Chapter 10: The lonely road

As soon as Blake saw people, he felt embarrassed. There was a reddish appearance to his ears. That made me grin. As soon as I served him food, I asked if he would like to be fed.

His eyes widened. ”Aiish! Im fine with feeding myself. ”

A member of the pack walked in. ”Alpha, you are needed, ” he informed.

Okay, Ill be there in five minutes. I turned to Blake. ”Do you need anything else? ”

No, thank you very much. Stunning smile on his face.

Standing up, I headed to the pack house. Dylan, Noah, and the other pack members were waiting.

Dylan, what took you so long? I asked,

I am sorry, alpha, but it took a long time for the shitheads to accept me. In order to get them to trust me, I had to keep up with a lot of lies and even kill a were-cat who stole from their leader, just so they would trust me.

Dylan continued.

e up to something. There is someone behind them, someone who is rich and powerful. So far, I haven met him. As I was making my way to meet his second in command in a barroom, I heard one shithead mention your name while I was on my way. Having been surprised by what they said, I paid more attention to what they were saying. Then I heard of their plans to kill Alexanders mate. He said something like, I have sent his pictures to your phone. I don care, but kill anyone you see with him. If they catch you, you know what to do. Make no mistake.

I just ran out of the place and waited for them on the highway to Grand Rapids City, followed them quietly, but I couldn meet the second in command. ”

”Shitheads. ” I muttered. Why are they called shitheads? And what did he mean when he said, ”You know what to do when you get caught? ”

”They have to kill themselves when they are captured, and they are called shitheads because they are composed of different breeds, such as werewolves, were-cats, and vampires, ” Dylan replied.

”I see. Double border patrols. I need to be somewhere, Noah. Could you take over the situation here, as I will be away for a while? ” I asked.

You can count on me, brother. Do what you have to do, Noah said with a smile.

I am sorry about this, Blake. I grabbed him on my shoulder to take care of him.

Sorry about why-.it embarrassed him after I scooped him up before he could finish his sentence!

”Would you mind telling me where we are heading? ” he asked.

With a smile on my face, I replied, ”Youll see. ”

Once I got to the forest, I carried Blake on my back. He felt uncomfortable on my shoulder. Cece smiled when she saw Blake and I.

Cece smiled objectively, ”Ive been waiting for you two. ”.

Is there a reason why my partner does not feel the bond between us? ”Why doesn he even know what I smell like? ” I asked painfully.

As Blake grinned sheepishly, he rolled his eyes in embarrassment.

A curse has been placed upon you so that your mate will not be able to find you. In a flash, Cece blurred out a message

How could that possibly be possible? As I growled, I began to cry

Yes, it is very possible.it is called ”the twilight hex ” Cece said.

Who could have done that? I heard Blakes soft voice beside me, but it sounded pitiful to me

There is a possibility that it could be an admirer or someone who does not want you to ascend the throne. It is possible to be the alpha of a pack without your mate, but it is not possible to be the king without your mate. Maya glanced at her mother and said with a smile,

What can I do to break the curse?

A curse can be broken in two ways: either by mating in your wolf form, or by travelling to the moon of the popping trees. Cece said

The pearls of Blakes eyes sparkled above his head: Is that really there? According to something I read, it is merely a myth.

There is nothing fake about it, Blake. The curse can only be broken by you if you go with him.

Isn it better if we just mate to break the curse? It was as if my wolf was strumming with excitement when I said this.

Alexander, you
e a shameless man! It is impossible for us to mate. If you
e not my mate, the feeling will be too overwhelming and I am afraid you will die from it. I don want the whole of Grand Rapids City to haunt me for the rest of my life for killing the Alpha and the future king of the city. He said it all in one go.

e my mate. I feel it in my bones as I turn my head to look at him.

Blake pouted, ”You told me so, but I can risk it, ”, he said emphatically.

You should go to the moon of the popping trees … You have to listen and do exactly as I instruct or youll miss your chance to break the curse and you have to wait for another month or two.

How do we get there?

I am sure that your instinct will lead you to where you want to go, and when you arrive at the moon of the popping trees, youll walk inside. I am not sure how long youll stay inside, but youll not stop until you see a lake with the moon reflecting off it. You will both walk in the water and stand in the middle of the reflection of the moon. Holding hands, you will join your foreheads together, but you must do it when the moon reaches its perigee in order to have the perfect moment!

Would it be possible for you to heal his ankle before we embark on our journey?

Wouldn it be better if you healed him? she fired back

Blake? There is no way he will let me.

What do you mean, I won let you do that? Have you tried and Ive said no? Groaning.

Would you mind if I licked your ankle? A smirk appeared on my face as he stared at me.

What? Nope, he screamed

As I told you, he will not permit me to do so.

Cece handed Blake a potion. ”Drink this. You will heal instantly. ”

He drank it in one gulp. In a flash, his eyes transformed from pink to blue as he said, ”Pfffft. It tastes awful. ”.

My heart flew racing as Cece screamed! Thats not possible. She stood up and moved close to Blake, as I was monitoring her every move.

I fixed my eyes on Blake as I stood next to him. Cece, please touch nothing that belongs to me.

My growl surprised both Blake and Cece

Did you notice the colours of his eyes? She asked.

Yes. Wasn it because of the potion you gave him that the colours changed?

No, it wasn because of the potion. Her voice didn sound strong at all.

Could something have caused it? Getting close to my mate, I asked.

I believe he is the last Supreme Omega of all time! A mixture of shock and joy was clear in her expression.

As shocked as I am, Blake is as well.

Please stop joking. I honestly don think its funny, and the sound of Blakes laughter echoed through the dark woods.

You will understand what I am talking about if you remove your bracelet. It irritated Cece.

Hes supposed to have guardians, isn he? According to what I heard, they have two or three guardians, so I asked out of curiosity about them.

Once he takes off his bracelet, theyll sense him.

I will not remove my bracelet until I see my mate. He sounded angry when I heard him.

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