Bing Qing Yang remained most of the time on the library, he searched tirelessly through the books, looking for knowledge.

He spent the first day purely learning theoretical knowledge to not end up in bedroom on the hospital like on his past experiments.

Speaking of them.

Technically speaking he had made some decent profits on them, yes, the costs of the medicines he took to produce them was relatively high, and the benefits he acquired by using a royalty weren enough to pay the costs, but he had an advantage.

His father, he may be abusive but at least he paid all the fees of the hospital, thanks to this he acquired some funds for himself.

Currently he had a half-decent reputation among the Explosion and Poison Cultivators, they saw his inventions as a fascinating research field that could help them to develop their Dao, but nothing more, after all his potions were too weak to even kill him, a child, let alone a proper Cultivator.

Amongst his buyers there was his fathers courier who under the orders of his father, secretly bought the recipes of many chemicals as a reference value for a new type of toxic volcanic ashes he was trying to develop.

The days passed, Bing Qing Yang began to integrate spiders on his daily diet to integrate new qualities on his experimental Cultivation sutra.

His blood liquids and nerves began to change subtly, but there weren many results, until he recalled about the concepts of

The instinctive reaction of a person, certain movements that require no brain activity to exist, like those tests of kicking the doctor.

Finally, he decided to focus his efforts on the spinal cord, that was one of the main responsibles for many automatic body responses, he tried to find a way to modify it to add some automatic movements that could be triggered by simply pressure.

”Hey, whats up. ”

Bing Sheng Wang touched his shoulder when he was reading another book.

”Oh, what do you want, jade? ” Bing Qing Yang turned his head at him and asked.

”How many times I have to tell you to not call me Jade, seriously what this name is even supposed to mean? ” Bing Sheng Wang said annoyed.

The older brother smiled lightly and thought jokingly.

”I mean…the Yin Physique, the peerless talent, pale skin, the cold attitude, you only lack two snowy peaks and youd fulfill all the criteria. ”

Bing Qing Yang sighed and added internally. ”This is also as a method I use to remind myself that Im someone from another world. ”

After organizing his thoughts he shrugged and said.

”Is just a nickname, bro.

I didn put too much thought into it. ”

Bing Sheng Wang rolled his eyes.

”Whatever, Im here because I need to ask you something.

How do you have so many ideas? ”

For a moment, Bing Qing Yangs lips twitched he wanted to tell that he simply took them from another world as a joke, but he didn dare to risk his secret.

”Well, just think about things you do, or things you like a hobby, or something like that. ”

Bing Sheng Wang remained silent, he tried to think for quite some time and realized something.

”I don have any hobbies… ”

That was actually pretty natural, with his condition and personality most of the things others enjoyed were insufferable for him.


He was isolated with no friends and was far ahead of anyone of his age, besides exercise made his pain even more intense.


It was discarded, with his excessive levels of Qi his body was constantly twitching it was incredibly hard to draw.


Most foods were almost tasteless for him, due to his burnt tongue taste buds.


It was also boring to him because he couldn relate to the characters at all.

An underdog story of fighting against all odds wasn even something he considered, he was the best of his generation even if he didn put any effort at all.

An harem story was pointless, why would he bother to put so much effort into it, when he could mimic his father and buy dozens of prostitutes to Dual Cultivate.

Romance stories weren appealing either, the mere thought of having to endure so much drama for another person was simply too stupid to even consider, why would he put so much energy into someone else when he barely had energy for himself?

Speaking of which, he recalled how he used to follow his brothers foolish pursuits of creating the miraculous panacea, it was fun for a time, but it was also too stressing and exhausting, eventually he gave up.

Philosophy, hardly, why would he care if anything was real or not, the thing that mattered the most was to treat his condition as long as he did hed be able to be happy, that was what he believed.

He wasn precisely the most funny guy around town.

In fact, on the past years he merely limited himself to listen to others such as his brother or father rambling about their discoveries while he barely said a word.

Bing Sheng Wang glanced at his brother, he didn want to confess that he had nothing to look forward, so he simply decided to leave.

Bing Qing Yang didn mind, he began to read once more, he felt he was about to make a big discovery.

Other two days passed on a blink.

”I see now!

The method to create what I want lies on the power of souls, wills and lingering spirits. ”

Lingering spirits are generally the remaining will or soul fragment of an individual, a certain desire or obsession.

The reason why they
e normally obsessions was simple, most people had weak souls.

Their souls regardless of what they did simply couldn persist after death.

However under rare circumstances there was a certain desire, a thought, a certain ideology or belief so profoundly related to the individual that the soul density of those areas was dozens of times bigger than on the rest.

Those clusters of random thoughts and wills on the moment of death would fuse and converge creating a new identity.

Lingering spirits were stupid and too narrow-minded, they could only think about their desires, if they
e made of a lustful desire theyd only think about sex, if they
e made of greed theyd be unable to think on anything else than money.

e too obsessed to think correctly, that is why they
e so easy to manipulate.

Manipulate was the key, because they
e too simple-minded and stupid it was easy to use them, with this inspiration many Cultivators created the wills.

Obsessions so simple that they
e related to a single thing, theyd react based on inputs or responses, they could be given simple orders and would resolve most basic problems.

Such wills were useful to create many Formations, amplify the mind or to create some techniques.

Those inputs could be used to create more reflex responses which would trigger automatically regardless of whether he was sleeping or not.

And because those were his own wills he could manipulate them freely and change their orders, this was the perfect plan.

This was only possible because of his unusually powerful soul but he had found a solution, would this technique be the one who would allow him to reach the level of a genius?


Bing Sheng Wang remained isolated on his room, he tried and tried to think but no ideas came.

Perhaps he wasn that different from a lingering spirit, on a way he was also obsessed he had only one single minded goal, to be Perfect!

That desire, his instincts of survival, his stubborn will, the chats he had with his brother and his resentment towards destiny and most people were the drives that allowed him to keep struggling every day.

On his eyes life was dull and boring and his imagination reflected his vision.

Thus, he was unable to progress further.

The frustration, pain and solitude were simply too much too bear, by the end of the seven and last day, on the night when no one was awake he began to cry silently.

”I want to make this stop, no matter how! ”

Were his final thoughts before he fell asleep due to the sheer tiredness he felt.

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