My System Is Unreliable, What To Do?

A Whole New World (Arc 1)

Systems voice grew softer at the end, sounding hesitant.

Feng Yongrui had a bad feeling in his stomach. ⊙⁠﹏⁠⊙

”The System has, unfortunately, misplaced the relevant information regarding this world… ” The mechanical voice grew smaller and smaller, but Feng Yongruis anger only grew more and more.

”Just what kind of System are you, huh? Should I report you to headquarters or something? I demand a refund! ” Feng Yongruis face was extremely bitter.

”Host, please don be angry, ” The Systems voice turned into a young childs voice again, sounding soft and milky.

”I will definitely work hard to find the information and transfer it to Host immediately! ” The System had finally forgotten to speak in third person and instead pleaded with a cute voice.

”In the meantime, Host, you should just adapt to the circumstances and think of how to complete the task… ” The System paused, and seeing that Feng Yongruis face was still green, it decided to give him some compensation.

”Host, the System will give you an extra 10 points as compensation… Don be angry, okay? ” The System coaxed.

Hearing the word ”10 points ”, Feng Yongruis eyes lit up. Alright! Finally something worth it!

”Fine, Ill forgive you this time, ” Feng Yongrui sighed deeply. He had already died and was now given a chance to live again. Even though he was living to do tasks, wasn it better than nothing? He shouldn complain too much…

Feng Yongrui opened his eyes and found himself in a cave. The damp rocks and the moist ground gave Feng Yongrui a strange feeling. It seems that the original owner had been cultivating here.

Based on the (limited) information from the System, the original owners name was also Feng Yongrui and his real home was on a Mountain Peak, but because he was on the verge of a breakthrough, he had gone into closed-door cultivation in this cave.

As the youngest elder in the sect, he did not have any disciples yet, and he had little to no responsibilities.

Feng Yongrui stood up and tidied up his white robe. He walked unsteadily outside the cave, blinking a few times to adjust to the bright light. The sound of chirping birds and the smell of earth assaulted his senses.

Feng Yongrui took a deep breath. He was alive. He was really alive!

Feng Yongrui walked again, his feet crunching the dead leaves and producing a crisp sound. As he walked, his mind churned. The Systems task could be divided into two parts:

1. Nurture the protagonist, and

2. Make the protagonist into the villains best friend.

Feng Yongrui had a slight idea of the first task. Nurturing the protagonist meant taking care of him, teaching him, and giving him a good example so that the protagonist turns into an outstanding young man.

It sounds pretty simple and straightforward, but Feng Yongrui had zero experience in teaching or raising children.

He lived his days eating, drinking, reading, playing, and sleeping. Yes, he really felt like he was a total waste…

Feng Yongruis footsteps halted when he arrived in front of a stream. He looked down and saw a reflection in the clear water.

The figure had pointed eyebrows, a sharp chin, and phoenix eyes that glittered like stars. The facial features were cold and unyielding, giving people an intimidating feeling.

His long black hair was tied simply and danced with the wind behind him. Even though the original was in his mid-forties, he was a Nascent Soul Cultivator and he had stopped aging, so he looked like an adolescent in his mid-twenties.

Feng Yongrui sighed. The person in the reflection was… a more handsome version of him! That face was 90% similar to his face back on earth!

”Host… ” The System sensed his pride and decided to shatter his confidence.

”Hosts original face was, at most, 20% similar to this face. This handsome face is crafted by the System using the top-notch beautifying feature in the System. Otherwise, Host, you would not look this good. ”

Feng Yongrui clenched his fist.

”Host, please have some self-awareness. ” The System added a killing blow.

System, you are really cruel. Can you let a man dream?

Feng Yongrui rolled his eyes but did not reply. He had just thought of the best way to nurture the protagonist.

He would take the protagonist as his disciple.


Feng Yongrui: Ill take the protagonist as my disciple!

System: Host, are you sure the protagonist wants to have you as his teacher/master?

Feng Yongrui: System, are you sure I want to have you as my system?

System: …


If you could get closer to the protagonist, would you prefer to be…

a) the protagonists friend,

b) a random cannon fodder,

c) the protagonists master, or,

d) the protagonists lifelong enemy?

Comment below~

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