My Sassy Little Princess

Prologue: The Fallen Jiang Family

was a man full of love. Even when it seemed as though they could never get married, he promised to never marry another woman. Her family sneered at those words, telling her it was just lies to trick her. But she knew he was speaking the truth. This was the same little boy who risked his life to save her from drowning.

She was sure even if his death, Jiang Donghai would tell her to live her life and forget about him. But how could she? He loved her as much as she loved him.

”Especially since you are pregnant with his child. ”

Xu Suyins eyes widened as she turned to her maid. Jiang Donghai and she only had one night of passion–the night of their wedding. After that, they were thrown into despair with his false accusation and death. She hadn even paid attention to her own health during these months, as she worried more about Jiang Donghais soul resting in peace.

Her hands slowly rested on her belly.

There was only the slightest bulge… something so small it could easily be missed… but this was the product of her and Jiang Donghais love. Her baby was the last remnant of Jiang Donghai in this world, and she better than anyone else knew that she would do everything in her power to protect Jiang Donghais last gift for her.

”Lanying–, ”

”Miss, ” Lanying straightened her back as she turned to Xu Suyin. ”My family will always be indebted to you and the young master. Im sure each and every family member of mine would make the same decision. But, I have a plan, ” she turned to Xu Suyin, slightly unsure of herself, ”o-only if you agree of course. ”

”Be careful, Young Miss, ” Lanying whispered as she helped Xu Suyin out of the window.

While they were in the carriage, Xu Suyin and Lanying exchanged clothing. After Lanying married Chang Shunyuan, she would help Xu Suyin escape from the backdoor. Afterwards, Lanying would ensure all the lights were extinguished so Chang Shunyuan had no doubt there was a bridal swap. It would give Xu Suyin ample time to escape, even if it put Lanying in direct danger.

”Im sorry, Lanying, ” Xu Suyin whispered as she held onto the window. Lanying and her grew up as best friends, sharing everything they could with each other. After Xu Suyin was engaged to Jiang Donghai, Xu Suyin teased Lanying about finding a man to marry for her.

Yet again, her selfishness won over others happiness.

Perhaps that is why all of my prayers are not working, Xu Suyin sadly thought.

Lanying reached out to her masters hand, ”Theres no need to be sorry, Little Miss, ” Lanying smiled heartfully. ”You were by my side my entire life, supporting me at every junction you could. Young Master helped my brother enroll in school. H-hes now well known! ” tears bubbled in her eyes. These two masters helped her in more ways than one. It was the least she could do.

Xu Suyin smiled as she hugged Lanying, ”Im not Little Miss anymore. Youve married Chang Shunyuan, Lanying. Now, you can call me Xu Suyin like everyone else. ”

Lanyings eyes widened as she slowly shook her head with a blush, ”I could never, ” she whispered. She glanced at Xu Suyin and smiled. Pulling out a small red pouch, she placed it into Xu Suyins hand, ”This should help you, Miss. ”

After she found out her miss was pregnant, she traded all her savings into gold so she could help her miss. Now that they had to part ways, this was the last thing she could do for her miss, especially since she had no idea when she would see her miss again.

Xu Suyin stared at the small pouch and shook her head. She placed the pouch in Lanyings hands, ”No, ” she smiled softly as she glanced down at her belly. Rubbing it gently, she whispered, ”Jiang Donghai did so much to fight for our love. I couldn save him in time, but now, he gave me something to live for. ”

”You did more than I could have ever imagined, Lanying. I-I won ever forget you, ” Xu Suyin whispered before she jumped off the ledge. She closed her eyes as she ignored the lump in her throat.

”Jiang Donghai, ” she whispered. ”I won let our baby go through the same misfortune as us. ”

”Get ready to push, Suyin-ah, ” the old grandmother muttered as she took a washcloth to wipe away the sweat that was accumulating on Xu Suyins forehead.

Xu Suyin held onto the bedsheets as she shook her head. The pain she was experiencing right now was indescribable. Leaning forward, she tried to grab onto Granny Fangs arms.

”I-I…, ” her eyes shut tightly as her body writhed in another wave of pain.

After leaving Lanying, she struggled to properly hide herself. Despite no one knowing her plan of running away, her father had set up many guards. The first night, she had to hide away in the Chang familys animal shed, and it wasn until Chang Shunyuan stormed through the halls the following morning did she have time to escape through the back door and leave the capital.

After that, she had difficulties finding employment. Her entire life, she lived well beyond her means. Her father had hired every type of help she could possibly ask for. The only activities she had to concern herself for were the womanly teachings of the empire: poetry, art, and music. Unfortunately, that such work was not needed.

”Suyin-ah, think about Donghai, ” the old grandmother muttered. ”Do your best for him. ”

Old Granny Fang came to her like a blessing.

While other civilians steered clear of her because of her pregnant belly and shabby clothing, Granny Fang came up to her, warning her that if she didn take care of herself, she would lose the baby.

Xu Suyin refused to believe the grandmothers words. This was Jiang Donghais legacy she was carrying. A baby who had Jiang Donghai as a father would be as strong as him!

But, in the following week, she began to notice some spotting. Her baby kicked less than she hoped for, so she immediately ran to the grandmother to ask her what was wrong.

”It hurts, Granny Fang, ” she cried as she clutched onto her belly. She felt a small kick and couldn help but smile. ”A-Are all babies like this? ” Her mother had three children in total, including herself, and she had always boasted about how easy her pregnancies were.

Our baby is just like you, Donghai. Not willing to give up.

”No, ” she mentioned with deadpan as she placed her hand on Xu Suyins stomach. ”Only the most stubborn ones give a tough time, ” she smiled as she flicked Xu Suyins head.

Despite Granny Fang wanting nothing to do with her, Xu Suyin was persistent about trying to find answers. She kneeled before the woman, she helped with the yardwork in the best she could, she even bought a few supplies for the grandmother with the little money she had.

After two days of this, Granny Fang eventually relented and offered Xu Suyin a place to stay in exchange for help around the house.

Xu Suyin managed to let out a small smile, before she winced in pain, ”J-just like Donghai then. ”

It had been already fifteen hours now since she first went into labor. As much as she loved her baby, she just wanted the pain to be over.

Another wave of pain came through her as Granny Fang raised her brow. She lifted the blankets and muttered, ”Suyin-ah, its time. Push in time with your contraction! ”

She rolled her head backwards as she nodded her head meekly.

She was twelve years old when she held a newborn baby in her hands. At the time, she was in pure awe at how small the human being was. The mother, though tired, gazed at her baby with absolute pride and love. She didn understand how she could do that as the woman screamed for a few hours.

But now that she was in the womans position, she understood.

The pain, the excitement, the joy.

After carrying her little baby for the past nine months, it was time for them to meet.

I love you, Jiang Donghai. I love you. My greatest regret in life is that I was unable to love you for longer.

A loud cry rung through the air as Xu Suyin closed her eyes.

A single tear rolled down her face.

”Suyin-ah, its a baby girl, ” Granny Fang announced as she handed over the wet, sticky, and angry baby to Xu Suyin.

Xu Suyin took the baby into her arms as she began crying, ”D-Donghai, ” she wailed alongside her baby as she put the young infant to her chest.

”Enough crying! ” the old grandmother scowled as she threw a wet towel towards Xu Suyin. ”If I had known there would be two babies, I wouldve left you to the wolves! ”

Xu Suyin bubbled with laughter as she kissed the top of her daughters forehead. Granny Fang walked over, and gently scrubbed her daughters face as Xu Suyin looked on with pride.

Though she was just an infant, Xu Suyin was already able to spot the cute features her daughter inherited from her father. She had the same eyes and mouth as her father, and now that she was mad, she was as red as her father as well.

”What do you think? ” Granny Fang whispered.

Xu Suyin picked up her daughters little hand and brushed her thumb across the little fingers. It was enough to stimulate her daughter into grabbing onto her finger. Excited, Xu Suyin gazed up at Granny Fang, ”She grabbed on to me!! ”

Granny Fang smiled at Xu Suyin before she took the baby out of her hands, ”Shell do much more than that, ” she mentioned while rolling her eyes.

When Xu Suyin first entered her life, she considered the young woman almost as a burden. Granny Fang needed an able bodied assistant, and there was only so much time Xu Suyin could work before she had to rest. But, as much as she wanted Xu Suyin to leave, Granny Fang didn have the heart to do something so cruel.

So she begrudgingly allowed the pregnant woman to stay.

Slowly, Xu Suyin entered into her heart, becoming the daughter she never had. The chirpy little girl would always excitedly tell her about the adventures her and her husband had in their childhoods or about how the baby kicked for the millionth time. Whenever she was falling ill, Xu Suyin would go out of her way to take care of her, even if she became more tired.

She didn think she would be able to love the baby.

But, as she held the small girl in her hands, she noticed how heavy her heart was. The girl was irritating, yet, she somehow made her happy.

Granny Fang gently poked the babys cheek, causing the baby to open her eyes for a brief moment. Swallowing, Granny Fang turned to Xu Suyin handing over the child immediately, ”Do you have a name in mind? ”

Xu Suyin stared at her little princess adoringly as she slowly nodded her head, ”Yes… Yingyue [2], ” she whispered.

All the late night conversations she had with her Donghai happened while they were looking into the moons reflection in the the riverbed.

”Jiang Yingyue, ” Granny Fang muttered as the smile on Xu Suyins face grew larger.

I promise to you, Donghai… I will shower our daughter with more love than she can even imagine.

[1] Sanxing (or ”Three Stars ”) Deities are Fuxing, Luxing, and Shouxing who represent prosperity, status, and longevity respectively.

[2] Yingyue is a name that means ”reflection of the moon ”

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