Chapter 2: the hunt


I have always filled my life hoping my mate will find me or that the other way around. Whether we meet by chance or on purpose. ”

It was a simple dream!

We would build our life (as a family) somewhere far away and live in the countryside with hills, rivers, vast farmland, and a big house for the kids. It doesn matter if he was a nobleman or just a normal man. It was a beautiful dream, and I had it incessantly.

As long as we are happy and love each other, I am fulfilled. However, things turned horribly wrong, and I was left feeling as if they had not destined me to have a mate.

I searched for my mate for three years, attending every gathering with the Moonstone Pack in order to find him. I attended every meeting, every ritual, and every Luna ceremony, looking for my mate patiently and intensely.

Mate calling meetings, which can sometimes be quite dangerous. They often raped people…

I attended a gathering that had over four people.

A few days before my 21st birthday, the MoonStone Pack received an invitation to attend a rune ceremony which was held in a nearby city.

When Benjamin Carson was busy with state matters, he would send Liam Carson to serve in his place, so I would always accompany him to look for my mate. This became a habit.

I saw everyone present during the hustle and bustle of the evening. However, none of them were my mates. As I felt disappointed and needed to clear my head, I took a walk to relax.

It was always my intention to meet my mate in a classy way, so I took my time to dress and hopefully impress him with my style. In my mind, the idea was always to be prepared for the meeting whenever it would occur. Perhaps the day of the meeting would coincide with the day of the proposal. I wore a white shirt with black pants and a black and white jacket.

I also carried my moms ring. The ring was a silver and diamond ring with a green emerald stone that was surrounded by white diamonds around it. The feeling of meeting my mate was exhilarating.

It felt incredible when the evening breeze flushed against my face as I walked. The street lights that illuminated the ground in your favourite warm orange shade added to the mood. There was nothing better than enjoying the sound of my footsteps echoing through the night, the wind blowing against the leaves on the passing trees… Until this person sprang from behind me and gave me a frightening jolt.

As soon as I turned around, I saw Alpha Oliver Levi from the Nightwalker Pack standing there!

He said with a mixture of mockery and flattery, ”Aren you tired of looking for your mate? Let me make you my boyfriend and give you all the luxury you deserve. A sweet boy like you should be available to warm our beds rather than the kitchen, ”

What he said disgusted me. A dry smile appeared on my face. ”I would rather die alone than with someone like you, ” I thought.

Thank you for your offer. Alpha Oliver, but I am happy where I am today. The moon goddess will certainly pair me up with a mate, but if not, I will accept whatever comes my way. Have a good evening, and I walked away.

It shocked me when he dragged me from behind, and I missed a step. As a result, I hit the ground with my elbow, and within a blink of an eye, he tore my shirt. While I tried to keep him at arms length, he just latched onto me with his fangs. I kicked him as hard as I could and sprinted away from him! I am thankful that I could find Liam and a few alphas on the way, trying to find me.

It was the first time I had ever seen Liam Carsons mood like that before. He was fuming with anger, twitching with his eyes, and possessing a menacing aura. As he rushed towards Oliver, he grabbed his neck with his hands.

”Stay away from Blake Aiden, you perverted bastard! ” he yelled. With his grip tightening on Olivers neck, he lifted him up and threw him to the ground. It would be a nightmare if I saw you a mile away from him again. Your head will be on the ground, separated from your body. He growled and dragged me farther from him.

Thank you for saving my life. I really appreciate it, I mumbled to Liam.

It was after my 21st birthday that I stopped searching for my mate. I am 22 years old now and sometimes it still hurts when I see people having a good time with their mates, but I understand how things are. In the future, if there are any possibilities for us to meet, I would appreciate it and, if not, I will accept my fate with no problem. ”


There was a large bookcase lining the wall in Alexander Lukes office. In addition, there was a large mahogany desk that was positioned in front of the bay-style windows, where Alexander sat behind it. He was wearing a crisp shirt, matching pants, as well as a black jacket.

For four years I have been searching for my mate! I travelled everywhere I could, and I was still hoping that I could see him one day until my 22nd birthday. My father gave me a deadline.

”If you don find your mate by the end of this year, I will get you married on your 23rd birthday. ”

They sent a letter of invitation from the city to my dad, the King of Grand Rapids City, for a rune ceremony. This time again, I offered to attend in place of his majesty, hoping I would find my mate. I was all dressed and ready to go for the rune ceremony, but suddenly I faced an emergency! How could my office have caught fire? What could have caused it?

As soon as I discovered there were some critical documents left at the office, I rushed to get them; however, if I hadn left my laptop at the office, I wouldn have bothered because it contained all of them. I realized it was not an accident. The fire had to be arson, as a building can just start igniting itself. It had to be set on fire for a specific reason by someone. The other office spaces did not matter to me at all. I retrieved my laptop as soon as I got there and headed for the rune ceremony. Upon arriving at the event two hours later, I found everyone was tense, possibly because of Olivers behaviour.

If I had not been looking for my mate, I would have taken my frustration out on Alpha Oliver for molesting someone. The brat never appealed to me because he lacked any manners.

Suddenly, I caught a faint scent that intrigued me. It smelled like fresh strawberries! As I picked the scent for the first time, I thought that even if I wasn able to find my mate, I could at least be with someone other than my fathers choice.

When I walked in the scents direction, it vanished!

The pain I felt was unbearable. I always carry my mothers diamond ring with me. It is a white diamond ring with an Oppenheimer blue stone attached to it. ”

I wore a rather simple and classy look that day. Because of the fire, my initial clothing was ruined, and I had to settle for a tank top and a pair of blue denim jeans with a black leather jacket over them. The ride back home was slow and uninteresting because of my depressive mood, which made the ride uninteresting.

I have given you enough time to find your mate, Alexander. The elders are talking. This month, I want you to think about your future, choose a partner, and let me know when youve decided about who you should be with.

Marriage was certainly one of the last things on my mind. It is my belief that I will find my mate there. While searching for my mate, I was also interested in the person who smelled like fresh strawberries. Either my mate or the person who smelled of strawberries.

Father had originally made a promise to me he would allow me to choose my partner. I can recall that he married my mother out of love despite not being her mate. He would never point out that he was not so hypocritical as to force his children to follow his wishes… Suddenly, they announced I would get married a few days before I turned 23 years old!

It was a shock for me as well as for everyone else. He decided out of nowhere, on my behalf, that Henry Levi would be my perfect match!

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