-and-behold, their food tastes like medicine and they are strictly vegetarian.

When I walked out of the kitchen, I couldn swallow the chunk and it made my mouth tasteless, so I spit it into the trash.

I headed over to Liams quarters. Fortunately, I saw him standing outside with Noah, and I greeted both of them.

I hope I am not interrupting anything. Liam just rolled his eyes. I asked Noah if it would be OK to cook for the guests, as the food seemed like medicine to me. I apologise if I sound rude, but it is what I love doing.

My beauty, Blake, captivated Noah. Have you met my brother? His question quite surprised me!!

I didn know your brother, and I already felt uncomfortable at the thought of meeting your brother.

”Oh, I see. You are skilled at making delicious food for us. Liam already bowed about it, so I am certain you won disappoint him. ” I smiled and walked back to my quarters, feeling I had interrupted their conversation.

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