My System Is Unreliable, What To Do?

A Good Master Is Prepared (Arc 1)

The Entrance Ceremony was done, so Feng Yongrui approached the two boys who were huddled up in the corner. Seeing him approaching them, they both stood up straight and looked at him with wary eyes.

The villain stood in front of Ma Bo in a protective stance, his deep black eyes glaring at Feng Yongrui as if he was a wolf.

Feng Yongrui didn feel offended.

It was common knowledge that the protagonist (and maybe the villain too) had to suffer through hardships before attaining happiness.

At this stage in time, when the two boys were only ten years old, they were most probably wary of the world and afraid that people would harbor sinister intentions towards them.

This was perfectly normal!

”Ahem, ” Feng Yongrui coughed and put on a solemn face. ”What are your names? ”

The black eyed boy lowered his eyes and replied with a hoarse voice.

”Hou Renshu. ”

Feng Yongrui was stunned. Hou Renshu… didn it mean ”benevolent forbearance ”? Benevolence? What kind of villain has this kind of name?

Was this a joke from the Heavens? Feng Yongrui sighed inwardly, but remained his cold look on the outside.

”I see. How about you? ” He looked at the protagonist, who had been eyeing him as well.

”M-my name is Ma Bo, ” The fourteen-year-old stuttered out his reply.

”Hm… Alright. Lets go to my Mountain Peak, ” Feng Yongrui didn want to waste any more time here. Seeing the wary eyes of the two boys, their emaciated bodies, and the stinging gazes from the surrounding people put him on edge.

Lets go to his Mountain Peak first, where he can breathe more easily!

Feng Yongrui took out a paper crane from his sleeve, which floated and expanded quickly. The space was enough for the three of them, so he made an inviting gesture with his hand and stepped onto the crane with Ma Bo and Hou Renshu.

The crane floated upwards and to the direction of Feng Yongruis Mountain Peak. As the wind blew over their faces, Feng Yongrui smiled gently at the two boys.

”When we arrive at my Mountain Peak, you two can pick any room you want, ” Feng Yongrui began.

”There are several empty rooms and you can just choose them and use them as you please. You two can freshen up and head to my study later. Youll pour tea and accept me as your master. Is that okay? ”

Feng Yongrui deliberately lowered his voice a little, hoping to sound gentler. The two kids were still wary of him, and he wanted to foster a good relationship with them.

”Ah… how old are you? ” Feng Yongrui turned to Hou Renshu questioningly.

”…Both of us are 10. ” Hou Renshu said. His eyebrows curled and he seemed to want to say something, but decided against it and stood still.

Feng Yongrui hummed in reply. So the villain and protagonist were the same age. And, based on his observations, the villain was like a protective older brother, and Ma Bo was quite dependent on him.

This was good too. It seemed their relationship was good, which means that whatever turned them into enemies in the future could still be stopped.

Feng Yongrui was so deep in thought that he didn realize that Hou Renshu and Ma Bo were looking at each other quietly, before whispering in very small voices.

Ma Bo said, ”Shu Ge (Older brother Shu), what do you think about this person? ”

Hou Renshu frowned. ”Not sure. Lets wait and see. ”

”What if he finds out about hat? ” Ma Bo asked worriedly.

Hou Renshus dark black eyes turned sinister and a cold breeze blew through the air, making Feng Yongrui shiver unconsciously. ”If he finds out and tries to do something… ”

Hou Renshu took a deep breath and steeled his nerves. ”Well just kill him. ”

Ma Bo nodded. He would listen to Shu Ge. Ma Bos red eyes shifted to the person in front of him.

The elders name was apparently Feng Yongrui. He had phoenix eyebrows and a cold demeanor.

Ma Bo was actually confused in his heart. Why would this elder pick them as his disciples? What ulterior motives could he possible have…?

Ma Bo had always been a timid child, and without the support and help from Shu Ge, he knew that he wouldn have survived to this day.

He had already caused enough trouble for Shu Ge… He had to get stronger so that one day he could protect Shu Ge!

Ma Bo observed his master-to-be, who was frowning and muttering something under his breath. The cold appearance of the man seemed to crack and reveal his true nature, but the man soon resumed his cold and indifferent air.

Hopefully… hopefully, this man would be a good master to the two of them. Ma Bo sincerely prayed in his heart.

Meanwhile, Feng Yongrui, who had no idea about his two disciples thoughts, was busy chatting with the System.

Feng Yongrui had never been a father or an older brother, much less a master. Now he suddenly had to nurture two children.

He was actually afraid he would say or do something wrong and lead them down the wrong path.

”Come on, System. You must have something like a guiding manual, right? You should give me some educational materials… ”

”Host, the System doesn have such things. It would be better for Host to think by yourself. ” The Systems voice was emotionless.

e really a useless system, you know? You should have stuff like this, and then I can exchange my points to buy stuff… ” Feng Yongrui was dissatisfied with the Systems nonchalant attitude.

”Ding~ ” The Systems mechanical voice suddenly rang with joy. ”The conditions have been met. The System Mall is now available. Host, please have fun spending money~ ”

”Huh, ” Feng Yongrui felt like the System was bouncing up and down in glee at the moment. ”Why did the System Mall appear suddenly? I don think Ive done anything to trigger it… ”

”Because Host has thought of spending money in the right place, the System has generously opened the System Mall function. Host, please explore the Systems functions and have fun~ ”

Feng Yongruis lips twitched. ”Spending money in the right place ”? System, you are really shameless, alright?

Feng Yongrui wanted to take a look at the System Mall, but before he could do so, the paper crane landed on the ground. They had arrived on Feng Yongruis Mountain Peak.

Feng Yongrui suppressed his giddy excitement and stepped down from the crane. He led Ma Bo and Hou Renshu around his Mountain Peak and into the white building.

There were several large rooms on the west wing and Feng Yongrui let the two of them choose their own rooms. As for him, his bedroom and his study were in the east wing.

Ma Bo and Hou Renshu freshened up, found their way to his study, and poured tea for Feng Yongrui. The two bowed down deeply, their foreheads touching the ground as they kowtowed three times.

”Alright, you may get up, ” Feng Yongrui purposely deepened his voice a bit to sound more mature.

”From now on you two are my only disciples. Hou Renshu, since you are older, youll be the first disciple, and Ma Bo will be the second disciple. Are there any questions? ” Feng Yongrui felt like he had done this very well. He definitely sounded like a mature, cool, hard-to-understand kind of master. Right?

”Replying Master, we don have any questions, ” Hou Renshu and Ma Bo saluted and stood still, as if waiting for his next words.

Feng Yongrui, however, felt like his stomach was churning. Alright, they
e both his disciples now.

What next?

Teach them cultivation techniques? He also didn fully remember all his cultivation techniques, so how was he supposed to teach them?

Feng Yongrui started panicking inside and he deeply regretted not opening and checking the System Mall. Where is the System when you need it the most?

”Host, please do not curse this System, ” The Systems solemn voice sounded in his head.

Feng Yongrui almost jumped up from fright, but he managed to control his emotions. ”System, can you be more discreet? Shouting inside my head like this… ”

The System ignored him and directly asked, ”Host, the System Mall has an available item that would be beneficial to Host right now, would you like to buy the item? ”

Feng Yongrui looked at the expectant looks on his disciples faces — they were both still wary of him, but deep within their eyes, he could see that they were also hopeful.

Feng Yongrui felt slightly guilty. If he remained speechless like this, wasting time and chatting with the System, wouldn he lose face as their Master? Would they think he was weird?

Feng Yongrui gritted his teeth.

”How much should I pay, System? ” He guessed that he had to pay for the items with his points. Feng Yongruis guess proved to be correct.

”Host, you need 1 point for the Disciple Welcoming Gift. Host currently has 15 points. Would you like to make your purchase? ” The Systems voice was laced with happiness.

”Alright, Ill buy two of them, one for each disciple. ”

”Host, you should smile knowing that youve spent your money in the right place~ Enjoy~ ”

Feng Yongruis heart ached as two of his points were deducted, but soon he felt something heavy inside his sleeves. It was the Disciple Welcoming Gift. He took a deep breath, steadied his nerves and took the gifts out…


Ma Bo: I wonder why Master chose us as his disciples… What is he planning?

Feng Yongrui: Is there anything wrong about taking the protagonist as my disciple? Ill have a big golden thigh to hold on to later. My life will be smooth sailing~

System: Heh. Dream on~

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