ver and caught a hare. Its not like we burnt down your woods, ” she says.

”I am sorry, pretty face but you intruded and that is against the rules that your pack agreed to abide by, ” I tell her with a shrug.

”You caused this by yourself. Now stay back and watch the results of your stubbornness, ” I tell her and smirk.

”How much do you want? You are already well off, actually better off than my brother and I. Is it the gold that you want? ” she asks. I chuckle, trying to restrain my laughter.

”Is that what you think? That the only thing Blue Blood pack can give is gold? Its the only thing you have, pretty face. If I took it away from you, your pack would be so broke and its members would start to seek support from me. Do you know what would happen next? ” I walk slowly towards her and then behind her, examining her body carefully. She remains silent and listens intently. ”Of course, I wouldn refuse to help them. I maybe be ruthless but I wouldn want to watch people starve to death and go around naked. They will start to depend on me, and then I would control them. ” I gaze with hunger at the naked skin exposed by the dress at the shoulders. My wolf stirs more powerfully and without thinking twice, I reach out my hand and brush off the hair on her shoulder to the side, exposing her neck. Her body goes still, and for a moment she stops breathing. I close my eyes and incline my face closer to her neck and sniff her. My thoughts float and whatever I was saying evaporates from my lips. Her sweet seductive scent is tantalizing, I can almost taste it on my tongue.

Arya takes I a deep shaky breath but does not move. Can she feel it to? The attraction, the mate bond? If yes, then she is really succeeding at hiding it. I would feel some relief if I could pull her into myself and lick every inch of her skin, hear her heart beat and…

Control! I need control! I can let her see me in this stupor; very weak and needy for her.

I gather my tattered strength and take a step away from her. My instincts tell me to get her out of her, take her to my bedroom, tie her on it and claim exactly what belongs to me. I try to shake off my lustful thoughts in vain. The strength of the force that hangs in the air between us is too much, its scary. I have never felt anything like this in my life.

”What if your brother does not agree with my terms, I will happily keep you here and look into what the conclusions you and I can come to, ” I say, my voice comes out hoarse.

”Why don we just jump to them now? Why take the long route, Alpha Logan. I am well aware you are a man who does not like to be delayed, ” she asks. She turns her head to look at me and then gives me a small smile.

”I like that you know that about me. I like that a lot. However, I am calculating. I know what I have decided is better though it will delay. I can be patient sometimes, ” I tell her. She chuckles, the sound reverberates in my ears, down my spine and through out my body.

”If you think my brother will fall for your trap of penetrating into the gold business, then I am afraid you are wrong, Alpha. You should know that better than I do, ” she says.

”But you are his sister. You are the most precious thing he has. He couldn afford to lose you, ” I tell her. ” I know he will come here running when he hears of what happened to you. He will plead for me to let you go and I will make him beg. ”

”Is that what you want? You like people begging you, bowing to you? It makes you feel almighty and powerful. Are you that greedy and selfish? ” she inquires.

”I don have to clarify anything to you, pretty face. You are free to think whatever you wish. I won justify myself. And just to be clear, I am not interested in taking over your gold. As of now, ” I tell her.

I walk away from her leaving her puzzled. I take a sit in one of the chairs and pour myself a drink.

”Come on and drink with me. Keep me company while we both wait for our savior brother to come dashing into my castle in his shinning armour, ” I say and laugh sarcastically. I gulp down the wine and look directly into her brown eyes. Those eyes bewitch me. Its like she can see straight through me. Like they can pierce through the stone wall I have built around myself for all these years. I pour in some more wine and gulp all of it down my throat, hoping to ease off the lustful heat surging inside me. She just stands there on the same spot even when I offer her a sit once again. I should be displeased by her stubbornness but I am quite amused by her equilibrium and confidence.

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