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Bing Sheng Wang\'s Trial.

covered by a profound mist and the skies turned purple.

The sound of sparkles of light could clearly be heard, there was a lot of static was slowly building up.

Of course, Bing Qing Yang wasn stupid, he had already absorbed the Heavenly Stone there was no point on remaining on the same spot anymore, instead he prevently escaped from the lighting rods.

While fleeing he also aimed with a Fire Beam, at one of the mini-clouds to destroy its source, while creating an ice-shield to protect himself from the corrosive rain that began to fall.

ain was composed of many heavy metals like uranium, that could lead to permanent damage if they
e not removed by a doctor on time.

Bing Qing Yang observed carefully every second of the Tribulation.

”How would I endure this?

It seems impossible, firstly with my sweat armor Id be unable to cover so many flanks or even protect myself from the raw power, so Id have to rely on my soul.

Perhaps with Will Substitution, by turning the Heavens against itself Id have a slim hope of survival… ”

The corrosive rain turned colder and denser by every passing moment, the sheer toxiciness was such that it was hard for him to even breathe.

To not collapse due to the toxicness he decided to use his ornado to levitate to the skies.

It was a bad idea.

On the skies the air was far denser and there were stronger wind currents, multiple waves of air that ranged from boiling steam, a mere breeze and cooling air were thrown at him.

Because his ornado was composed of similar wind currents he became prey to the tides of the wind, he was moved side to side, up and down, furthermore his body was beginning to be affected by it.

Some of his muscles turned as soft as jelly, many crystal shards began to appear on his bones piercing him internally and more.

That pain he felt was like an amplified version of what commonly he endured.

This was actually a common type of Tribulation, after all to ensure the highest amount of damage as possible, it generally focuses on the mental and physical weaknesses of its target.

Because he was at the mercy of the tides of wind, his body was pushed right at the direction where lighting would fall and were boulders of snow were shoot.

To make matters worse he was now lind, as his ocular globes were covered in a some odd snow that had the viscosity of honey.

Due to those circumstances he was struck by all directions, tossed side to side, like a tennis ball.

At this point the tiny snowballs were hit with such speed and intensity that they looked like a water stream, to the extent that he was pushed back to the ground by it, but was quickly bounced back by the lighting and the wind streams.

Bing Qing Yang could see him as he was being destroyed by the Tribulation, there was worriedness on his expression, but he didn dare to move.

If he interfered on the Tribulation, the ritual would automatically fail and he was aware of his brothers desperation to treat his condition.

Bing Sheng Wang used all kinds of techniques to heal himself, yet in spite of that he was already on the verge of collapse.

However he hadn given up hope,he merely lacked one step to successfully create an aperture!

This step was also the hardest he had to endure the surrounding tides of 8 mini-tornados that were slowly surrounding him.

He wasn too flustered as he still had a trump card.

It was actually a new creation, that was inspired by the continuous flux of knowledge that even now was flowing through his brain, the knowledge of laws and the Heavens.

With it he made his technique.

Duality absorption.

As long there were two type of contradictory Qis on a similar frequency, hed absorb them on his body.

Of course, that didn mean that it was safe, on the same way a human could technically eat poison, he could forcefully absorb two contradictory Qis.

Bing Sheng Wang closed his eyes, a white and black energy surrounded his body.

He began to absorb the hot and cold wind of the tornados onto his body and aperture, the ice on his eyes had already vanished.

With a triumphant smile he glanced at his aperture that now had the size of a pea.

It looked like a refined amethyst, shimmering with light and was devoid of imperfections, it was reflecting his face.

Finally, his body couldn endure it any longer and he gave in to the exhaustion, his aura dispersed and he began do descend from the ground.

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