person 20-30 years, Haku thought to himself as he smiled, seeing Leo eating the large chunk of meat in his hands. And even a prodigy would need at least ten years to reach this skill point.

One day, this boy will shake the entire world and be renowned throughout, he thought with a confident grin. Maybe it is time that I shall go to my next destination.

That night Leo slept soundly through the night as usual, but when he woke up, he discovered that the Old Man wasn there anymore.

He walked over to the table to pick up the blade Haku had left behind, the black blade he always had with him.

”That old geezer, ” Leo whispered to himself. Then, he picked up the short letter that the man left behind for him:

”Boy, there is nothing more I can teach you anymore. It would be best if you discovered your Way.

Explore this world out there, don stay forever in one place. Find your adventure.

Create your own story, don just listen to the tales of another.

Also, the black blade Katsu is now yours. Think of it as my last gift to you, and Im sure you will make its name famous worldwide one day.

-Old Man Haku ”

Leo had a smile on his face as he grabbed the sword and put it carefully, walking outside the hut and to the sea where they used to talk. He could sense with his Haki that the Old Man had left the island as he breathed a sigh and watched over the vast sea.

He said in the direction of the wind, ”Old Man, one day you will hear my name again. Thank you for your teachings, and I will keep them forever in my heart. ” Leo bowed towards the great sea in front of him.

”I think it is time that I set out to explore the world and find my adventure like the Old Man said, ” Leo looked calmly towards the shining water of the sea. He like the scenery of this world, the way the water seems so clear, and the air that is so refreshing.

He wonders to himself what kind of wild adventure awaits him. Especially the people he will meet in the grand world out there.

In a couple of days, Leo had already finished with his preparation. He was visiting all the spots on the island because he knew he would not be returning.

As he was walking toward the beach, a group of silver monkeys circled him, and they had a menacing look. He could see the fists tightening as they were ready to take him down and slaughter him.

”Look what we have here, ” Leo said to himself as he casually dodged away the punches the monkeys swung at him. ”You guys are too weak. ”

Using his Conquers Haki, he unleashed its power over the monkeys, and the monkeys found their bodies immobilized. It felt like a giant mountain was over their shoulders, and they all kneeled to the ground from that force.

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