Opening his eyes, Leo found himself back at the hut from before. Everything looked so familiar with the smell of meat in the air.

It has been some time, he thought. Theres a smile on his little face. During this period, he was busy training, so he didn get the opportunity to go back and see Haku.

Name: Leo

Age: 7

Observation Haki: Level 2 (40/100)

Armament Haki: Level 2 (40/100)

Conquerors Haki: Level 2 (10/100)

Physical Power: Level 1 (90/100)

Sword Ability: Level 3 (0/100)

I finally broke through into Level 3 for Sword Ability, Leo commented. He smiled happily before stepping down from the bed and walking outside.

Before, when he was still in Level 2, it was impossible for him even to make a paper cut on the monkeys body. He had to combine the power of his sword with Armament Haki to have the chance, even lightly, to cut through.

The monkeys skin was too tough, so there were so many micro dents on his blade. He picked up the sword on the table and took it out to examine it closely.

Looks like my Haki is still not strong enough to protect the blade, he sighed, noticing that the sharp part of the knife already had a big part broken. It would snap in half if he didn use Armament Haki to shield it again.

”Hey boy, ” Haku called out from the hut door. ”Catch. ”

In the midair, Leo grabbed the knife in a sheath he threw in his direction, ”Thanks, Old Man. ” He could feel that the blade was more robust than what he was currently using. At least it could withstand more damage.

”Come on, follow behind, ” Haku said as he walked away. Leo quickly followed behind. There was a smile on his face since he knew this was the time that Haku would be teaching him how to train his sword skill properly.

”Old Man, you finally going to teach me something? ”

”I did promise you, and I wasn expecting your sword skill to grow so immensely in the last three months, ” Haku said.

”Yeah, but it is getting harder and harder to be better, ” Leo said. He noticed that it took him about two weeks from Level 0 to Level 1. But it took him about one month from Level 1 to Level 2.

The speed at which he grows becomes slower and slower as he fights with the monkeys in the forest. He questions that, perhaps because his opponents were not as strong as before. Thats why the experience points are growing slower.

”Boy, you shouldn be in such a hurry, ” Haku smiled as he walked alongside Leo. ”You
e growing at a rapid pace. Say your blade is already strong enough to cut through metal. It took me three years to be able to do that. And I am called a prodigy by my sensei. ”

They arrived in front of the vast ocean where they sat the day after he woke up. The air still smells the same. It makes him want to know what is out there.

Theres the noise of the seagulls gliding their wings in the sky. Their white wings seem so free as they soar without worries.

They both looked above at the birds before slowly regaining their attention upon the vast ocean before their eyes.

”Observe, ” Haku said as he slowly unsheathed the blade. His eyes turned sharp as he directed his concentration outwards. Leo doesn know what he plans to do, but he observes each tiny movement.

”My Way of the Sword is not many fancy styles or techniques. There is only one single movement that I practice until perfection. It has only one purpose, and that is to kill, ” Haku said sternly. He is holding the blade directly in front of his face at an arms distance.

All of a sudden, Haku sliced down his blade, and Leo could feel the intense sharpness of the energy of the blade shooting out.

At that very second, he watches with disbelief as the entire sea split in half right down the middle. He doesn even know when the blades energy will stop as the ocean seems to be cut in half by over a hundred miles. Yet, he can seem to see an end to that power.

Leo founds himself genuinely awestruck.

Haku looked at him with a confident grin as he held his blade. ”You ready to learn? ”

”Yes! ” Leo bows before him.

Haku nods as he says, ”My way of practicing the sword is quite different. Watch closely. ”

In the next second, Leo watches as Haku closes his eyes and draws the sword down again like in a vertical direction. But this time, he watches as Haku repeats this vertical slicing movement much slower.

Instinctively he recognizes that theres a layer of Armament Haki that is covering the blade. And he is guessing that Haku closes his eyes to concentrate his Observation Haki on the blade as a form of training.

e using Haki on the blade…I feel like there is more, ” Leo concentrates with his eyes closed using his Observation Haki.

Haku grins, ”Well, Im going to make it more apparent for you. ”

When he opened his eyes again, Leo noticed sparks of flashing red electric elements around the blade that looked black and red simultaneously.

He knew instantly what that electric element around the blade represented. His eyes widened with surprise, ”You
e infusing Conquers Haki into the blade! ”

Haku finally puts back the knife as he looks at his student with a proud smile. Then, Haku says to him, ”Thats right, it is Conquers Haki. To control it to the degree you can infuse its power into a blade is instead advanced. But you should still be able to combine the other two Haki power as you practice this single movement. ”

”One day, I will be able to do that, ” Leo says to him with confidence. As he slowly takes out the new blade that Haku gives him and practices the movement of the knife with ease. But the most challenging part was concentrating on his Haki.

”Im sure you will be able to get there, ” Haku says quietly as he walks away into the forest, leaving Leo there practicing before the ocean with calm.

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