My Sea, My Home

Episode 3: First Encounter.

”Best of luck out there, pal. Hes a tough bone to get. You
e gon need it. Just stay strong if he turns you down, ” he spoke out of experience, patting his back with his free hand after lifting the tray on his shoulder like a waiter usually does.

”Thank you, hyung. Also be careful as to not let them fall. I worked hard on them. Tell me the guests reaction when you give them out ” his cute squared smile popping in again, hoping his date agrees to hang out with him or at least to dine with him, although, judging by the time they are done, it could as well be considered breakfast.

”I will ” the youngers conviction was clear in his voice as his friend and co-worker walked out the door, leaving him all alone.

Not like he minded as there was tons of work left to do and he was the only chef on board.

The night moved ahead faster than expected as more guests boarded the cruise ship before it sailed from port.

They didn really count on the possibility of getting 150 passengers on board that night, which clearly cost them a lot due the short-handed staff couldn handle the massive reception all alone.

To help themselves out in the current situation the crew members had to help the staff members to attend to the guests on the lido deck.

Teo wasn so fond of dealing with stiff people, indeed it irritated him more than he could tell, yet he acted politely towards each of them, even if they threw dirty glances at him, which suffocated him and drained him a lot faster.

A short break came in when the hosts of the event, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson went up stage to give a sort of speech to their guests for coming.

The blonde walked to the port on the middle deck, seeking some peace, moving to a more quiet area, with none but himself on sight, he leaned forward over the rails, staring up to the sky, a crescent moon surrounded by tiny millions stars shining on the dark purple sky, much alike to a paint reflected on the deep blue sea as it elongated the more he stared at it, enlightening his night.

”I miss home ” he talked to himself, almost wishing his desire would come true just by spelling it out loud, a soft smile rising upon his lips.

”Same here ” a soft low bass with an almost childlike tone answered his call, startling him up.

He almost jumped into the sea in the process, yet he gripped onto the veranda even tighter to prevent himself from doing so, whipping his head around his eyes and met a man walking up to him.

A kind smile painted the striking handsome male, his ethereal features stealing his words for a brief moment whilst the male looked up to the sky.

He didn speak, if anything, he stared at him intrigued, his inquisitive almond eyes narrowing, trying to make out if he had seen him before as he didn feel disturbed as he usually does with unknown people.

”The name is Josh, how about yours? ”, speaking softly whilst he kept his eyes on the shining moon up above them.

Tteo was astounded, it wasn everyday a guest talked to him like an equal without scrunching his face in disgust for being a simple crew member, or in a creepy and sickening way due his beauty drew unwanted attention from people.

”Teo, I work as chef ” his deep low voice almost imperceptible for not trained ears yet the man caught it, smiling as he replied.

”Chef? So you like cooking? So do I, but Im not into too elaborate dishes, whats your specialty? ”, turning his face to the younger male as he spoke the smile never leaving his face, if anything it became softer.

Teo smiled back, reflexively, a genuine smile when the topic circled around something he was passionate about, feeling at ease.

”I like to try new recipes, but baking is my speciality. Their contrasts of sweet and saltiness really appeals to me, besides the soft yet chewy texture once it lands on ones tongue is indescribable. The immense combinations I can come up with are infinite. One could say its like my playground where I get to enjoy first hand the delicatessen on my palate, ”

He described it as if he were munching one of his many creations at the moment, eyes closed, mouth watering, ready to nibble into it, picturing one of his latest creations which combined all ingredients necessary to awaken his senses.

The male in uniform stared at him, amused, eying the boys reaction, fascinated by his description, he wouldn turn him down if the boy were to use him as his dummy to try all his new recipes, indeed hed be a willing victim.

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