Chapter 7: I\'m not your mate


Blake, You don have to remove it, its fine. Cece, can you tell us more about the Supreme omega?

Cece narrated: There was a prophecy twenty-two years ago that the last Supreme Omega would be born and he would rule the kingdom with his mate, bringing lasting peace by getting rid of the dark forces. They massacred all omegas from birth to five months, along with their parents.

The Aiden family was at Carsons function then. When they heard of what happened, they contacted me and asked me to help cloak their son. I told them the bracelet would take three months to be completed, as it needed to be done in three full moons. After three months, they learnt that one omega was alive with his family and I was in their house to deliver the bracelet I made to cloak his powers. I was with his parents when we heard bangs on the door. The forces had arrived. The boys parents asked me to take him to Benjamin Carson for safety. Maya was seven years old then, so I told her to take the child with her. Go ahead to the forest. Ill find you once I am done, I instructed. She left with him after I told her not to go to the house. I made a doll look like a child and left, but they saw me before I could escape.

After they killed his parents and the child-like doll, they framed me for it. I found Maya and the child in the forest after four days, and then we got to Warren City and handed him over to Benjamin and his wife, Riley (She was still a Luna then). I also gave Riley his mothers ring to give to the child when hes old. And told her he mustn remove his bracelet until he finds his mate.

Three days later, I was arrested and locked. They torture me for 6 months, wanting to know what i was doing there. Luckily, I had already taken potions to forget about him. Maya was alone in the forest at that time.

Oh, no wonder she was not scared when I ran into her in the forest. Blake grinned.

So what happened after that? I asked.

Maya felt safe in the forest when I was banished, so we built our house and have lived here ever since.

8 years later, Maya told me Mr Carsons adopted son had died, and she assumed it was him, since I couldn recall it. However, when I saw the bracelet, it brought back memories of him. He grew up to be an attractive man.

Mine, I growled. Who dares to murder my mate? My heart broke when I saw my mate sobbing uncontrollably. I hugged him so close. I whispered in his ear, I promise I will find whoever killed your parents, and make them pay for what they did to you, okay, baby? he relaxed into my arms and sobbed before he embraced me tightly.

You better be on your way if you want to keep the promise you just made to him, as time is of essence. Tears streamed down her face as Cece tried to control them.

I bent in front of him and carried him piggyback. He was embarrassed but wrapped his hands around my chest and rested his head on my back, still sniffing from sobs.

I am sorry; I made a mess of your clothes; He whispered. We got into the car and I strapped his seatbelt gently, I walked to the drivers side and sat comfortably, my eyes were dark red, I felt pain for my mate, I can imagine what he has been through,I kissed his forehead and cupped his face… ”We will be fine okay ” I assured him and he nodded.

I open my mind-link with Dylan and Noah and let them know Im going to the moon of the popping tree with Blake.

Their voices echoed in unison as they asked, ”What? Is it real? ”.

Yes, and tell Alpha Liam so hell tell his father … Do whatever you have to do to protect the palace. Bring me an old car that will not raise suspicions about us or our finances. Meet me on the highway to the forest.

I closed the telepathy and looked at my mate. He looked depressed, and it hurt me to see him like that.

We drove for two days. We looked for an inn when it was getting dark to eat dinner and sleep. In the morning, after breakfast, we headed out. I got new clothes, not wanting anyone to suspect us. We tried to look as ordinary as possible….

We heard a lot of things moving on: the shitheads were roaming everywhere, so we avoided them as much as possible. Whenever they talked about killing people, I would always use Dylan to save.

Today was the third day we had been on the road. I would have gotten tired, but Blakes adorable face was entertaining!

”Alexander, turn left. ” Blake murmured in a whisper. After a few minutes of driving, we got to the end of the road. We had to walk. Are you able to walk, or do you want me to carry you? I asked Blake.

I can walk, he whispered, trying to hide his blush. However, when I am tired, I will let you know… I picked up my backpack; he carried his, and we walked to the lonely road together.

Suddenly, we heard gunshots out of nowhere. I reacted quickly and my ears sharpened. As I grabbed Blakes hand, I pulled him behind me. I could block the few bullets that were being fired at us. The road was long, and we ran while dodging the remaining bullets. Despite the sharp pain in my back, I ignored it! It was obvious they had shot me, and I slowed down, but Blake pulled me forward. From afar, I heard a voice saying, Allow them to go. You can leave the moon popping tree once youve entered it. The bullet got him, so lets see how hell survive.

As Blakes eyes changed colors, he stopped, and he held my hand in a shaking embrace. Im fine, lets get out of here first, then you can look at my back. My hand was on his shoulder and he wrapped his around my waist. I knew I was not supposed to feel this way in our current situation, but damn; I felt hot, my stomach churred with sensation. We walked for a few minutes and came out to the open.

White trees were above us and the clouds were so blue, quite picturesque and aesthetically pleasing.

Is it okay if I look at your back now? Blake sneered.

Lets walk further. I can still handle it.

You won go anywhere unless I check first. His arms crossed over his chest as he stomped his feet.

e so cute when you pout. Its tempting. A smile spread across my face.

Shameless. The blush on his face was noticeable.

The smile on my face was priceless. As soon as I sat down, I took off my shirt. (happy now?)

OMG! He screamed

Do you feel okay? Did something happen? (Tears started rolling from his eyes). What happened? Talk to me, Blake.

Your back! He sobbed.

Stop being dramatic, I will be fine.

The poison is spreading fast! Can you transform? It would be faster if we took our wolf forms. He sounded terrified at the end of the conversation.

I can transform ,

Why can you transform? Taking a deep breath, he rolled his eyes.

Im doing everything I can, but its not working!

Would you mind climbing on my back while I transform? Itll be faster that way.

OK, I swallowed the pain in my throat.

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