My System is subpar to say the least

The myriad forms of Cultivation.

(Despite this part of the prologue is after Bing Zhan Huns introduction chapter, it actually begins many, many years before.)

”Dear diary, as always Im going to write about..:

The past, the moment before I was born.

To be honest, Im not entirely sure what is happening.

Am I a body snatcher and devoured the soul of a baby, or did that baby absorb my lingering spirit, or I simply reincarnated.

Perhaps I am still dead and Im merely hallucinating.

Hah, if I really believed that last one, Id not be here writing.

But, regardless of the case Im here because I don want to forget.

Why am I writing, you future myself may ask, is simple.

Every day, my mind gets fuzzier and fuzzier its hard to think and focus, sometimes I lose grasp of myself, my memories are starting to fall apart.

I suppose it makes sense, how the hell is a babys brain supposed to store the memories of an adult?

Hahaha, Im unsure if this is a lost cause, but still I must write, because even if everything else is gone, I can allow myself to forget something.

What I saw on my after-death? how am I supposed to call the period after I died.

Of course that doesn mean that my real death was something trivial, any time I recall the weeks I had to spend on a bedroom on the hospital due to a lung tumor I have the urge to cry, I felt helpless, my sanity slipped away and I perished.

Yet, that is nothing in comparison to what I saw after dying.

My soul abandoned my body slowly and steadily.

After I left my body completely I remained on the darkness, for who knows how long.

It was silent, boring and most of all torturous.

After a long time, I could feel how the essence of myself was torn apart, even now when I recall it, I still can remember myself in ten-thousand different directions, that were slowly separating, it wasn something instantaneous like something cut by a sword, rather it was like the movement of the clouds on the skies.

If you look at them, they seem still, however in a matter of an hour or two theyll be on a completely different spot, that is how long it was.

My soul was slowly devoured by the darkness and I was about to perish, until I saw a golden hand and strings.

It sounds crazy but my soul was
estitched by that hand as if I was a puppet, even now it gives me chills.

Of course that was not enough, after being on the void for so long there were simply too many holes and cracks on my souls, the entirety of my being was replaced with literal darkness.

How poetic.

Anyhow, the puppeteer revealed itself, he looked like a bidimensional being, like a shadow.

He was a purple-dark shadow and he had two gray-blue wings and a halo, heh, Ill call him Shadow Angel for now.

This being replicated itself over and over again, filling my whole vision, it was certainly something, at that moment I thought Oh, great, now Im going to be devoured by an eldritch god!

However the opposite happened, the Shadow Angel, actually began to enter into my body, he seemed to use copies of itself to refill my soul, to cover all those gaps.

Finally, I woke up as if everything was a dream on this body.

Even now I still wonder what entity he was, is he a simply bible-accurate angel or is he an evil god?

Hell if I knew, a part of me wants to believe hell appear one day and gift me a Cheat, but my common sense tells me otherwise.

This is partially the reason why Im writing this, future-self even if you forget everything, remember to not accept any deal that an angel-like being tells you.

Though, if Im dumb enough to agree on a deal with such being maybe I deserve to die.

Many days have passed, I have seen the shadow every single night, right when Im about to sleep.

Hes still watching.

But for what reason?

What is he waiting for?

He finally showed me his real hand, he wants to make a deal.

He tells me that he knows a technique, a method to strengthen my soul by a hundred-fold and raise its aptitude permanently, with such a powerful soul my mind will stop forgetting, with this I can retain myself, even in this body.

Its a kind of ritual which requires to turn off all the lights, to close all gates and wait until midnight, when my body is covered completely by shadows, hell use an special method to allow me to absorb their essence and integrate them into my soul.

A Shadow Angel who is asking me to be devoured by shadows, hah, something tells me that Ill receive something like the devils mark if I agree to make a deal.

Yeah, I think Im gonna pass.

To turn off all the lights, to close all gates, wait until midnight, that sounds exactly like a demonic ritual.

If that wasn suspicious enough, he also added an spiritual contract in which he states that after the contract ends, hell erase all my memories related to him.

Im not an idiot, I won fall for that…

In fact, what guarantee I have that my condition will not stabilize by itself, and I just have to wait why should I believe him.

Im growing desperate, my mind is beginning to forget.

But theres a solution!

I noticed that my father is a magician or a Cultivator, I saw him using all kinds of esoteric arts to modify his surrounds, besides the mansion where I live is massive, I don believe than any other place than on a Xianxia world there can be a world so massive.

Leaving jokes aside, just a moments ago I saw a book that shows many spells, maybe I can crawl towards them when no one is looking.

Please, goddess of luck make it on English please.

Life is filled with disappointment, not only it wasn written on English, it wasn even based on Latin, Egyptian or Chinese, none of the languages on earth are even closely resembling of this!

Am I supposed to learn a language with such a fuzzy mind in such short period?

In my desperation I tried to mimic the techniques I saw on many novels, books of all types of fiction but nothing works.

8 days have passed, Im beginning to forget, in fact I constantly forget everything, is only when I see this diary when I can recall, if I stop seeing this diary for 3 hours I forget everything again!

Everything that I don write is being forgotten I must keep writing….

I reached my breaking point.

At this moment, I don care anymore.

Whoever you are, I accept your deal, just get it over with.

Chances are I will die, but what else can I do, I already did everything that I could.

Future me, if that creature hasn erased this diary, you must try to break his spell, destroy whatever mark hes going to put on you.

Survive. ” Those were the last words of the diary.

A baby with purple eyes stood up, he moved on an unnatural way, he seemed to be like a puppet powered by an strange golden aura.

He glanced at the book, with a flicker of his hands a black flame appeared and the book and its contents were erased.

He closed all curtains, removed all lights and finally the ritual started, a dark energy surged within Bing Qing Yangs body as he began to float on the air until it stopped.

He fell asleep with no memories of that Shadow Angel.

Bing Qing Yang was right about something, the Angel was truly trying to leave a mark on him, however he underestimated it.

He was not the only prey.

Hundreds and hundreds of humans from different worlds were dragged by him,

Bing Qing Yang was right, that entity was trying to leave a mark on him, but he underestimated the creature, it didn target just him, but hundreds and hundreds of humans from different worlds.

All of them received different deals, some received a top-notch Cultivation sutra that could allow them to strengthen their brains, thus removing the need of using the Soul to recall, others received an overpowered artificial Bloodline Ability related to souls or cognition.

Others were even taught a method to turn other creatures into their puppets and use them as external brains to store their thoughts.

All of the methods he revealed were top-notch if any of those secrets were revealed and left on an inheritance countless clans would fight just to receive a fraction of its contents.

But that was to be expected.

The Shadow Angel was an Immortal, someone at the upper-level of the Divine Projection Realm, he specialized in Soul, Puppet, Corruption and Shadow Path.

As for the reason he dragged so many souls from so many worlds it was simple.

Only those who are able to create a never-seen idea, a new concept or a new law are eligible to awaken an aperture.

For people who live on this world this is impossibly hard you must innovate beyond the world itself, however for people from another world its fairly simple.

As long as their culture is unique, as long as there are different technologies that didn exist on this world, they had a decent chance of awakening an aperture.

To raise their chances even further he gave them those gifts, his gifts were also related to his specialty.

Puppet path.

Generally speaking is easier to manipulate things that don have a soul or a unique will, to manipulate them you simply require to imprint your own essence and it will react as you want to.

However to do so in the case of a living creature its fairly hard, to manipulate it you must turn their will into your own.

There are many ways to do so, if your soul is thousands of times stronger you can overpower them, you can also use people who are devotee to you, you also can create your own puppets with fragments of souls and also can use agreements such as if you don fulfill my request you become my puppet.

Other methods include drilling the brain or smashing the soul but this cripples their potential at this point is better to simply remove them entirely and turn them into soulless puppets.

The Shadow Angel created his own variation, through corruption he slowly and steadily changed the nature of his future puppets.

Yes, with his current strength he could overpower them, but if he turned them into his puppets at that moment theyd lose their capability of inspiration which was an issue.

Instead he let the mark and in the moment they meet again, hed directly turn him into his puppet that was a perfect plan, with this he could create a hundred Divine Projection Realm aspirants.

It was a perfect plan!

”With them, Ill be able to develop the ultimate technique.

The ability to turn Destiny into my puppet. ”

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