My Sea, My Home

Episode 2: Captain Johnson

w could you embarrass me like that? ” the young woman hit his arm whilst the boy laughed, a heartily bunny-like chuckle showing his cute bunny-tooth.

”Don pretend you weren gonna make a move? I mean, if you don I could take your place in a heartbeat, ” he laughed harder as her face burst in flames just by hearing her twin speaking so freely.

”Stop sputtering nonsense. Father has been looking for you since we arrived here. Picking up his calls would be a good beginning ” she scolded her brother as they made their way to their father.

”I told the old man Jack would bring me here, he didn have to worry. Let alone sending you to look for me ” his reply didn hold an ounce of remorse, if anything it was like a blunt statement to make himself clear.

”Still. You couldve called him, stop being a brat ” she rolled her eyes so done with her twin.

”You can keep rolling your eyes, sis, but I doubt youd find your missing brain up there ” he muttered just for her to listen as their father stood right in front of them by now.

/How dare this brat? Is he calling me dumb?/, she gritted her teeth, knowing she couldn say her thoughts out loud in front of her father.

”Jake, what took you this long to get here? ” the elder questioned his son, sternly.

”Dad, you shouldn ask that much if you might not like the answer, but here it goes: I was on a date so, obviously, I took this long. ” The boy tried to rile up his father who just shook his head, avoiding more details as they were surrounded by unknown people who might judge him.

The elderly woman spoke, unknown the facts, ”Oh, Simon, let the young boy live, I bet it was a beautiful lady, wasn she? Not every girl drops off her boyfriend ”

Jake and his sister hid their laugh behind a cough, pitying their closed mind, if they only knew, but it was better this way as people tend to judge what they don know.

Mr. Lee rubbed his forehead, trying to prevent a migraine from getting worse, knowing perfectly well his son was out with his high school friend, although the idea of a date never crossed his mind, not like he was against it, but a little heads up wouldn be too much to ask for, ” At least you
e here in a single piece ” his words might be condescending but only his children would know his tone meant: well sort this out at home, now behave.

The bubbly boy choked for real this time, realizing he just got himself into trouble, but when he does not?, /I should learn to shut my mouth../ he thought to himself.

The elder introduced his son to his business partners, Mr. & Mrs. Johnson, along with the couples son, the very same man who they just interacted with not long ago and whom he didn hesitate to flirt with.

/Im dead meat. If he talks Ill be grounded for hitting on a man so openly/ the young male stared at the calm looking man in front of him, his thoughts running a mile per second, /Why is he staring at me like that? Hes gonna sell me out, but he can if I beat him to it/, the younger soon found it challenging.

”This is Captain Johnson, Marine from the South-west wing, young Mister Lee ” he stretched out his hand out for an amiable handshake, his face stoic, not giving himself away.

However the only thing shaking was the boys body not knowing if it was good or bad, uncertain of the implications of his actions, /Is he testing me? No man! I ain gonna fall for it, keep your paws to yourself, dude/.

A brusque nudge brought him out of his thoughts, his sister murmured something which got him fired up again, ”If you don get it, Ill take your place instead ”, her soft voice holding a venomous undertone, mostly likely trying to set him up.

Which indeed worked as he glared at his twin sister, /How dare this bish taking whats mine? Never in a thousand years/, shredding her to pieces within his head, his hand soon reached for the handsome male to shake.

Their handshake was firm and strong, strangers might see it as a display of power and superiority; However, if one looked at it closely, the fire in the young golden-eyed was well matched by the one present in the stunning brown-eyed

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