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Bing Sheng Wang\'s Trial.

5 years passed on a blink.

”Finally…Im being given a chance to change my Destiny! ” The two brothers thought at once while they stood side to side.

They had changed drastically in those years.

Bing Qing Yang stood proudly there was a wide smile on his face, his eyes had turned celeste, his iris was constantly spinning slowly around itself.

His hair was black with many celeste and black-gray strands, he had some blue robes with multiple purple stripes.

On his years of research he had made many discoveries, he had figured a way to finally produce some ATP, by using basic alchemy furnaces.

He sold the recipe to the clan and was rewarded with thousands and thousands of spirit stones and other resources, along with a small commission for whoever used his invention.

Bing Qing Yang bought many rare materials to strengthen his body, acquire more insights and develop faster, eventually he managed how to produce ATP naturally and regulate the process.

He also mastered and fully completed the sutra that he now called Boiling Blood Plasma; Ghostly Reflexes.

By fusing the two sutras he Cultivated on the past.

This ability had many benefits it allowed him to create automatic body responses far faster than him, he could evade efficiently even if his brain hadn time to react.

He also used this technique to fine-tune his Cultivation and increased his speed even further, he even partially mimicked his brothers ability to passively Cultivate.

All of this and his overpowered soul allowed him to reach his current Realm, 3th Stage of Qi Gathering Realm.

(Though, his body was still fairly weaker than Bing Sheng Wangs body when he had 8 years.)

As for his other findings, well he had mastered many Water and Soul techniques to attack and also had progressed a bit on using carbon, however his results were still too lacking.

Whilst the younger brother he had 13 years, his factions were now a lot more developed if it wasn for the necrosis on his flesh he may even look handsome.

As for his eyes, well it was pretty hard to see through them, the white chilling pupils had a terrifying pressure and resentment, his cornea was overflowing with flames.

The hair of the youth had also changed, his hair was red on a side, white on the other.

His aura was simply too terrifying, there was a continuous red flame moving chaotically around his body, with multiple mini-clouds around him, and even a bit of rain.

All of his aura was constantly spinning and morphing travelling through his body on mere instants.

Bing Sheng Wangs Cultivation was at the 9th Stage of the Qi Gathering Realm since two years ago.

In fact, the only reason he hadn broken through further is that to reach the Mystical Condensation Realm you need to become the master of your mind, someone with his mindless obsession, naturally couldn fulfill this requirement.

As for their source of excitement it was simple.

They had been giving a one-in-a-million chance, the possibility to awaken an aperture.

But what is an aperture?

An aperture is a world of its own, with its own laws and logic.

A world sustained by a single core law, the power of this core law allowed them to achieve things that resembled miracles, to manipulate reality to do their bidding.

Just a few months ago, pretty much everyone on the 18 regions believed that this power was exclusive to those at the Divine Projection Realm.

To reach this level the requisites were countless, firstly you required to create a Qi Sea strong enough to sustain a pseudo-world, secondly you had to fuse your Soul with the Qi sea.

Finally after doing this you needed to develop your own insights.

To master the knowledge of the world enough that you
e able to comprehend its laws perfectly and replicate them inside your Qi Sea, forming a Dao-Qi-Sea.

Finally they had to break partially their Qi Sea dimension and release it to the external world, triggering a myriad of Tribulations, the Cultivator then had to survive those Tribulations and absorb the Heavenly Energy, finally when enough Heavenly Energy is absorbed into the soon to be formed world, they created their aperture.

ew version that the Immortals had shared was fairly more simple.

As a substitute for the initial Heavenly Energy you could use a relatively huge Heavenly Stone, secondly you could use a drop of a Dao-Qi-Sea of a Cultivator to create laws to sustain the world.

There was also the Cultivator, the Cultivator had to have a powerful Soul, with a complete connection with their bodies, most body snatchers were unable to fulfill this requisite.

Secondly, the Cultivator had to be relatively powerful with a decent Body and Qi Cultivation.

Thirdly, they needed to be young, with an unexplored potential, this potential would burn as the world develops and strengthen the world.

Fourthly, they required to have a high capability for inspiration and insights.

Fifthly, this requirement was a bit strange, which was that only those selected by an Immortal could ascend successfully.

No one knew what they mean by this exactly.

Anyhow, the ritual was somewhat simple.

They had to absorb the Heavenly Stone, while focusing their mind on a subject, on something they wish to develop, they must focus their mind on this concept, the more detailed this concept is the more likely they
e to pass the first trial.

If they
e successful after the Heavenly Stone is absorbed a pseudo-Tribulation related to their obsession will appear.

Bing Qing Yang and Bing Sheng Wang began to walk slowly towards the top of a massive mountain, far taller than the everest.

Despite it was a mountain it looked exquisite with multiple symbols, drawings and throbbing veins, with massive stairs that pointed towards the top.

The two brothers turned their head side to side as they moved, but there was no one.

The reason of that was simple, secrecy.

Anyone who was selected for this trial would be sent alone to the mountain and then regardless of their results would be sent to a sect far away to ensure than none of who successfully pass the trial are targeted.

Finally they reached the top, where there was a middle-aged man waiting for them.

The man had a silver hair with brown strands, with half of his face hidden.

No emotion could be seen from him, the only thing that was outstanding of him was his aura, it was incredibly rich and thick, it was formless, constantly changing of shape, sometimes it was gaseous sometimes a liquid.

”You have finally arrived. ” He spoke calmly, however his eyes shone with a sharp aura, that pierced through their whole bodies, for an instant their organs and bones were revealed for anyone to see.

”Your identities have been confirmed. ” He said plainly.

”Good, you may start.

Bing Sheng Wang, you go first. ”

The man pointed at an altar on his right.

This altar was too strange, firstly there was a web-like structure, from where every line was constantly changing of color and shape, the further you went, the thinner those lines became.

Bing Sheng Wang activated an investigative technique and realized with amazement that every single part of the web was connected with the mountain and not only that, it also extended towards the skies.

He gulped lightly, glancing at the white stone before beginning to walk towards it.

With every step he took the white stone slowly began to change, its initial white color changed to pink, then to purple and then to dark purple.

”Why is the Heavenly Stone changing of shape? ” Bing Qing Yang asked curious, the man at his side replied.

”Its simple, the Heavenly Stones are infused with the drop of Dao-Qi-Sea, everyone has their own Dao, their own vision of the world, their own Truth.

Imagine this.

Theres a tree, the tree of the four-stations.

This is a Time path tree that constantly changes of station, from winter to spring in mere seconds, even affecting the surrounding trees.

Any painter that saw this would be delighted theyd try to paint this peculiar spectacle by infusing a painting with contradictory settings.

Now imagine a gardener, most gardeners would see on this tree a beautiful piece of art, but a expensive piece of art.

Its time-accelerating quality also alters the other trees, which rapidly wither and lost their leafs leaving a mess that must constantly be taken care of.

Now imagine a wood-cutter or a Cultivator, theyd see on this tree a precious Cultivation resource to develop quickly and nothing more.

Who is right? Who is wrong?

No one, they simply have their own interpretations of the Dao.

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