more powerful like ATP?


Im getting excited just thinking about it!

Or wait, what if I create something like Carbon path!

Apart from water all living creatures are made of carbon, carbon is a common all-usage material that no one knows its real use, thus Ill have many materials but no competition.

In this world Ill do what no one on earth could make, make graphene on masse! ”

Thinking of this, he slimed widely revealing his white teeth.

”That smile, that damn smile… ” Bing Sheng Wang narrowed his eyes on worry.

Anytime his brother had that smile on his face he was about to do something completely insane.

Sometimes his crazy ideas worked, like his decision of Cultivating two sutras at the same time.

Most of the time they failed miserably.

Like the time he tried to devise a weapon that any human regardless of their strength could use, a weapon that could be held on a hand, but could be reach hundreds of meters of reach, a weapon that could unleash devastating piercing attacks by using a powder, and tiny ullets.

One time in one of his experiments he blew off three of his fingers, on another he almost killed someone accidentally, in another testing due to his lack of ability to create a precise weapon he hit a valuable artifact that was on the process of creation.

After that he was banned from ever attempting to create that weapon again.

In some other cases he succeeded partially, like the time he tried to delve on chemistry by relying on his memories when he was on mid-school and high-school.

He succeeded…

In creating poisons and explosives, those were the easiest to make, he experienced their effects directly on his body.

As for more advanced creations like pH detectors, artificial flavoring, drugs or even substitutes of spiritual ingredients, he failed and failed.

But that was to be expected, what did he thought would happen?

Even a professional could screw things up for unexpected changes like contamination of the vials, poor cleaning, lack of tools or other factors.

And he lacked tools, experience, knowledge, guidance and the patience of an investigator.

If he was born on the golden fever hed have gone to another continent, bought a shovel and dig, dig and dig.

He was someone hopelessly optimistic that thought that as long as he tried on enough areas, sooner or later hed struck rich.

Of course he wasn always like this, but the period after his death, the knowledge that there was a soul, that there were other worlds and a Xianxia world that defied all the logic he knew, he simply adapted.

On this point onward he thought, if this world is actually real, why can other things be?

Thus, he attempted tarot, astral and palm reading, he even used the knowledge he knew of a tribe for prosperity and good luck.

That and the lack of consequences of his actions due to the countless healing methods this world had, the boredom he felt for a lack of entertainment and simply curiosity slowly changed his personality.

Currently the thing he enjoyed the most was Cultivating, from time to time he attempted random stuff such as switching a part of the sutra for another, manipulate certain parts, add content, he loved every part of it.

He wasn the only one who felt on this way.

Any Cultivator who reaches high heights develops this mentality over time.

After all at difference from earth you can inherit your way to success, even if they give you sutras and resources you still need to train and learn to develop your own Dao.

Your own self.

Bing Zhan Hung was someone insane who loved to be free and do whatever he pleased, to take what he wanted, whenever he wanted.

The Shadow Angel loved to use others as puppets, he loved to manipulate, fool, scheme, he enjoyed every second of it.

As for him?

He still was looking for the answer, however the thing that motivated him the most right now was the fear of death and the after-death, even if his memories had been erased, he still recalled the pain subconsciously.

Bing Sheng Wang on the other hand lacked this passion, lacked this love towards Cultivation.

For him it was a chore, something he had to do to treat his illness and become Perfect.

In fact, he hated it, every time he Cultivated actively his body hurt even more, his headaches turned more abundant and he felt that he was about to die.

That was the reason why Bing Sheng Wang hadn created a single technique on his life despite his relatively high Cultivation rank.

Bing Sheng Wang closed his eyes, he also began to ponder what would he develop, he began to think about it thoroughly, what would he do?

Two ideas came to his head, one to decrease the flow of Ying-Yang Qi to reduce the side-effects and pain and secondly to increase the flow of Ying-Yang Qi to increase the speed of Cultivation.

He was clueless.

When the two arrived at their mansion they
e meet by many servants, Bing Qing Yang ordered delicies exclusive to this world made of rare Cultivation materials and a bit of bug-meat seasoned with salt.

Bing Sheng Wang in exchange asked for plain meat and a mix of vegetal-juice filled with some supplementary pills to aid on Cultivation and reduce the physical pain he felt.

The two began to eat, none of them spoke about they
e too busy thinking what they
e going to do as homework for their class.

Bing Qing Yang cut with a knife one of the legs of the massive spider on his plate, he cut it carefully for a bit of time, it was tougher than he expected.

”Oh…yes, if I recall correctly, spiders actually don have much muscle on their bodies, they instead move automatically by using some hydro pressure directed by their core body, with the automatic movements of extend and contract.


Maybe I should use them as an inspiration. ” He used his fork and took one of the legs and devoured it directly. ”

After finishing their meal, the two had an idea.

”Im going to the section of nervous system, water path and spiders on the library and borrow a few books. ” Bing Qing Yang thought.

Bing Sheng Wang frowned.

”Im going to look at the books, and I simply going to copy some of the contents of a really good one. ”

If someone were to look at them, theyd think that they inherited half of the personality of the father each.

One was a passionate scholar with a hunger for knowledge and power and the other was a cheater.

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