Chapter 7: I\'m not your mate

” Im sorry, but I am not your mate. ” I don feel any bond between us. This is not the first time someone has said I am their mate. I should feel a connection between us, right? ”

I remember him responding to the words above.

I could feel my bones cracking. My heart ached, torn and congested. It was as if there was a truck on it. My eyes turned black, my aura was menacing. I growled so loudly and felt the vibration beneath my feet.

I felt broken.

Despite Noahs attempts to suppress my emotions, I could not keep my tears at bay.

”Wheres my beta? ” I asked.

It has been over a week since you sent him on an errand. Did you forget about it? Noah said, his voice soft as ever.

The alphas stared down at me and I refused to sob in front of them, asking for permission to sequester me to my room.

As alpha Liam and Lilly held both of my mates hands, they asked him to take a walk with them. My heart pounded when I thought of ripping apart these siblings hands to touch something I own. However, they were his siblings, so I just watched him walk away…

A few hours later, I found myself outside the meeting room. My dad, Noah, and uncle Jack were with Henry Levi and his parents. My family pleaded on my behalf and assured them that at some point, they would resolve matters and set up a proper date for the wedding.

In my head, I told myself I had to stop them from making promises on my behalf that I knew I wasn willing to fulfil. So, I badged in immediately, bowed and greeted them, but then said, ”That won be necessary, dad. I found my mate! ”

”Who do we have here? The cold, rude, powerful and possessive alpha, dying to meet his mate but only to be denied after meeting him. ” alpha Oliver smirked while walking close to me.

I felt a swift attack, and it slammed Oliver to the ground, hands still around his neck. As the hovering figure stood over Oliver, he stared at him in disgust and then turned his attention to me with his blue eyes. It was Blake; it was him!

My wolf stirred within me, and I felt tingles in my heart and toes.

He spoke in a deep voice. Should I kill him? He asked.

As I walked across the way to him, I hovered down, staring at Oliver in anger, but I didn want my mate to do anything to him yet. The whole five pack family was watching me as I pulled my mates hand away from his neck.

”Spare him this once. I smiled at him as I noticed his eyes were returning to normal. ”Isn he wonderful? ” I smirked at Oliver and pulled my mate up.

My dad and Riley Carson were obviously upset, as I could tell by the looks on their faces. My mate bowed and apologised for the ruckus that had gotten out of control.

Uncle Jack coughed and pulled his beard. Noah felt the need to do something like he was used to doing.

Henry, please accept my apologies for my brothers rude behavior. ”We will resolve this misunderstanding and get back to you regarding the wedding, ” he said, apologizing.

e too polite, Brother.

Despite Henrys nodding, he walked out of the room in tears, and I felt terribly sorry for him, but I couldn help him any more.

As Benjamin Carson approached me, he asked, ”Alexander, are you sure Blake Aiden is your mate? ” with a concerned look on his face.

Mrs Carson still had the look on her face that said, ”You are dead ”.

”Yes, I am very sure of it, ” I replied, and there was no doubt in my mind.

As he sat back down, he asked again, ”How does he smell? ”.

My lips curled in surprise. ”Fresh strawberries. ” The way I answered was a big surprise to them.

”How is that possible? ” Riley mumbled under her breath.

Noah asked her, ”What do you mean? ”.

”He always masks his scent, only we as the family know what he smells like, ” she responded confidently.

What she said amazed us.

I know you
e his mate, but why can he feel the bond or the scent that you have? Liam asked, walking towards us.

”What does he smell like? ” Noah asked Blake. As he motioned towards me,

After walking closer to me, he leaned in and sniffed my neck for 15 seconds. The warmth of his breath brushing against my face made me want to wrap him around my arms. I felt butterflies in my stomach as I thought about him. His eyes were fixed on me as he moved backwards.

”I smell nothing of him, ” he threw the bombshell.

”Nothing at all? ” I asked. In my mind, I knew I smelled like sandalwood.

”Nothing, ” he replied, nodding in agreement.

As my heart beat rapidly, I realized the stories were true. Your mate makes you weak and strong and it feels so **ing addictive!

He stood there, smiling sincerely, and apologised for ruining my wedding. From the way he pouted, he was truly sorry.

”Stop apologizing. Im glad you came at the right time. ”

He pouted even more with the cute little mole underneath his lips. I almost moaned at the sight and I just wanted to kiss him.

Just have my pups already, I whispered

Noah heard me and just smirked.

How can this creature possibly be my mate? He is perfect.

I think we should give Blake Aiden some time to see if he bonds with Alexander Luke; if he doesn , then we will apologize to Henry Levi and take care of the wedding, Benjamin Carson said with a kind smile.

I am giving you a week to resolve this issue. There is a room next to Alexanders that you should stay in, Blake! Angrily, uncle Jack replied.

As soon as I heard he was intending to stay close to my room, I was extremely happy.

It had been 4 days since I found my mate, and every time I asked him if he could feel the bond between us, his reply was always NO! Every time he said ”no ” it left a hole in my heart. Why did fate have to ruin everything like that?

Everything seemed to die down for the night. I went to my room, stared at the door and my wolf stirred around within my soul, growling at me with every chance it got between my thoughts. I could feel my mate!!

”Go to him, ” my wolf growled. As I growled at myself, sighing a little, I was so desperate to go to Blake. I lay on my bed and stared at the ceiling as I fell asleep.

When he said my name, it sounded like my name had transformed into something else altogether. It sounded erotic, and I felt my cheeks warm up. He wetted his lips and slowly met my gaze. He leaned in to kiss me.

”I want you so badly, ” he whispered.

I groaned into his mouth, and his hands slid down over my stomach. And that was where I woke up, panting and sweating. I sat up and looked over at the door, my face palming!

What the ** just happened?

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