My Sea, My Home

Episode 2: Captain Johnson

Timoteo, also known as Teo, mostly due the fact he wasn fond of his name, is a young man who works as a member crew of a small cruise ship, Victoria, under the ownership/direction of his older brother, Ramón.

His dream was to be the best chef in the whole country, and who knows, maybe being lucky enough to move to Paris, a place hes dreamed of since he was a child.

Today was a normal day, not different from any other, however Teo felt, oddly, adventurous, he craved for freedom more than usual.

So, as soon as he arrived with his friend and co-worker -who his brother assigned as his babysitter-, he sprung out of the van right to the coast.

The sun shone bright up above the young lads head, the sunlight warming up his cold tanned skin kissed by the gentle yet strong spring breeze hitting by the coastline, bringing a sea spray up to his beautiful face.

His soft fluffy blonde curls danced as he spun around singing at the top of his lungs, eyes closed as he thanked the heavens for experiencing it once more under the safety the coast offers him.

Waves crashed against the shore, bringing up a whiff of the brine up to his button nose.

Soon after, shoes flew up in the air as bare feet smashed against the shoreline, whilst the young man ran along it without care in the world, feeling as free as the wind forgetting about worries and responsibilities.

He threw himself on the sand, laughing heartily, eyes squinting his bright turquoise eyes at the brightness of the sunlight.

”Get up, kid! Shake off the sand and put on your shoes ”

His smile vanished off his face as a shadow covered his body from the sun, all of the sudden the wind blew up again, however this time it was cold, as much as the expressionless young man crossing his arms in front of him

”Are you just gonna stare at me or actually move? ” He spoke quietly, tilting his head just a teensy little bit.

”We didn come here on vacation. Shake a leg, dude ”

The younger sulked, barely prompting himself up as the red haired stared at him without remorse seeing the boys frown deepening, hardening his soft features.

”Can you let me breathe for a freaking minute? We arrived way earlier than the set time. Now move! You
e covering the sun ”

”Can you breathe when you
e working too, whats so different now? ”, not moving an inch.

The wind played in his comrades favor giving him chills, as a reaction he huddled up, yet it turned into a competency of willpower, ”Can you see? We are at the beach on a sunny day! You can possibly be thinking about work right now, man! ”

For the first time since the man appeared on scene one could see what imitated what seemed a slight frown as his small dark eyes formed a single line, his thin lips tightening, although a sharp observer might notice how hard he was gritting his little teeth at the moment.

”Bring your lazy bum to the port in five minutes. Guests are gon pop in soon ”, his soft former tone morphed into a dangerous deep one.

”If I don see you there you
e sleeping n here ”, he threatened the younger, yet the blonde grinned smugly, learning back on the sand.

”Then bye, hyung~ see ya in the morning~ ”, his eyes almost vanishing whilst he spoke, his deep low bass voice shifting to a playful one as he dismissed the elder.

”Don test me, Timoteo. Get your arse up this instant ”, he demanded without hesitation.

”I hate being addressed like that and you know it! Its unfair, pal. My name is Teo, don forget it ”, he got back on his feet in a matter of seconds, ready to fight back, he never was fond of his name.

”Now you
e up, follow me ”

”No until you take back that horrendous name you just used against me. That was offensive. ”

”Isn that the name in your ID? If you wanna fight someone then fight the ones who named you like that. Im not the one to blame here ” the younger threw a fit, stomping his bare feet on the hot sand..

”Don forget to wear your shoes, someone might smash those little toes if you don . ”

”Youd have to carry me up there if you want me to! Besides I ain wearing no crap ” his feet burnt the longer he stood on the hot ground, but his stubbornness could be matched by a donkey only.

The older bent over to pick up the shoes whilst the blonde turned his back on him as a sign of protest.

The last thing the sulking younger male heard was the sound of soft chuckle before being thrown over his shorter males shoulders.

”The Hell! Put me down! Imma fall! Stop being a jerk ” he squirmed under the mans tight grip, kicking up in the air.

”You said I was free to pick you up to get you on board ”, he might be carrying the younger yet taller male on his shoulder yet his breath was as normal as usual.

”Duck you,bro! This is abuse, yknow? Ill tell my brother to fire you ” he still complained, in contrast with his words he felt, somewhat, lazy, so he was thankful with the elder as he wouldn have to walk all the way back to the sailing ship.

”Good, cause Im tired of babysitting a brat like yourself, young master ”, he smiled whilst he approached the berth.

The younger on the other hand admired the sight of the shoreline, how the tidal wave kissed every time they met, how the rocks bear with the intensity of the brave rolling of the waves before it gets inshore.

He was so into it he didn notice when they embarked pass the gangway ”Its beautiful, don you think? Imagine how wondrous its at night under the full moon, sharing with your– ”


The loud sound of his bum landing on the lower deck shut him for good.

”Do you have to be so rough! My bum is gonna burn for days! How am I gonna sit down ”, rubbing his throbbing buttocks as the ground wasn as soft as the one on the coast.

He grinned mischievously, wiggling his eyebrows, nodding. ”Served, young Master. Ill make sure to lend you a butt pillow so you can sit down without any inconvenience after we
e done with our shift. ”

Getting back on his feet, his eyes sharpened, jaw clenching, ”So everyone could laugh at me? ”

”I said after we
e done with our job, although having you walking around with one attached to your stern sounds quite entertaining, I fancy the thought of it ” he leaned towards the frowny looking boy who exploded.


The few guests embarking got startled at the scene, although what shocked them the most were the words coming out from the blonde whose, usually tender turquoise-sea-eyes, were now as dangerous as the depths of the blue ocean, ready to drown their victim.

”Angello, May you enlighten me about the current situation at hand? ”, a brunette, slender yet muscular, elegant and erguid man spoke softly, yet his dragon-like eyes were enough to display his dismay, witnessing such a scene.

”He slipped when he stepped in and now is blaming me for hitting his rear ” he defended himself noticing how the distinguished gentleman poked his inner cheek with his tongue, clearly suspicious of the shorter male, his dark grayish eyes boring a hole through his skull.

”He dragged me in here like a potato sack and threw me like a rag doll ” he winced, /I hope you get punished for hurting me/ the boy hoped that would be enough to defend his case to get off the hook.

The reddish male cursed at the young in his mind, keeping them deep into his mind as to not show them in front of the guests.

He shook his head, not surprised those two were fighting again like children, ”I apologize on their behalf Mrs. Johnson. Thiss most likely a misunderstanding. Ill make sure this misbehaviour doesn repeat again ”, declaring whilst his eyes focused on the two sullen males across from them.

The woman rolled her eyes with an air of disdain, looking away from the two males dressed as crew members, ignoring them even, her voice holding a hint of superiority in it which itched the younger in the wrong way.

”As long as they know how to behave in public when the event begins. Im nowhere interested in whatever they might do behind closed doors. Just keep your twinkiness under control away from my guests. ”

”Hey! We were no– ” The boy was ready to reply back, but his mouth got covered by the reddishs hand, silencing him, knowing him well enough, almost predicting his reaction.

”Lose care, Maam. We will keep our composure in public. ” The younger one bit his finger but the redheaded refused to withdraw his hand.

”May you excuse us ” he pulled the younger one along with himself out of their sight.

”Over here, Mrs. Johnson ”, bowing in a well mannered gesture to lead the woman to the lido deck where the party was programmed to get started.

”Such a gentleman, Mr. Robbins ” the elder woman nodded, walking ahead of him, a polite smile drew upon the males lips.

He led the woman towards her destination, as the guests gathered in the area anticipating the event on sight.

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