s peaceful, and he loved the closeness in his heart as he walked with them under the stars.

When they got to the base, he saw Dadan rushing towards them four, ”Where have you boys been? We were out looking for you three! Huh, you brought someone with you back today? ”

The woman had orange hair and a stern look on her face. She is dressed in a large white shirt as she starts to yell at the boys.

They didn seem like they were listening anyways. Luffy was picking his nose while Ace and Sabo were talking.

”Hi, thank you for letting me stay here in advance, ” Leo said to her politely with a bow. Then he pointed out the door to an animal he caught along the way, ”I have caught a deer as a gift in repayment for allowing me here as a guest. ”

”The animal looks like it is enough to feed all of us, ” the people in the base clamored around with hunger in their eyes.

”You didn have to do that, ” Dadan said happily. She has had difficulty caring for the three boys, who always cause much trouble. But now it seems the new friend they brought back wouldn be any trouble. He seemed polite and respectful.

”Ill be in your care, ” Leo says politely with a smile. He then sees Luffy waving to him at the door to the shower.

Luffy seems to be asking him to come and take a bath with them, waving his towel towards him as Ace beckons him over with his hand.

He was coming inside the shower place. He removed his clothes and jumped into the large steaming bathtub with Ace and Sabo. While Luffy is close by, using the warm water that is coming off a tube to wash his body. He doesn like being in the giant wooden tub.

”Haha, this feels so nice, ” Sabo said as he laid back on the tub white sitting.

The steam of the hot water was filling up the small room. There was continually new hot water that came down from a small tube from the ceiling. And the water would then flow from the tub to the tiled floor.

Ace also laid back as he smiled, ”There is indeed nothing better than a warm steaming bath after a full day. ”

The three of them were enjoying the water in the tub for a couple of minutes before Luffy came over to ask Leo, ”Can you give me some advice on training again, Leo? ”

Sabo and Ace interrupted, and the two said simultaneously, ”Hey! Thats not fair! I was about to ask that too! ”

Leo gave a short laugh as he looked at the three kids waiting for his answer. Finally, he says to the three of them, ”Of course, Im always willing to help give some advice for your threes training. ”

”Really!? ” Luffy says with his eyes glowing.

”We will start first thing tomorrow, ” Leo answered with a giant smile.

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