Feng Yongrui helplessly coaxed, his voice turning gentler.

”…Fine. This System, no, uhm, I will try. ”

”Okay, good. ” Feng Yongrui breathed a sigh of relief. ”So tell me, what kind of system are you, and whats going to happen to me? ”

”Im your System, and you
e my Host. Well be moving from one world to another doing tasks. ” The System had calmed down and adapted quickly, its voice turning cold and mechanical once again.

”Alright. What kind of System are you? Cultivating System? The Counterattack System? Or a Pet Training System? ”

The System was silent. Feng Yongrui thought that maybe the System was shy.

”Uhm… its okay. You
e probably just a Minor Passerby System? ”

Feng Yongrui was met with silence again, and his heart was restless.

”Am I supposed to be a villain or something? Or… don tell me Im going to transmigrate into a horror game or whatnot? ”

Feng Yongrui was afraid of blood and gore, so anything related to horror movies and horror games were thrown into the back of his mind to collect dust.

Feng Yongrui didn want to get nightmares… But it couldn be that he was going to transmigrate into horror stories, right?

”Hey, System, say something… ”

”This System is just a system. ” The unfeeling voice finally responded.

”…Okay…? ” Feng Yongrui didn quite know how to react.

”I still have questions though, ” Feng Yongrui was a bit indignant. ”Shouldn you be a little more specific? I need to know my job description, right? Should I play matchmaker? Be the villain? Break apart the main characters in a world? ”

”Host just needs to do the task that the System provides. As for the rest, Host, you need to find out yourself. ” The System was still speaking in third person. Apparently its habits were hard to change.

Feng Yongrui wasn satisfied. Does this mean the System was like a game, in which he had to explore the functions and everything by himself?

Couldn the System just tell him everything? He came from an era of laziness and a time when everything could be resolved with a click!

”Oh right. What will I get from doing these tasks? Will I be revived or something? Or will I get points? ” Feng Yongrui realized he needed to know this.

”Host, you just need to do the tasks and you will get emotional fulfillment as well as a sense of achievement. ”

(⁠╯⁠°⁠□⁠°⁠)⁠╯⁠︵⁠ ⁠┻⁠━⁠┻

System, are you joking with me? In a capitalist society, people work to get something, alright? ”Emotional fulfillment ” and ”sense of achievement ” are just nonsense, because at the end of the day, we need to pay our bills too, right?

Be it monetary reward, fame, or happiness, people do something because they want something. Only wants and desires can push someone to action, right?

”Hey, System. Lets be serious, okay? Tell me whats in it for me. ” Feng Yongrui said again.

”Well… Host, you can do tasks and earn points to get what you want. ”

”What I want is too vague, System. You should tell me what I can get… ”

”When Host reaches 100 points, the System will kindly let you see the options. ” The System seemed a little proud for no reason.

”Alright… how many points do I have now? ” Feng Yongrui frowned in anticipation.

”Five points, Host. ” The Systems mechanical voice was a bit mocking, as if looking down on Feng Yongrui for being dirt poor.

”Hey, thats actually not that bad, ” Feng Yongrui sighed in relief. ”I thought I wouldn have any points at all. Where did those five points come from anyway? ”

”A complementary gift from me, the generous System. ”

Yup, Feng Yongrui was sure of it now. The System was very smug and was looking down on him!

Forget it, Feng Yongrui didn want to pick a fight for no reason and end up losing those 5 points. At least it was better than nothing.

What Feng Yongrui didn know was that normally, a host that binds with a system will get 50 complementary points in the beginning.

Also, while it was true that you needed 100 points to see the systems reward options, a new host would get a 50% discount…

”Host, do you have any more questions? ” The System asked.

”Well, I feel like I still have a ton of things I want to ask, but even if I asked, would you answer me? ” Feng Yongrui lifted an eyebrow.

”…No. The Host needs to find out by himself. ” The System replied, feigning sadness.

”Alright then. I knew youd be like this. Im ready to go to the first world, System. ”

”Understood. Initiating… ”

Beep, beep…

Feng Yongrui closed his eyes.


Feng Yongrui: The System is so generous! 5 complementary points in the beginning, so happy!

System: Hehe~


If you could choose a type of ”system ”, what kind of system would it be?

Comment below~

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