Chapter 4: Anxiety

There is no way I can let you get into my head, Cece. Is there any other way we can go about it?

Theres no other way, Alexander.

I will snap your neck as soon as I am finished. What have I got to lose? She laughed as she scoffed and said, ”If it makes you sleep at night, that would be great! ”.

As she handed me the potion, I gulped it down in one go. I felt a little hot and my throat itched. She sat on the high stool with her back facing me, dropped her neck to the side, and asked me to dig in.

With my fangs, I dug into her neck for god knows how long until I removed my fangs and cleaned my mouth of her blood.

”A lot of things are confusing in your head, Cece, but who is the beautiful baby with purple eyes? ”.

The shock was overwhelming for Cece and Maya. What do you mean, Cece asked? While Maya continued applying ointment to her neck, I dug my fangs into it.

I don think there is anyone else but the boy that lives in your head.

You broke through the spell and potion, Maya said. A smile erupted from both sides of her eyes, but quickly faded back.

Could you please explain what you mean by breaking through the spell and potion?

Its complicated, Cece whispered.

Whats so complicated about that?

In order to forget about the boy and what he was, I took a potion. Maya cast a spell to make me forget I took a potion to stop thinking about the boy. Isn it complicated? Cece replied without looking at me.

Who are you? Maya asked as she moved closer and held my hand, then let go of it immediately like it electrocuted her, eyes open with a big smile on her face. I told you he is the real future king, mother.

Can you explain everything thats going on and whos behind killing the family and setting you up?

Alexander, it is not the right time or place to handle that at this moment. You must deal with the smaller issues first. Everything will unfold later on. A smile spread across Ceces face as she rubbed Mayas hair.

My mind still struggles to comprehend how they kidnapped and tortured you because of him.

Noah had already come with blood to search for my mate. That is why you said it would not work when Maya suggested it to you.

As Maya stood up and walked towards the door, she said, ”Be thankful for the brother you have. ”… As she hurried out the door and into the forest, she said, ”Don worry, your mate will find you at the right time ”.

Whats the right time? Ill be getting married in 30 days! It wasn until Cece interrupted me!

Alexander, you are free to leave now, but please be careful. Do not let anyone get in your head and be more present in your family.

Someone would die before they got close to me! Growling, I exclaimed as I walked back from the forest; I heard crickets and croaks, which made me realise I had spent the entire day in the haunted cabin.

I hugged Noah immediately. Thank you Brother, was the first thing I said to him as soon as I got home!! He rubbed my back, and asked if I was okay since I had never hugged him before.

Not sure if I should tell him the truth, but I decided to! I trust him with my life! I went to see Cece, Brother. My voice broke into tears when I spoke to him.

He pulled away from me and held my wrists. ”Don worry Alexander, what will be will be. You look exhausted. Lets get you something to eat and discuss more. ”

It was a long night, and my mind drifted off to sleep as soon as I hit the bed, with my wet hair, after a long hot shower.


Is everything alright with you, Blake? You seem lost, Liam says while tapping my shoulder. Nothing. I was just thinking about my parents and how deeply I missed them.

Sometimes I feel hurt when I only see their pictures; I don really know how they look.

Thank you very much for treating me like a member of your family. You never allowed me to miss them too much or to think about them too often, and I never felt deprived,

Every time I think about them, I cannot resist the urge to cry. I don hold my emotions back or put them aside. Looking at pictures and crying makes me feel better. I know that crying won get me anything or a chance to get them back, but I can get rid of my pain. Tears rolled down my cheeks. ”I miss my mom and dad ”

Liam moved closer to me and embraced me.

I cannot imagine what you must go through. As children, we look at our parents as protectors. ”Home ” is the place where we feel safe, and where all the scariness of the world ends at the threshold of the front door, even as adults.

I believe our parents are the people who lovingly care for us, no matter how often we make mistakes. They are the people who enjoy living with us unconditionally. When we hurt, they care. When we triumph in life, they rejoice in our accomplishments.

As you can see, there is no relationship that can compare to a parent. However, life has blessed us with the ability to remember. Right now, your memories will be filled with the raw pain when you lose a parent… Someday, it won hurt so much. I promise.

If you need to talk or just come over and just sit in silence, I promise the troubles of the world will end at the threshold of my front door. Im sorry we haven found your mate. ”His words comforted me ”.

I didn know he could be that serious. I can help but smile.

I think you should take a few days off before we go to Alexander Lukes wedding and birthday!

I think Ill pass Liam. I am still trying to get over what Oliver Levi did to me at the rune ceremony.

He dare not come close to you, and I expect hell behave in Grand Rapids city.

Im not promising, but Ill try. I smiled at him.

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