ady engaged, so she might not be able to get married.

But Mariabelle saw this as an opportunity, since if she gets married and then her husband finds true love, that would be more difficult.

So Mariabelle is beginning to think that it might be a good idea to join a convent, instead of getting married, because she doesn't know what true love is.

She has been taught that it is the duty of nobles to enter into political marriages, but now that she has been told that she can find someone to love, it seems unlikely that she will be able to do so.

If I went back to my estate, my mother would be there.
If I asked her, would she be able to tell me what true love is?

However, even though they are now deeply in love, her mother was bound to a political marriage to her father.

I wonder if she will give me the answer I want…

The family attendant came to Mariabelle, who was anxiously preparing to return to her estate, with a sullen look on his face.

“Thomas, what's wrong?”

“Miss, you have a visitor…”

“For me…?”

After breaking off her engagement to Edward, the people whom Mariabelle had considered friends left her in the end, leaving only a few behinds.

They had remained as Mariabelle's friends because of her future as the crown prince's wife and eventually the queen.

When she was reminded that she was no longer engaged to the royal family and would be returning to her estate, she felt that she was worthless, and her heart, which had already been broken, was hurt even more deeply.

However, she told herself that everything would be okay and asked the attendant about the visitor, hoping to know who was the friend who took the trouble to look for her.

Was it Lady Emilia from the Marquisate of Santos? Or Lady Euphemia from the County of Haubstadt? Or who is it…?

“Who came, Thomas?”


A hesitant Thomas makes Mariabelle realize that the visitor is probably an unwelcome guest for her.

So, no friend wants to comfort her wounded heart.

It's probably because Mariabelle—who has always been proud of her self-disciplined life as the crown princess—has no appeal of any sort.

That is why Edward fell in love with a commoner girl and not Mariabelle.

Her heart was heavy because she felt that everything about herself was worthless.

My parents told me to find someone I loved.

She never doubted the love of her parents and brother, and she is also cherished by the servants who work for the Marquis's family.
However, isn't that because they are her family and employers?

If Mariabelle was just Mariabelle, would there really be anyone who would love her…?

“I'm not feeling well, so please, refuse,” she said, unspeakable despair creeping up from beneath her feet.

However, even though Mariabelle really wanted to go back to her room right now, the attendant words stopped her.

“I can't do that, miss.
The crown prince has secretly come to visit you.”

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