One Piece The Strongest Warrior

Meeting Sabo, Luffy, and Ace

you doing down there? ” A voice behind the tiger asked. Leo walked closer to Luffy, under the tigers paw, as though everything was just a game.

”Huh? Leo? ” Luffy looked up with eyes glowing like stars, then realized that it was indeed the person he had in mind, ”Leo!! Save me!!! ”

Leo looked up at the giant tiger, except in his eyes, there wasn a hint of fear, only playfulness. He rubs his stomach and pulls out his blade, ”I am kind of hungry right now. ”

The tiger also looked at the human with curiosity before smacking his paw in Leos direction, thinking he was just another annoyance in his way.

It was cut in half right down in the middle by moving his blade down and Leo quickly snapping his sword back behind. Then, under the watchful eyes of Sabo and Ace, there starts to appear a line right down to the back of the tiger.

Between the lines came a gush of blood that appeared as the body split in two. The tiger didn even notice what happened in the last moment of its death. It caused a vast tremor on the ground as the body fell right down.

”…Ace, did you see that? ” Sabo asked, his eyes bulging widely. Never in his life did he see something so incredible. A boy their age was able to slice off an animal multiple times his height with such unbelievable ease.

”…He just sliced it in half with a single cut? The blade was moving so fast I couldn even see when he moved! ” There was a mixture of admiration and excitement in both of their eyes.

At that moment, they decided that they must find out more! They must know the secret of such an unbelievable strength. But, after all, they are still young boys.

Luffy, who was under the tigers paw, was just as surprised as he grabbed hold of Leos extended hand to stand back up. He said with amazement, ”Leo, you seemed to have grown even stronger than the last time I had seen you. I miss you so much, Leo!!! ”

”A little bit I guess, ” Leo smiled as he suddenly found himself wrapped tightly by Luffys hug. He could hardly breathe when Luffy buried his face in a hug. Leo realized how the people felt in the anime when they got hugged by Luffy.

Leo had to pat back of Luffy to get his attention as Luffy cried tears, ”Luffy! Luffy! You
e suffocating me! ”

When Luffy finally let go of him, Leo breathed a sigh of relief as he took a deep breath of fresh air. Luffy then grabbed Sabo and Ace over to introduce to two of them to Leo.

”Sabo Ace, this is Leo, the friend I was always telling you two about, ” Luffy gave a big smile as he introduced Leo, who shook both hands with a warm smile.

”I thought you were joking when you said that you met someone that strong, ” Ace said as his eyes shone with a certain admiration. ”You
e powerful, Leo! I want to fight you! ”

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